Rajjo Starlife update Sunday 6 August 2023

Rajjo 6 August 2023: The Episode starts with Rajjo calling out Mannu. Arjun comes with a candle and says Rajjo, we love each other a lot, we were not asked about this relation, we are going to make a new start, so I want to know your wish, do you want to marry me, I promise you, I won’t let anyone come between us. She says I will run away if you let anyone come. He says I will catch you. She says I run fast, you can’t catch me. He says I will come after you. She says I came after you and broke your marriage twice. He says we united because of our fate, you can never get free of me now. She says I want to spend my life’s every moment with you, life isn’t life without you. He says you are perfect. They hug.

He blows off the candle. He says Maa.. She says don’t joke. He says really. The lights come. They see the family. He says I told you. They all smile. Arjun says they came to propose you. Rajjo asks what. He says they want to accept you. Rajjo cries. Chirag says you are crying, you don’t want to have a relation with our family, its fine. Rajjo says I got much than I prayed for. Mannu comes. Madhu asks Rajjo to become her bahu. Rajjo agrees. She stops Swara and asks what happened. Jhilmil asks where are you going. Swara says away from you all, I have made a mistake, I have lied about my pregnancy. They are shocked. Swara says Rajjo helped me on my saying, its not Rajjo’s mistake, I didn’t understand anything. Rajjo hugs her.

Jhilmil asks why did you lie. Rajjo says ask Mukund, he was divorcing her and didn’t give her respect. Jhilmil says Swara is also wrong, she should have come and told the truth, she made fun of our feelings. Madhu says we have made fun of relations, we have scared Swara, we didn’t teach our sons to respect women. Kalindi says Swara loved Sia more than me, she is like Sia’s mum. Chirag says yes, we have no problem that Sia has two parents. Jhilmil apologizes to Swara. She says you were always a good bahu, I got selfish to become a Dadi. She hugs Swara and takes her. Chirag says enough of crying, now its time for happiness, call the pandit and get Arjun and Rajjo married. They smile. Rajjo gets ready as the bride and comes downstairs. Arjun and Rajjo get married. Arjun promises her that he will always protect her. A man comes there and tells someone that he will do the work. Arjun and Rajjo take wedding rounds. Rajjo also makes promises. Arjun fills sindoor and makes her wear mangalsutra. O mere heeriye…plays.. They hug. The man comes inside and says Rajjo is chosen for training, we have seen the viral video of her running and found her capable for the academy,
Rajjo has to leave right away for training. He asks her if she will like to participate.

She says thanks for giving me this big chance, I just got married, I can’t go anywhere, leaving my husband and family, forgive me, I can’t come. Mannu asks her to think well. Rajjo says I have thought well. Madhu says we will start the rasams now. She hugs Arjun and Rajjo, and blesses them. Madhu asks Mannu is she still angry. Mannu says I have got a PT job in school. Rajjo asks really. She hugs Mannu. She says I will drop you to school. Mnnu says you can’t do that, because school is in Neeltal, I have to leave today itself. Rajjo says no, you can’t leave me alone and go. Mannu says you aren’t alone, I will come to meet you during holidays. Arjun says we can also go to Neeltal to meet her. Rajjo says I will miss you a lot. Mannu asks Arjun to keep Rajjo happy. She blesses them and hugs.

Arjun comes to their room. Rajjo scares him and laughs. She says we have made some promises to each other, I want some promises. Arjun says I will give my life. She says don’t say that, we will always believe each other and become wings to support the dreams. He promises her. They hug. She says everything will get fine now. He says you didn’t decide to go to training camp. She says I will go later, I want to give time to family.

Its morning, Everyone waits for Arjun and family. Kalindi says they will enjoy a lot in Maldives. Arjun gets a bag and says this is Rajjo’s bag, no need of my bag. Rajjo comes. Madhu asks what happened, what is all this. Arjun says relax, everything is fine, I have fulfilled her dream, I love her and I have to make her happy, I have to make her an athlete, I called the training camp manager and said she will come for training, honeymoon will happen after 6 months. Rajjo asks do you all like this decision or not. Madhu gets aarti plate. She does Rajjo’s aarti. She hugs Rajjo. Chirag says we all are with you. Arjun says come, we will leave. Chirag says we will take a selfie, we will miss her. Mukund says Arjun will miss her the most. Kalindi says Rajjo might forget us when she gets famous. Arjun says we will take a pic. They smile and wish all the best to Rajjo.


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