Rajjo starlife update Friday 30 June 2023

Rajjo 30 June 2023: The Episode starts with Pushkar getting angry seeing Madhu. He throws a vase. She asks him to listen to him first. He asks what’s there to say now. She says there is a secret. Arjun and Rajjo are in their room. Tujhse juda…plays… She breaks the silence. Madhu says I have done everything for my son, I blindly love him, I don’t see any relation or humanity, I will do anything for my son, that’s why I caged the parrot which had Arjun’s life in it. Pushkar acts. He says Arjun cried and your heart melted, you show attitude that you are from a big family, you are a poor girl’s Saas. Madhu says Arjun’s fate has a dangerous dosh in his Kundali. He gets shocked.

She says he could have got saved when he got married in the mahurat, the dosh would go on his wife. Arjun shuts the door. Arjun and Rajjo argue. Kehne ko jashan-e-bahaara ….plays… He says I have made equal place for us. Madhu says I was relieved that Arjun is marrying Urvashi in mahurat, Urvashi will fall in danger, its good that he got saved from the fraud, but what could I do to save Arjun, you can see Kalindi anytime you want, what would I do, so I got Arjun and Rajjo married. She says Rajjo has to keep her duty, when Rajjo gives a husband’s right to Arjun, then Arjun’s dosh will go to Rajjo, Arjun will live and she will die, I want this and this will happen. She smiles and says I have decorated Arjun’s room, so that they unite completely. Rajjo calls the marriage a compromise. Arjun says yes. They try to talk. His brothers come and disturb them.

Arjun and Rajjo have an eyelock. Arjun goes with his brothers. Rajjo looks on.Pushkar jokes on Madhu, by telling about his dad. He says this is blind belief, Kundali dosh is nothing, it’s a way to fool the educated. Madhu says I believe in this, I will keep Mrityunjay Jaap for Rajjo, its fine if she gets saved, else I don’t care if she dies, you have the relation with that girl, you are her dad, but I don’t think you have to bring this news out, so you also pray for Arjun’s life and Rajjo’s death. Mannu says Madhu is right, I won’t tell Rajjo about Pushkar. She prays for Rajjo. Rajjo comes and says I had to talk to you, are you fine. Mannu says yes, I m happy that you got a good husband, I wanted you to get such a life partner, who never leaves you alone. Rajjo says forget it, tell me about the car that hit you that day. Mannu says no, it was my mistake. Rajjo asks when did you get memory back.

Mannu says I got to recall everything in last few days. Rajjo asks do you want to tell me something. Mannu says yes, there is something.Mannu asking Rajjo to make a new start. Naman asks Arjun to have wine. Arjun refuses. Chirag stops Naman and asks him not to force Arjun, its wrong. He says I have sworn to leave this poison. Naman says wow, Kalindi has done this magic. Chirag says no, my sister, my daughter, Rajjo has done this. Arjun thinks. Chirag asks Arjun to go and celebrate. They all take soft drinks.

Arjun and Chirag have a talk. Chirag says Rajjo is an angel, a fairy without wings and wand, one who understands her doesn’t believe her. Mannu says good people experience good things. Chirag says bad can’t happen to good people. Rajjo says I don’t know if Arjun wants to stay with me or not. Mannu says ask him. Chirag says you answer him, silence ends a relation, go and talk to Rajjo. Rajjo and Srjun ask what should I say. Chirag says speak the truth. Mannu says I can see you can sacrifice your life for Arjun. Rajjo asks am I in love with him. Arjun asks you mean I m in love with her. Mannu says there is no need to say, try to find out her feelings. Chirag says just talk to her, don’t keep your ego, come on, go. Arjun and Rajjo happily go to each other. Naman comes and says you wanted to get rid of that girl.

Arjun says she isn’t a servant, she is Rajjo, mum requested her to stay here, Rajjo is my wife. Naman says you must be feeling suffocated, you married Rajjo to save her and now on Madhu’s saying, no one asked about your happiness, I pity you, relation becomes toxic if its not made by self will. Arjun recalls Rajjo’s words. He thinks Rajjo wanted to go away from me. He says you are right, it gets suffocating to live with such a person all life. Rajjo hears this and cries. Arjun says its not right to get trapped in such a relation, marriage is a bond, it shouldn’t become imprisonment. Rajjo sits crying. Arjun says Chirag is right, I should ask Rajjo, how shall I start. She cries and says everything is finished. Chirag goes to Sia. She says I m so happy. He asks her to sleep. She asks him to read a story. He says I can’t remember any. He tells story of a prince and a princess. He tells about Rajjo and Arjun. Arjun comes to Rajjo. He says I think we need to talk.

Arjun says you have done right, you went your way, then you stayed back for mum’s sake, I just want to say, just say whatever you feel, do you want to say something. She says I know what I want, I have to keep an account of things, because only two things matter, Mannu and my running career, I m tired. He asks her to sleep on the bed. She says you won’t sleep on the ground, the couch isn’t here, you will catch cold. Madhu prays for Arjun’s life. She says I don’t care if I m called wicked, I can become the worst, all I care about is to save Arjun from the danger, Rajjo has to become of Arjun completely, then the danger will go on Rajjo’s head, Arjun will get saved. She turns and sees Chirag. Arjun and Rajjo clean the bed. She sleeps on the ground. He sits on the chair.

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