Guddan Zee world update Monday 30 January 2023


Guddan 30 January 2023: Perv says Alisha is planning something big. I was going to tell you. She stole AJ’s gun. She wants to kill Vikrant and blame it on AJ. I would take over all his wealth. AJ would be in jail for life. This is what you wanted right? One bullet and three lives. Revati says I told you she is planning something big. Perv says I hid the gun. Guddan can never find it. Laxmi comes and says what gun were you talking about? If you’re helping Alisha, you will suffer. Guddan won’t let her do this sin. Revati says it would be fun to watch. Even if Alisha doesn’t win she will be so bad. Perv says we have to cut Laxmi’s wings as well.

Laxmi tells Guddan. Guddan says this Perv, he can never change. Guddan says I can’t let Alisha do this. Dadi says Guddan, we are waiting for the rings. Guddan comes downstairs. She says I have to keep an eye on Alisha. Dadi says Guddan give the ring. Guddan gives the ring to Vikrant. Lights go off. AJ asks servants to go and check. Alisha stands behind AJ and puts the gun on Vikrant. Guddan turns on flashlights. Laxmi says this was guddan’s idea. She wants all the light to be on Vikrant. Guddan said to Laxmi we have to keep a spotlight on Virant. Alisha won’t shoot in light in front of everyone. Vikrant says bhabhi you come in spotlight as well. Vikrant makes the girl wear the rin. Everyoene claps. Revati says this Guddan made Alisha’s plan flop.

Alisha comes to her room. she breaks things in anger. Guddan says be glad that I stopped you. Are you out of your mind? This would ruin your life. You were going to kill an innocent man., Alisha says I have 24 hours. I will execute my plan in a minute. Be prepared to lose tomorrow. Guddan says I won’t let you do this. Alisha says you won’t be able to do anything. i will take my revenge. Guddan says I won’t let you become a murderer. This is promise of a mother. Guddan leaves.


Scene 2
The haldi function starts. Vikrant and the bride come to the hall. Everyone enjoys and do the haldi rasam. Dadi asks Kishor. He says I don’t want to be part of any function. Laxmi spills haldi on Alisha’s dress. Alisha says can’t you see. Dadi says it’s okay. Laxmi says to Alisha I know how to keep you near me. Alisha says what are you saying. Laxmi says AJ and Guddan aren’t here so you can’t blame them. Alisha says that won’t stop me from killing Vikrant. Laxmi says I have my eyes on you. Guddan won’t let you win.

AJ says what happened Guddan? Why are we at the roof? Guddan says I had to tell you something. AJ says what is it? Tell me. You’re hiding something. Guddan says I missed our haldi. We could never have a proper function. So I thought we can do our haldi. AJ says I was thinking the same. Guddan puts haldi on his face. AJ says everyone must be thinking where we are? Guddan says when did you start caring about people? Guddan says I will apply haldi. AJ says I have to go. Guddan says i won’t let you go downstairs. AJ says why? AJ and guddan play with hadli. Dadi says can we go downstairs and give time to the actual groom? AJ says we are coming. Guddan says clean this first. He says yes. AJ goes downstairs. Guddan says how will I stop him from going to the function.

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