Razia Sultan update Saturday 4 February 2023

Razia Sultan 4 February 2023:  Razia scolding Althunia for selling himself for just some coins and risking her life. He says he was just helping her and provoked her to kill midget Jingura. She does not listen to him and walks out alone.

She goes to a border gate and tries to open its locks, but cannot. Althunia comes and holds her from behind. She asks how dare he is to touch her. He in lieu of speaking to her cuts locks. He says he told her how to kill that midget. She reminisces his words. He breaks locks and says she can open Ghazni’s gate. She asks how can he believe her. He says she has no other go.

She asks him to teach her fighting as she knows he is a good fighter/warrior. He says he does not do anything without money. She gives him her necklace and says this is the price for his loyalty. He looks at necklace and accepts her offer.

Althunia starts Razia’s training. He shows her an arrow on pole and asks her to climb it and get arrow. She asks if he will teach her like this. He says this is the problem with girls. She asks why he always rescues her and then puts her into trouble.

He says it is his wish. She goes to climb pole. He thinks she is very brave reminiscing he rescuing slave girls and other incidents and thinks he wants to see fearlessness in her eyes.

Razia tries to climb pole, but Althunia slips her down. She asks why did he push her down. He adds weight bags on her shoulder and asks to climb wearing it. He says as per rule, if one is not capable should not utter anything. She falls down again. He teachers her breath holding skill under water and says the more she can hold breath under water, the less she will get tired. She gets out within 3 seconds.

He taunts. She gets under water again asking him to count again. He counts 26, but she does not come out. He gets afraid. She gets up after a long time and asks why did he stop couting, she can stay inside water for some more time. She falls unconscious then. He ghets her out of water and hesitantly pumps her abdomen and pumps water out of her body. She wakes up and says she did it.

Turkan starts acting like seriously ill to stop Altamash from meeting Qutub. He orders royal docs to take care of her.

Althunia teaches Razia archery by holding her and gets mesmerized with her beauty. He tghen gets conscious and breaks aimed water melon. He asks Razia to try alone. She is about to throw spear when he stops her, shakes melons and asks her to try now. She fails. He stands in front of watermeolon and asks her to aim. She gets afraid and fails again. He says she is failing as she is aiming him and not melon and asks her to aim at melon and throw spear. She throws and succeeds and gets happy.

Althunia teaching fighting to Razia. Razia sleeps while performing her task. He in the morning sees her asleep and tries to dorn her leave blanket. She holds him in sleep. He thinks he does not know why she is going to Ghazni, but he salutes her for her bravery.

Althunia’s friends on the other side think they will have to kill Althunia to get their boss haji’s silver coin, which he gives for his #1 warrior and discuss they can kill each other also to get that coin.

Althunia looks at his boss’s silver coin. Razia wakes up and asks why is he sitting next to her. He says he is waiting for his student. Seh says she has very less time and wants him to teach archery and sword fight. He teaches her both.

Althunia brings coconut water for Razia at night, but sees her sound asleep due to tiredness. He dorns blanket over her, looks at her given locket and starts feeling for her. Razia wakes up dreaming about Sultan Atlamash and Nasir’s fight.

She starts training again holding heavy baskets and climbs the pole to pick arrow which Althunia had lodged and successfully picks it. She then descends down, sees Althunia sleeping, picks some fruits, thinks Althunia is not that bad as she thinks and thanks him for inspiring him to fight against Jingura and leaves thinking she will be thankful to him whole life. Althunia is sound asleep and does not see her walking away.

Razia leaves in her horse and sees Althunia’s friend searching him. She tries to fight with them, but they say they don’t want to fight with her and are searching their friend. Razia gives them Althunia’s address and says they should be careful as their friend is very arrogant. Men say his arrogance will be gone forever after today. She thinks why are they carrying so many weapons, realizes Althunia’s life is at risk, so she should help him. He bad soul suggests her to concentrate on her mission and forget Althunia as she already paid him for his teaching. Good soul suggests to help Althunia.

Althunia wakes up in the morning and finds arrow next to him. He searches Razia, looks at pole and realizes she has left already.

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