Razia sultan update Sunday 15 January 2023

Razia sultan 15 January 2023:  Sultan Altamash addressing his people and telling an age old rule has been broken today. He says as per rule, 4 Qazis will give him evidence of moon and then he will announce eid celebrations, but this time 3 Qazis gave evidence and 4th evidence was given by my daughter. If they think, it is a sin, he wants them to punish him.

He asks if they all saw moon. They all say yes. He says why only Qazi’s evidence is considered pure and their evidence as impure. When god has made everyone equal, why a girl’s evidence is considered half. When Allah has made a woman complete and asks his believers to respect her and when she is half, then every man born from her womb is half. He says he considers all his people as equal and wants to give equal rights to all servants equal rights, if they think he is wrong. He wants to permit them to change an age old rule and consider woman as complete and her evidence also complete.

People chant Sultan zindabad. He asks if he can announce princess Razia’s evidence as complete with their permission. They call say they agree. Razia asks Shazia if she is dreaming. Shazia says it is not. Sultan asks Razia to come in front of her and gives her silver coin along with Qazis. He says because of princess Razia, he realised age old ritual/rule was wrong and changed it and asks if they need gift from their sultan. He chant yes. He throws silver coins on them. They all pick coins happily and thank him.

Razia comes to Fathima’s prison. Fathima says she has very ill fate to be born as servant and will be buried soon. Razia says if she want s to see moon. Fathima gets happy.

Shamshad yells in front of her daughter that Sultan is going on a wrong path. Daughter asks her to calm down.

Razia informs Fathima that she will meet Nizamuddin’s son today and request him to free her. Fathima weeps in happiness and says her life will be her property now and she will be thankful to her whole life.

Shamshad tells her mom that Razia’s mischieves will ruin Delhi. Mom asks her to calm down and tells in childhood, she used to sight moom climbing on her shoulders and used to steal her paan/beetel. She says her daughter was not arrogant like this and was very jolly person. Shazia also says her naani/grandma is very joyful. Shamshad asks servant to start eid’s celebrations in haram.

Razia teaches servants how to dance. Sevants asks Shamshad may come. She says she will not. She then teachesinstrumentalist how to fix dilruba musical instrument. Shamshad comes with daughter and Shazia. Mom says she has decorated haram very well. Razia says naani/Shamshad likes celebrating eid lavishly. Shamshad smiles. Razia greets them in. Servant tells Razia that it is very diffiuclt for her to go out and meet marhoom/late Nizamuddin’s son. Shamshad asks to stop gossiping. Sultan’s wife thinks of Sultan and eagerly waits for him. Razia smiles seeing her smiling and says her mom should smile always. A lady is seen coming with blood stained legs.

eid’s celerbations start, Dancers perform in front of Sultan Altamash. Mallika/queen Qutub looks at him and shies and he reciprocates. After dance, Sultan praises dancer’s performance. Razia tells ammi has written a poem for Abbu and will speak her heart out now. Qutub asks how does she know what is in her heart. Razia asks her to tell what she wrote on her hand. Shamshad says she did not know about her poet’s side and asks her to recite. Sultan also insists. She recites poem. An inebriated tawaif/pr*stitute named Shah Turkan is seen walking towards celebration hall reciting the poem. All ladies get irked hearing her voice. pr*stitute comes walking seductively holding a cloth/kaftan. Ladies get irked seeing her.

Inebriated pr*stitute walks towards sultan reciting poem and is about to fall when sultan runs and holds her. Shamshad tries to stop pr*stitute, but Sultan stops her. pr*stitute says she came to give his kaftan/dress. He asks if she came walking from Lahore to Delhi. She says she can give her life for him and is about to fall when Sultan runs and holds her. All ladies are shocked to see that. pr*stitute recites poem and provokes sultan to wear her kaftan. He says he will, calls her Shah Turkan and calls shahi hakeem/doc. Qutub feels dejected and rubs her hand with nails to clean poem, blood starts oozing from her hand.

Razia comes out and tells her servant that Shah Turkan ruined her mom’s life and she will not spare her.

Sultan enjoys with pr*stitute shah turkan and their romance continues. Qutub comes to her room crying and curses pr*stitute for ruining her Eid celebrations with her husband. Shamshad asks her to stop crying. Qutub says how can she see her husband in a pr*stitute’s lap. Shamshad says when that pr*stitute is with sultan since 20 years, why is she reacting now. She says she was in lahore and now she came here to Delhi and she cannot do anything even after being a queen. She asks her to control herself as she is a queen and will have to show pr*stitute her place. She says that pr*stitute has come here with some vested interests and she lures men with her seductiveness, they will have to see when will she show her true colors.

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