Rajjo starlife update Wednesday 5 July 2023

Rajjo 5 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun saying that wire had current. Pushkar thinks how did he see that. Arjun says I did this to save Rajjo’s life. Pushkar says I told you not to keep this race at any bad place, my academy has some name. Madhu asks him to declare the winner’s name. Pushkar announces the runner ups and the winner Niharika. Arjun says you didn’t take Rajjo’s name. Pushkar says she didn’t complete the race. Arjun says she was ahead of Niharika. Pushkar says one who reaches the finish line wins. Arjun says there was a genuine reason, what’s Rajjo’s mistake. Pushkar says I m sorry, I can’t do anything. Rajjo asks what shall I do of sorry. Pushkar makes Niharika wear the medal. Madhu says you don’t listen to me, forget it, I will make you get ready, come home with me. Rajjo cries.

She says I want to stay alone for some time. Madhu asks why, your mum is along. Rajjo says I want to be alone, my mind isn’t working, sorry. She goes.Madhu gets angry. Rajjo sits crying. Arjun goes to Pushkar. He says just listen to me for 5 mins. Rajjo says no, I have to talk to Arjun about this. Pushkar asks what do you want to say. Arjun says you keep the race again, I know Rajjo can win, please. Pushkar says you love her, but she is using you, tell her, you can’t help her now. Rajjo comes and hears them. Pushkar says this marriage is forced on you, how long will you drag this, you can’t tolerate that girl for long. Arjun says don’t use such words, I don’t like it, I don’t know the future of our relation, I want to make her future, I want her to never seek support from anyone, I want her to run with confidence and live life with self esteem.

Pushkar asks him not to take this on his heart and end this marriage. Arjun says this marriage isn’t a game for me, sports became an imp part of the marriage, I just want Rajjo to just run, she stays ahead of everyone, even if she goes away from me. Rajjo says I know this marriage is imp for you, but not much. She goes. Arjun says Rajjo can win the race, I m sure. Pushkar argues.Arjun defends Rajjo and goes. Pushkar says I will finish Rajjo completely. Mannu asks how did this wire fall here, she isn’t safe here. She asks the man about the wire. The man says its some accident, thank God, nothing major happened. She says Arjun has saved my Rajjo, I wish he always stays with her. Rajjo is sad. She thinks of her defeat. Niharika comes.

She uses Arjun’s perfume. She says I wish to pull his cheeks. She teases Rajjo about Arjun. Madhu eats sweets in anger. Jhilmil asks her what happened. Madhu says I m so worried. Jhilmil says you would have got a big shock. Madhu says I had planned to save Arjun, Arjun and Rajjo have to unite, nothing can happen to Rajjo before this, we have to do something soon, but what. Niharika gets friendly with Rajjo. She tells about Chirag and Kalindi’s relation. She tells their stories. Rajjo laughs. Niharika asks her to always smile and stay happy, don’t take game seriously, just don’t lose in your life. She encourages Rajjo. She says I have seen natural talent in you, you need some training, you will be like a risking star. Rajjo says yes. Niharika wishes her. Rajjo says I lost the big chance. Niharika says I have an offer for you, will you agree.

Chirag asking Arjun not to get sad, and handle Rajjo. He goes. Arjun says what will I talk to Rajjo. He goes. bolna mahi bolna…plays…. He goes to Rajjo and hugs her. She cries. He imagines this. He goes to console her. He thinks what am I doing. Mannu comes. He says sorry, I have to talk to Rajjo, its something imp. She takes Rajjo with her. She says I couldn’t ask you anything much, I couldn’t wait for long.Arjun pacifies Rajjo. Madhu interrupts their talk. She comes in. She gives a dress to Rajjo. She says now Arjun is married, so I have to knock and come. She asks Arjun to go, she has some work with Rajjo. Arjun leaves. He says I can’t see Rajjo sad. Madhu explains Rajjo to get decked up for Arjun. She says we are going to Pushkar’s house for dinner, you will look like a fairy today. Rajjo thinks Arjun won’t like me anyway. Madhu thinks Arjun will like you, he has to give you that right for a night. She says we will get ready.

Pushkar hugs Kalindi and Niharika. He says I got everything. Niharika says call mummy back, how is Nana ji now. He says he got a long life, so your mummy is taking time to come back. Chirag teases Arjun. Sia asks what did you look today. Bunty jokes. Pushkar also jokes. They all laugh. Madhu gets Rajjo.Goriye…plays… Arjun smiles seeing her. Rajjo thinks everyone is looking at me, I m looking bad. Arjun thinks you are looking so good. Pushkar sees Rajjo angrily. Sia says you look like a doll. Everyone takes the drinks. Arjun and Rajjo get seated. Pushkar praises Niharika. Arjun holds Rajjo’s hand. Madhu asks Arjun to take Rajjo to the farmhouse. Kalindi says yes, take Rajjo there. Swara says you will like it there. Jhilmil says they aren’t saying anything, it means its their yes. Chirag asks Arjun to say yes or no. Arjun says yes. Rajjo says no. Madhu asks why are you refusing, he isn’t taking you by walk, go by car. Niharika says I gave her an offer to join out team, she accepted it. Pushkar worries.

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