Razia Sultan update Friday 3 February 2023


Razia Sultan 3 February 2023: Razia tells Altunia that a beast is trying to kill and already killed her friend Chanda. Althunia asks how does he look. Razia says he has a scar on face and murmurs weird words atkan bhatkan. She requests him not to reveal that she is a girl until they reach Ghazni. He suggests her to go back home. She gets irked and tells she does not need his opinion and walks back to cart where boss scolds her. She shouts at boss and frightens him.

Althunia tells Jigura that the girl he is searching is not in the troupe. Jingura asks how can he say that. Althunia says he knows each member in the troupe. Jingura says now even he feels same and murmurs his usual weird words atkan bhatkan. Althunia reminisces Razia telling that killer says same words and deal with him that he will get him his boss’s daughter in exchange of 2000 dirhams.

Sultan Altamash comes to dargah with turkan and ruknuddin and his soldiers and starts searching someone. Turkan asks whom he is searching. He says his coolness of eyes, Razia. She says she is very emotional now. Nasir on the other side walks towards dargah with Qutub and Fathima. Qutub says soon after meeting altamash, she will clear all the differences. Nasir says he is going to pray for his victory in war.

Althunia informs circus troupe boss that there is a girl in troupe and provokes him. Boss gets irked and checks his troupe members. Just then he nears Razia and tries to touch her, she asks hi to stop and removes her cap revealing she is a girl. He says he does not like girls in his troupe and asks him members to tackle Razia. They all start misbehaving with her and walk towards her looking at her lustfully. Althunia comes to her rescue. Troupe men ask him to enjoy and let them enjoy.

Althunia pushes everyone and starts fighting with them. Razia runs from there. Althunia overpowers them all, runs on horse and asks Razia to come along with him and promises that he will take her to Ghazni.

Althunia rescuing Razia from circus troupe’s males and taking her in horse. They both start their nok jhok. He asks her to say him thank you. She says never. He asks her to come out of her dreams as she sees a person long sometimes and short some other times. She asks what does he mean. She sees they are traveling in different route than Ghazni, stops him and shows Ghazni’s route map and says it does not have trees like in this route. She hears Jingura’s words and gets afraid seeing him.


Ruknuddin goes to Turkan’s tent and sees her unconscious. Maid says she is tired due to traveling and got drowsy/chakkar. Turkan wakes up hearing word chakkar, gives her reward and sends her. Ruknuddin asks why did she give such a costly reward to her.

She says he liked the word chakkar and all this drama is because of chakkar.
Razia gets afraid seeing Jingura and hides behind Althunia. Jingura says her savior has sold her for 2000 dirhams. Razia asks Althunia why did he sell his imaan/his loyality just for some money. He says he already told change is constant in life, asks her to fight or die and leaves.

Razia thinks she should fight with Jingura and throws stone on his feet, hears wood sound, fights with him and breaks wooden legs. He falls down. She then tries to hit him, but he overpowers her, pushes her on stone and then hits her head with wooden plank. She falls unconscious injured.

Nasir sees Altamash and happily tries to walk towards him to meet, but Ruknuddin joker stops him and says he cannot meet abbu as he is going to meet turkan. He further says abbu still remembers his dearest friend Raja Markand’s cut head and is waiting to kill him. Nasir sadly walks back. Ruknuddin smirks.

Razia injured on floor. She reminisces Althunia’s insult that only boys should fight and not girls. She gets up and pokes knives into Jingura’s eyes. He falls down in pain. Althunia comes and tells as fighting rule, she is not safe until she kills her enemy. She stabs sword into Jingura and kills him.

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