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Anupama 21 March 2023: Anupama ties a toy on baby’s cradle. Kinjal says its so cute. Anupama says she and Anuj prepared it. Little Anu says she decorated it. Hasmukh says then its more special. Anupama explains the reason behind tying a tie.

Whole Shah family ties their favorite toys on the cradle. Little Anu swings baby’s cradle. Leela yells at her to maintain a distance from baby. Little Anu feels bad. Anuj continues to feel lonely. He notices files with a note from Anupama that she already checked these files and even he should check them once.

He checks and feels amazed that Anupama does multitasking so well. Anuj calls Ankush and Barkha says he needs office files as he wants to know office status in his absence. He asks them to close the door slowly and leave. Ankush walks out fuming. Kinjal calms him down.

Kinjal notices Rakhi upset and asks what happened to her. Leela says nagin wants to spend more time with her granddaughter. Kinjal apologizes her for not accompanying her and says she wants baby to know every relationship. Rakhi tells Anupama that she always support Kinjal, will she support her in the future also and stand by her. Anupama promises her. Leela says she got Panditji’s message that they can name the baby tomorrow. Each family member says they have selected a few names for baby.

Rakhi says she hired a name selector who sent her a list. Samar and Dolly says they heard about this profession. Hasmukh says there would be a fierce war tomorrow then. Vanraj he will win. Toshu says they will name the baby and decide a pet name. Lee asks if they will keep a dog’s name to the baby. Samar explains its like mummy calling Pakhi as Sweety. Anupama says both name and pet name should be special.

Back to room, Toshu shows his concern for Kinjal and asks if its paining. Kinjal says a bit. Toshu says he is sorry that he cannot share her pain. Kinjal his presence is enough for her. They discuss the complicalities involved in parenthood and ways to cope with it. Toshu says he feels so happy that he has a baby now. Kinjal warns him to mend his ways now and stop staring at girls.

Toshu asks what does she mean. Kinjal says she was joking, she knows he loves her and doesn’t look at any other girl. Toshu says he loves her and baby a lot. Kinjal says she nows and trusts him. She asks what is happening between him and Rakhi, he can discuss it with her. Toshu thinks he did a big mistake which would affect his relationship in the future, hopes Rakhi forgives him and let him lead a happy life with Kinjal and baby.

Anupama gets ready to leave for home. Leela offers her sweets for Anuj and orders her to come early tomorrow as they cannot delay naming ceremony. Vanraj thanks Anupama and asks if Anuj will feel bad that she is coming here daily. Anupama says Anuj himself wants her to spend more time with Kinjal and baby. Vanraj says he is glad that Anuj is in Anupama’s life and says he wants to tell her something regarding tomorrow. Anupama returns home and informs Anuj about naming ceremony tomorrow. Anuj says even he will select a good name for the baby.

Anupama says Vanraj wants him to attend the naming ceremony tomorrow. Anuj says he would have visited anyways. Anupama says Vanraj invited even Ankush, Adhik, and Barkha. Anuj gets upset. Anupama diverts his attention and asks what will he wear tomorrow for their grandchild’s naming ceremony as dada/grandfather should look handsome.

Anuj says Vanraj is dada, he is dada buddy. Anupama says something surely has happened between Rakhi and Toshu and Rakhi doesn’t want to discuss it, she fears there shouldn’t be any problem tomorrow. Hasmukh confronts Leela for being too rude to Little Anu and troubling Anupama often. Leela says Anupama is a grandmother and should follow her responsibilities. Hasmukh says she is also Anuj’s wife and Little Anu’s mother. Vanraj backs Leela and says only Anupama can do certain things Hasmukh says there is a way to speak. Leela asks if she should hold Anupama’s feet and plead.

Hasmukh says she should point a gun at Anupama and warns to be polite to Anupama and Little Anu or else it won’t be good for her. Once he leaves, Leela yells that Anupama is a grandmother and should follow her responsibilities, they are not responsible for Anuj’s condition and didn’t ask Anupama to bring Little Anu here.

Vanraj asks her to calm down as Anupama will handle everything. Next morning, Anupama and Anuj get ready for naming ceremony. Anupama says she fixed office notes for him. Anuj says he wants to visit office. Anupama says from tomorrow as today is baby naming ceremony. Anuj tries to wear his sherwani. Anupama tickles his funny bone. He asks her to stop it and stumbles. She holds him and makes him sit. He gets angry and asks her to stop making him feel like he is dependent on her. She says surri surri surri and walks out. She continues her surri surri. Anuj feels guilty that he vented out his frustration on Anupama.


Anupama hurriedly tries to finish household chores before leaving for Shah house. Anuj gifts her Dadi/Grandma bracelet. She says its very beautiful and thanks him. Anuj apologizes her for venting out his frustration on her. She says its okay. Anuj says woman tries to usually normalize husbad’s anger, but she should; wife is not a punching bag for the husband to vent out the whole world’s frustration on her; its was happening in her past relationship and even now.

Anupama warns him not to compare himself to Vanraj or anyone as he is different and the best. He sayxs even then he got angry on her. She says everyone get frustrated sometimes, problem starts when this frustration becomes their nature, its not his nature or else he wouldn’t have apologized; he should relax on this auspicious day. She hopes her granddaughter’s naming ceremony finishes without any issues.

Shahs prepare for the child naming ceremony. Leela asks everyone to hurry up. Kavya says it would have been good if Dolly would have come early to help them. Leela says Dolly has a lot of work at home and fumes that Anupama is late even today. Toshu messages Rakhi to forgive him and let him start afresh. Rakhi fumes and thinks Shahs gave her a cheap son-in-law. Shahs get ready for the function. Vanraj takes baby. Samar and Pakhi’s nok jhok starts. Rakhi walks in and demands Vanraj to give baby to her. Vanraj says wait for sometime. Leela yells that Anupama didn’t come yet, it was her responsibility to get Kinjal ready. Anuj enters with Anupama, Little Anu, and GK and says his Anupama never forgets her responsibility. He describes how Anupama hurriedly finished household chores to reach Shah house.

Hasmukh and Vanraj welcomes them. Vanraj then hands over baby to Anuj. Anuj feels super elated holding baby and says she is really a bundle of joy. Vanraj asks if baby the looks like him. Anuj says she looks like Anupama. Leela says he sees Anupama in everyone, even in England’s queen; baby looks like her instead. Vanraj asks Anuj if his family didn’t come. Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik walk in. Barkha recalls being hesitant to visit third class family’s house. Ankuush and Adhik convincing her if she wants to stay in Anuj’s house. Leela taunts that she felt happy with their arrival and they shouldn’t do anything that she feels more happy with their departure. Anuj assures that nothing of that sort would happen, looking at Ankush and others. Anupama says let us start this auspicious function.

Toshu walks to Rakhi and says he had messaged her. Rakhi says she doesn’t want to talk to him and walks away. Kavya gets Kinjal ready and hopes she becomes perfect like Anupama. Kavya says she shouldn’t as each woman is different and has different special qualities. Kinjal and Kavya walk out. Anupama picks pillow for Kinjal’s comfort and drops Toshu and Kinjal’s photoframe by mistake. It breaks down. Anupama gets worried recalling Rakhi’s behavior towards Toshu. Toshu and Kinjal sit for the ritual. Hasmukh says he feels happy seeing this day and doesn’t mind leaving the world peacefully now. Leela warns him not to say that as he has to watch Samar and Pakhi’s marriage and play with their children. Dolly jokes that Leela wants to live for 250 years like serial’s grandmas.

Barkha notices Rakhi upset, walks to her, and tries to strike a conversation with Rakhi. Rakhi mocks her saying she knows Barkha and her family’s status is less than a servant in Anupama’s house. Barkha stands frustrated. Shahs start naming ceremony. Anupama describes the ritual in detail. Kinjal and Toshu perform the ritual. Vanraj says just like parent’s deeds affect children’s life, even their fate affect their life; he prays their good fate keep their baby happy. Anupama puts baby in a cradle. Little Anu excitedly rushes to click pics. Anupama stops her and says baby will get hurt, she can click pics later. Barkha calls Little Anu and says mummy is busy with ritual, so she should be with papa.

Little Anu walks to Anuj and says mummy sent her away. Barkah says mummy doesn’t want her to be there and tries to provoke her against Anupama. Anuj tries to handle the situation, but Barkha continues. Anupama calls Little Anu to her, leaving Barkha frowning and Anuj smiling. Anupama asks Little Anu to click baby’s pictures from a distance. Leela tries to speak. Hasmukh warns her to control her tongue. Neighbors praise Anupama’s way of handling things. Anupama says let us select a name now. Everyone take out their name list chits. Rakhi’s chit falls on Toshu and she angrily snatches it from .

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