Razia Sultan update Monday 30 January 2023


Razia Sultan 30 January 2023:  Althunia meeting Maroof and introducing himself as Bakhtavar and asks if he will not hug him. Maroof says he is an imposter and asks what proof he has to show that he is Bakhtavar.

Althunia says he has a lot of gold on his horse back which his 7 generations would not have seen. Servant goes and is about to check bag when Maroof stops him. Althunia says he did right and asks him to give his girls. Maroof says girls eloped. Althunia asks how can small girls elope from his clutch and jokes on him. Maroof says he can give him beautiful girls.

Althunia thinks it is the right opportunity to save the savior and says if he does not like the girls, he will not give him money. Maroof agrees and asks his men to show girls to him. Althunia checks girls and does not find one with red taweez. Servant asks if he is not satisfied even after buying so many girls. Althunia says he is searching a diamond and got only stones till now. Servant says he will get 2 diamonds in jail, but Maroof will kill them in some time. He thinks maybe the red taweez girl is among two.

Maroof sharpens his knife to behead Razia and Chanda. Servant informs Chand and Razia to get ready to beheaded by Maroof. Chanda gets afraid, but Razia says when god has given them birth, he will save them. Althunia enters jail and finds red taweez in Razia’s neck. He reminisces girl’s description and says he wants this girl. Razia thinks he has come to see them beheaded, she will teach him lesson along with Maroof.


Althunia thinks she is very courageous to defend Maroof. He tells servant that he wants this girl. Servant says he can select other girls. Althunia says he needs only this and tries to open lock. Keys fall down. He looks at Razia one and opens lock. Bakhtavar on the other side frees himself and says imposter did wrong by tricking him, sardar Maroof will cut him in pieces.

Maroof comes and stops Althunia. Althunia says he likes wild cats and asks him how much money he needs. Maroof says she is not on sale. Althunia says in this world, even imaan is being sold and says 20,000 ashrafi. Maroof asks him to give 20,000 and take his girls. Althunia thinks he made mistake by tying Bakhtavar and not gettign his ashrafi. Bakhtavar comes just then and says he is real Bakhtavar and Althunia is an imposter, he can check he does not have any money.

Althunia gets tensed and says his wealth is on his horse back. Maroof leaves with his men. Althunia asks razia and other girls to elope from here. Servants check horse back and find stones in bags. Maroof gets irked and asks how dare he is to betray him. Althunia asks what is his last wish. Maroof says he will kill him and his girls and says he will behead girls in front of him and he will just watch it helplessly.

Razia tries to elope children when Maroof catches them. Servants beat Althunia ruthlessly and he falls on ground. Razia and girls are being taken towards butcher field.

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