Every Girl’s Dream update Thursday 2 February 2023


Every Girl’s dream 2 February 2023: Rati says I can’t see Krisha. I am going to my room. Krisha says stay there I am coming. rati can’t see. She comes near the stairs. Ugra says she will pay for sending my son to the jail. Krisha says I have to go to her. Devraj is going towards the room. He gets a call. Krisha sees him outside the shelf. Seh says where should I go. She goes to her room. Krisha sees Rati near the stairs. Krisha says Rati stop. She holds her and saves her from falling. Krisha says are you okay? Naina says she saved her. She ruined out plan. Rati is scared.

Jaya says why was this water and soap here? The maid says Naina spilled her coffee so I came to clean it but I kept it aside. Ugra says how did it fall then? She says I kept it in front of you Ugra madam. You asked me to get another coffee. Ugra says are you questioning back? Jaya fire her. the maid says no madam. I kept it aside in front of Naina and Ugra. Urga says why are you taking my name? Did I do it? Because of your stupidity, Rati could fall. She says Jaya fire her. Jaya asks Sujata to leave. She says calm down Ugra. Rati is fine. Jaya says Jaya says why didn’t you see it? She says I couldn’t. Ugra says thank God you’re fine. Jaya says all credit goes to Krisha. She saved you.

Scene 2
Aarav comes home. He sees the door behind the shelf. He says this door was closed long ago. How did it open? He goes inside?Naina says to Rati let me take you to the room. Krisha looks at Devraj. She looks for Aarav. Krisha comes back to the shelf but it’s not closing. Krisha says why is it not closing. Devraj comes downstairs. Krisha shuts the shelf. Devraj says what are you doing here? She says taking a book.

Scene 3
Aarav is inside. He says I used to come here in childhood to hide from mom and dad. Raghav used to scare Naina here. Then Jaya sealed this part. He goes inside. Someone coughs. Aarav says who was coughing upstairs?Krisha says I wasn’t sleepy so I thought to read a book. He says a book to stock market? She says yes. It’s important to know. Devraj leaves. Krisha looks at the shelf. He says let’s go now. Krisha says Devraj goes inside. What is he hiding with Roma? She hears a woman singing and noise. She recalls seeing her. Krisha says who could that be? Devraj says let’s go. Krisha says is Maya really not in this world?

The woman paints and coughs. Krisha says tell me? He says what kind of question is this? She says answer me. Is she in this world? Devraj says I told you everything and showed you the place where she met the accident. Krisha says you also said her body was never found. Devraj says what are you saying? Krisha says I am trying to ask if she’s still alive? Devraj says are you trying to hurt me? Krisha says no. He says is it a joke? Everyone knows she’s gone. Everything was burned in that accident. Krisha says I was just.. He says what kind of quesiton is that? Stop being Krisha. These questions, spying Krisha does all this. Not Maya. Krisha is not in this world. Understood? There is only Maya in this house. I am saying this for the last time.

Focus on being Maya. I only want Maya. Who you would become. Got your answer? He leaves. Krisha says I got my answer. You said there was an accident, you said Krisha is no more. But you never said Maya is dead. Krisha says I have doubts, I need a proof.Krisha sees Maya’s photos and vides. Krisha says nothing is relatable. Krisha sees their wedding video. She sees the same dupatta and tassel. Krisha is shocked. Krisha is shocked. She says this is the same dupatta I saw behind the door. This means.. Maya is alive. Krisha shocked. She recalls seeing a woman once. Krisha says she’s locked upstairs? But why? If she’s alive why does he want to make me Maya?

Scene 4
Krisha walks out in shock. She recalls her moments with Devraj. Devraj says what is she doing in the lawn? Krisha says how can he do this to me? Krisha says why did you do this to me Devraj? Why did you lie? Devraj comes there. Devraj says what are you doing here? Isn’t the tracker giving you shocks? Krisha shoves him. She says am I a toy? You are the biggest shock. He says what are you saying? Krisha grasps his collar and says Maya is alive. You lied to me. Devraj is shocked. Krisha says you lied to me. She is alive yet you married me. Our marriage is a lie. Why did you do this? She hits him. Devraj says stop. Just stop it. Krisha says you lied to me. He says yes I lied. Yes Maya is alive and she’s in this house. Krisha is shocked.


Krisha says you lied to me. Maya is alive and she’s in this house. He says yes you’re right. She’s alive and in this house. You can’t do anything about it but you can become Maya and you have to, my men have their eyes on your family. Krisha says please let me go. Please. You don’t love me. You let me go. He says I love Maya and I amd doing all of this for her. Krisha was imagining it. Devraj says what are you doing here? She says I came out to see things from a distance. It’s important to understand things better. Devraj says you were crying? Krisha says do you care about it? devrja says what’s going on in your mind? Krisha says if I had something in your mind you would know. You have eyes on me all the time.

He says let’s go in. He takes her inside. Krisha goes back inside with him, she says in heart I can’t tell him I know the truth. I’ve to find out everything. Why does he want to keep me here if Maya is alive.
Krisha goes inside. She trips, Devraj holds her. He picks her and takes her inside.

Scene 2
Krisha wakes up the next morning. Devraj looks at Krisha. The song koi mujhko yun mila hai plays. Krisha says you love me? You don’t right? Why did you punish me like this? It’s really painful for me. I can’t tolerate this. She says it in sleep. Krisha wakes up. She says what are you doing? He says you were talking in sleep. Krisha says what was I saying? He says I didn’t listen. Devraj goes out.

Scene 3
Jaya gets everything ready for the havan. She asks Jaya to get ready. Jaya says to Rati you should go to a doctor. What happened with you wasn’t normal. Rati says I will go. She says don’t worry maa is also taking good care of me. She gives me juice and tea. I hope things will be good now. Jaya asks Krisha what would be the menu for today? She prepares for the pooja. Krisha asks Rati how much did Devraj love Maya? Please don’t lie to me. Rati says Maya was very different. She wasn’t like us. She would do whatever we she wanted. Wearing short clothes, partying, confident, traveling. She was a free bird and Devraj never tried to detain her. He would let her do what she wanted. I heard she wanted to shift to Canada and Devraj agreed. Krisha says he did? He hates it? Rati says he loved her a lot. But don’t worry she’s gone. Krisha says or maybe not.

Jaya asks Krisha to donate the gifts to poor people. She says you have to give three gifts to Devraj. You should do whatever you like. Her dadi, mom and I used to give him three gifts. Now you would. Krisha wonders why is Maya hidden and I am being forced to do all this and become Maya? There’s some reason.

Scene 4
Aarav comes to Devraj and says I heard someone coughing upstairs. Was it you? Or Krisha? Jaya says it was me. I was coughing; He says did that door open? Jaya maa got the part of the house sealed. Jaya says I will get it sealed again. It’s not safe. Devraj says to Jaya Aarav heard her coughing. She’s not well. Jaya says yes. Devraj says her condition is too critical. What if she doesn’t get better?

Ugra says to Rati you are so weak. You couldn’t give us a child. Have juice. Would you want your child to be weak? Rati says I would never want. Ugra says you have less chances of concieving. I told Jaya she shouldn’t get you married to Raghav. You should take fate in your hands. Rati says what? Ugra says nothing. Go and rest.

Jaya says I gave her medicine. Devraj says we have to be careful. She’s not well. I’ve to take her to a doctor. Jaya says but ritual.. He says I don’t care about these rituals. Jaya says I know your pain. Devraj says that accident changed everything. Krisha hears it. Devraj sees her outside.

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