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G’s sister Shazia and brother look at g new silver coin and think when cccaaaacggccsgax xahh it LLgxaxx hold it and miss Razia. Chand meets her mom and daughter. Mom asks her to forgive Razia. Chand says she is Razia’s grandmother and cares for her. She asks Shazia to give food to Razia.

Razsia prays god to show her a way. Just then, Shazia slides food plate via a door slit. Razia says she knows it is Shazia. Shazia feeds her food and says whatever she tries, she is abbu’s favorite. Razia says she is suffering because of that. Shazia asks her to mend her ways. Razia requests her to get her out of confinement, else Fathima will be buried alive. Shazia asks why i she so worried about servant and leaves. Razia gets tensed.

Whole kindom’s people see moon and congratulate each other. Sultan comes in balcony and asks to announce about moon’s sighting. Mosque’s priest announces moon sighthing and congrulates everyone.

Razia shouts that she is choking. Servant opens door to check. Razia locks her in and runs to save Fathima.

Servant tells another servant that Qazi must be lying as he must have not seen moon, but she has seen it. Fathima hears that and says only Qazi/priest can announce about moon sighting and not lady servant, she asks servants to punish lady servant and says anyone makes mistakes will be punished.

Razia reaches her palace’s balcony where Shazia is standing and congratulates her. Shazia is shocked to see her. Razia says she will pronounce 4th evidence of moon sighting and runs. Shazia informs Fathima and mom about Razia running.
Chand asks servants to stop Razia reaching drums and pronouncing moon sighting. Her mom says let us see if rules win or humanity. Before fourth qazi could beat the drums, Razia runs and beats drums. Everyone are shocked to see a lady beating drums. Sultan agrily looks at Chand. Razia tells Sultan that she has fulfilled her challenge and he has to free Fathima. Everyone talk that Razia has made a sin.

Sultan Altamash telling that Razia’s witness will be considered incomplete. He says as per rule, after 3 Qazi/priests’ evidence, royal family members evidence can also be considered. Qazi says girl’s witness is considered half. Razia speaks and says she is a complete person. Shamshad tells Sultan to consider Qazi’s point. Raziya asks if she and Qazi has different views and if moon will be half if she sees her. Qazi again says as per rules, woman’s witness is not considered, so her witness will be considered half.

She comes out in darbar in front of everyone. All males bend their heads. She asks when god has made her a complete person, why her witness is considered half. Qazi says age old rituals cannot be changed for her. Razia asks her to see her shadow and asks if it is half. She says truth and false should be considered by intelligence and not by books. Her mom asks her to come back in and stop her drama. She asks what about this drama, how can they consider women as half and insult them. If anyone can explain, if woman’s heart is of camphor and man’s stone and what kind of rule is this where woman is insulted.

Shamshad asks sultan to ignore Razia and pronounce his judgement. Qazi says for princess Razia’s mistake, Sultan Atlamash has to apologize his people. Shamshad scolds Razia that because of her, Sultan is being insulted without any mistake. Razia asks why should abbu apologize for her mistake. She asks Shazia to tell they both saw moon together and with her witness will be considered half, so their witness will be considered one.

Shamshad asks her to stop her sin. Sultan says his feet are still on earth and he is there to decide. Today, he will create a new rule today. He announces that he will meet his awam/people soon. Servant annoucnes about it and people talk that because of Razia, sultan will be punished.

Razia asks Shazia why did she give witness and save fathima. Shazia says because of her everyone is insulted, especially sultan. Shamshad comes and asks them to stop shouting in haram and says she has sinned and Sultan will pay for it instead. Razia requests her to stop sultan being insulted. Fathima tells her daughter that for Razia, she will not sacrifice her kingdom.

Shamshad comes to meet Sultan. Sultan asks if everything is alright. She says it is matter of kingdom and she cannot forgo Razia’s mistakes. She says sultan is meant for orders and not apologizes, his apology will ruin the kingdom. He asks her opinion. She asks him to punish Razia rigorously to show whole kingdom that sultan’s law is superior to his blood relationships.

Shazia asks her mom to save Razia. Naani gives her witty dialogues. Mom says in both case she will be at a loss as she is both mallika/queen and mother of Razia. Naani asks her not to worry as Sultan’s is more intelligent than Shamshad.

Sultan tells shamshad that people will decide the punishment. Razia asks him not to punish himself. He says he is not going to punish himself and just wants to know what is sin and what no.

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