If you were not there update Sunday 23 July 2023

If you were not there 23 July 2023: Abhimanyu informs he is stuck with her even when he doesnot want, he feels there is some sort of strange kismet connection between them both, Abhimanyu starts remembering that he might have said it before, Niyati questions where did he get lost, he replies he is feeling he might have said it all to someone before but then thinks they must for now try to reach the top of the cliff, he with all his strength manages to reach the top with Niyati, they both lie down on the floor looking at each other, he gets up when there is immense wind, Niyati gets tensed, she thinks that he said he feels he might have said it to someone, she thinks he is regaining his memory even when he doesnot remember her.

Abhimanyu exclaims that one should say thankyou if someone saves their life, Niyati thanks him when he say you are welcome, mentioning it is not suitable to say this to someone like her but this is usually said to the people, he thinks what is happening with him since he is feeling that he might have said it before, Niyati thinks he is remembering his past, she must think of a way to make him remember without putting pressure on his mind, Niyati refuses to come with him, he gets stunned saying that she must leave the forest, Niyati thinks of revealing the truth, she informs she has hurt him alot and caused immense pain to his family so she is now going to go away and this will be the end of their small love story, Abhimanyu starts thinking he might have witnessed it before, she then exclaims that it should all end at once, Abhimanyu gets more worried, Niyati replies she wanted to say this to him which is why she came after him, he asks what does she mean, she makes him sit mentioning they both would have different expectations from the relationship which they have, he would desire friendship while she will want love and this cannot go on, and instead of listening to the happy songs of friendship, they would listen to the sad songs of love, so her solution is the most viable, he asks what solution, she informs she is leaving the city but how could she leave without meeting him since she needed to say Goodbye, he also starts recalling how he might have said it to someone, Niyati mentions she needed to apologize for all that happened, she asks if he has forgotten her, Abhimanyu standing questions what is she doing with him because he told her he doesnot know who he said those things to but she must not make him feel so tensed, they need to leave, she is a nurse so knows what is going on with him and must tell the truth, He is shocked that she is not anywhere in the forest, Abhimanyu rushes to the forest to find her.

Amma jee asks the inspector if they managed to find Abhimanyu, he however refuses, and then she asks about Niyati, they informs she went into a compound with the police force but then ran while running behind someone, the personal bring Saira on a stretcher, Sulochana and Manaroma question what has happened to her, they are informed that she was in the same compound, Manaroma asks Kamna to take her to the guest room, Kamna starts calling the doctor.

Kinkar entering the house asks Manaroma how is Jija jee, he coming from behind asks if he was able to find Abhimanyu as he went after him, Kinkar replies they have not been successful till now but will really soon manage to find him, Gajender in anger scolds him saying he must do whatever he deisres to find Abhimanyu as soon as possible, Daya thinks there is no difference between brother in law and servant, Kinkar leaves while Gajender is tensed.

Abhiamnyu in the forest asks Niyati to come out as this is not funny, his head is already acheing, Abhimanyu starts getting dizzy thinking about all those things, he also recalls what Niyati said, feeling immense pain in his head so he is not able to comprehend it all and wodners what is going on with him, these blurred memories which he has so he is not able to know the truth, Abhimanyu starts calling Niyati for help asking if these are the truth or just because of his illness, Niyati thinks he would surely recall his memory. Amma jee is also praying in the Mandir thinking that now he must make sure Abhimanyu returns.

Niyati in the forest thinks she knows Abhimanyu is really hurting but this small pain is more beneficial for him in the long term, she scratches her hand but is shocked when she is not able to find Abhimanyu, she wonders if he gets an attack when she was just trying to find the truth, Abhimanyu coming from behind explains she has always done this to him, he leaves in anger which worries Niyati thinking he has gotten angry and might not have remembered anything.

Niyati requests Abhimanyu to not get angry, he turning replies that she knows he is a mental patient and suffers a lot so why is she playing the game of hide and seek, he mentions that she is a nurse so has experience and knows about the treatments, he requests her to make sure he gets some sort of treatment for his problem, he is remembering something from the past two months which he has forgotten, he feels he might have said it to a girl but doesnot know the truth, Niyati thinks she must give him some more time, he exclaims now when Abhimanyu questions if she doesnot want to help him, she asks him to look behind when the kidnappers are standing, they get a hold of them both. Abhimanyu and Niyati are trying their best to stay with each other but are pulled apart by the kidnappers, he warns to kill them if they touch Niyati.

Shugun wonders how Abhimanyu mange did to run away and where is Niyati, she exclaims even saira has reached the Panday Mansion, her friends ask her to worry if she wakes up revealing the truth, Shugun while laughing exclaims this will not happen as now she will reveal the next part of her plan.Abhimanyu is tied to the tree, while they still hold Niyati, she tries her best to get close to him and even kicks one of the kidnappers on the feet, but they manage to cover her mouth, meanwhile Abhimanyu starts recalling his past when he was tied up in chains in the hospital, he sees that Niyati was also there at the door. Abhimanyu suffers an attack, Niyati tries to calm him down, he breaking the ropes start beating everyone, the kidnapper run away but he is able to get hold of their boss, Niyati wonders how can she calm him down as there is not any medical shop nearby, he pushes her back, then starts punching the tree with which he was tied, his hand starts bleeding so Niyati thinks of how can she stop him as she doesnot even have the mobile to ask someone for help, she prays to Bhagwan for help then thinks of an idea.

Niyati tries to stop Abhimanyu informing he is hurting his hand but he doesnot stop and even pushes her away, she exclaims she doesnot even have her mobile so she can call anyone, she starts to think how can she make him calm down, she prays to Bhagwan for help so thinks how he calms down when he plays the mouth Haugon, she thinks he calms down with the sound of music but gets worried since she doesnot have it with her, she prays to Bhagwan for help, Amma jee is sitting in the Mandir praying.

Niyati after quenching her throat, starts singing a song in a melodious voice, Abhimanyu stops beating the tree after which he starts thinking how he used to play the mouth hogan, he acts as if he still has the mouth hogan so wonders how is he remembering this song toady, he wonders what is happening to him and why is it happening today, Niyati thinks he might not be able to understand his own memories which is why he is so worried and anxious, Niyati going to him mentions that he would become even more restless if he keeps on pressurizing his mind, he in anger speaks he is not able to calm down, she once again requests him as it might not be beneficial for him, Abhimanyu explains he has a lot of memories which are playing right Infront of him but he doesnot know what they mean so is getting really restless, she once again requests him to calm down.

Niyati sees a broken bowl so rushing there brings water and splashes it on the face of Abhimanyu, wiping it off requests him to calm down it suddenly starts raining. Niyati wonders why is it raining without any reason and she asks him to wait so brings a lead covering Abhimanyu like an umbrella, he once again starts remembering the memory, Niyati is not able to hold onto the leaf, she is about to tip over when he manages to catch her, he once again starts thinking of a blurred memory. Abhimanyu and Niyati both donot even move from that position and keep looking into eahcother eyes, he helps her stand but is still restless, with the immense burden of the memory, he questions who the girl is which is in her memory but he doesnot remember, he explains he wants to know about it but there is a tornado of questions in his mind. Niyati thinks it would not be right to reveal the entire truth now, she must take him back to the house and calm him down before revealing the truth, she informs he would know the entire truth once they reach back home, Abhimanyu questions if she is sure he would get the answers when they reach home, he pulls her even when she says they must wait for the rain to stop.

The doctor informs Gajender that she has given Saira the injections and she will regain consciousness very soon, Gajender asks how much time will it take, the doctor replies they cannot say it clearly but it might take her two to three hours, Gajender mentions it cannot happen as they need her to wake up however the doctor replies that it might harm the health of the patient, Gajender informs even his son and daughter in law are in danger, the doctor asks Manaroma to call her when she wakes up as then she is going to prescribe some more medicines.

Gajender is tensed, Shugun suddenly enters through the door breathing heavily, Gajender and Manaroma both rush to her asking what happened, they ask her to come inside asking how did it all happen, Manaroma gives her some water, Shugun informs some goons entered her house by force, they threatened her friends, Gajender questions who were they, she explains they were asking about Abhimanyu and when they did not tell them anything then those goons did this to her, she requests for his help so Gajender assure he will do it, Shugun asks where is Abhimanyu and even asks him to come out, Gajender informs they have not been able to find him. Shugun thinks that she is now going to see how Saira wakes up.

Abhimanyu is driving the car really fast, Niyati requests him to calm down when he rep[lies he is not able to calm down until he doesnot find the answers to his questions, Niyati asks him to look ahead as a car is approaching, they gets rushed off the road, he ends up hitting a electricity pole, Niyati is thrown out of the car, when she sees the electric wire so asks him to not touch the car but he accidently touches it, and gets electrocuted, Abhimanyu is thrown to the corner.

Niyati questions if he can hear her voice and even asks the locals to help her put him on a bed, they help her when she is stunned to see that his pulse is not working correctly, she requests for water then starts rubbing his hands, Niyati seeing the Mandir rushes to pray in front of Maa requesting her help as she doesnot know what to do, Niyati is constantly holding her hand. Abhimanyu starts thinking about her screams and suddenly wakes up in distress.

Niyati turns in shock to see that he is conscious and sits up, he rubs his forehead, she starts smiling when he wonders where he is, she is not able to move in excitement, Abhimanyu looks towards Ni8yati in immense shock, he is not able to believe his eyes so gets up, he recalls their first meeting when he took out the umbrella for her so looks at her in distress. Abhimanyu thinks how she said they are going to end their small love story of nurse and patient, he starts walking towards her and standing Infront of her is looking at her in shock, he calls her name looking at her in the yes while she is weeping, he immediately rushes to hug her and is even crying a lot with a smile on his face.


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