Kulfi the singing star update Friday 27 January 2023

Kulfi the singing star 27 January 2023: Sandy asks Amyra why is she alone in water line, Amyra says she is inside we aren’t talk, Sandy says so she is inside alone and you are working here so sad. Kulfi cooking for Amyra, so she can have food, Sandy says oh look you are again working for Amyra and she out there talking ill about you, Kulfi says but that’s not done and rushes out says Amyra let me hold the bucket, Amyra says what you want to prove I filled the whole bucket and you want to prove that it’s just you who always work, Kulfi says why talk like this I was cooking your fav food, Amyra says don’t then I don’t want to eat food cooked by you, Kulfi says don’t eat then and both start arguing and fight.

Shantatai and Yusuf stop them, Himmat and Yusuf try to resolve but it goes on increasing, and all call Amyra short tempered, Yusuf take Amyras side and Himmat takes Kulfis. Sikander walks in and asks what’s wrong, Kulfi and Amyra start complaining, Sikander takes them inside and asks them what’s wrong, both tell eachothers part of story, Sikander says you both need to know eachother and only then you can live together You two are family behave like one. Kulfi says I was cooking for Amyra because she likes Poha, Amyra says I got ointment for kulfi because she fell down.

Sikander says when you care why fight, Amyra says kulfi called me selfish, Kulfi says she said she hates me, Sikander says did you two hear eachother saying it, who told you, Girls say sandy, Sikander says how could you believe him and not talk to eachother. Sikander tells them importance of trust and family. Sikander makes a rule, till you resolve a fight you two will never sleep. Kulfi and Amyra apologies to eachother and hug it out.Sikander gets girls out, Himmat asks did they resolve, Sikander says tell them, Kulfi and Amyra hug eachother, all applaud. Sikander sings a song. Sandy gets emotional, Raju calms him down.

Sikander talks to Raju and Sandy, he says I have seen things change in minutes, and so have I, but today I taught my kids important lesson, family is important fact, today’s episode was scary, there education is finance is taken care but this is not enough, money is not everything, power is needed too, I want to setup my empire, and that will give my girls the power and be scared of them and keep away from them like lioness of this jungle, and no one would ever have courage to even look after them, there are many Jimmy’s 8n this world and I have to save my girls from them.Raju asks how will you do that, I’m crossing Jimmy’s paths, I’m taking the twisted way.

Sikander revealing to Raju Mummy and Sandy about Jimmy arranging against him. He further makes his own arrangement and requests that Sandy disclose to Sikander’s area to Jimmy.Raju Mummy is terrified about Sikander going for broke while Sikander can hardly wait any more. He needs Jimmy to employ Sandy and offer data to him.Afterward, Sikander comes back to the Chawl and finds the power has been cut. His girls are making Diwali cards and they wish to make a postcard of three of them.

He later clarifies the importance of Diwali and how to confront issues and annihilation them. He likewise recalls his experience with the goons of Jimmy.He recounts to his story as Lord Rama’s story. He recalls how he battled the goons of Jimmy and didn’t surrender till the end.Sikander gets thrashed gravely by goons while Jimmy gets intrigued with Sandy. He consents to give him a vocation in his office. Sikander finishes his story and the power returns.Jimmy is pleased after Sikander gets pounded while powers Sandy to express sick words against Sikander. Then, Kulfi and Amyra get stressed over Sikander’s injuries.Afterward, Sandy advises Sikander that he has a vocation at Jimmy’s office.


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