Rajjo starlife update Saturday 1 July 2023

Rajjo 1 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo arguing in their room. He says let me do what I want. He sleeps on the ground. Madhu sees Chirag. He says you are talking in a slow tone, is there any problem. She says no, the problem got away, so I was lighting a diya and apologizing, now Rajjo is with Arjun, everything will be fine. He hugs her and thanks her for keeping a big heart. He says you did good by getting them married. She thinks they shall become husband and wife completely. Rajjo sleeps on the bed. Arjun sleeps on the ground. Tujhse juda kyu…plays…. Bunty asks Pushkar why did you call me. Pushkar scolds him.

Arjun apologizes to Rajjo. She says you don’t curse yourself now. He asks what do you want to do now. She says I was going to ask you. He says I will help you in making your career. She asks do you want to help me after all this. He says you have wasted a lot of time for me and family, I want you to take care of yourself and focus on your work, I asked you what’s imp for you, you told me two things, Maai and your running, there wasn’t any third thing, maybe it won’t be there. She says thanks, you also had dreams.She says I heard that you wanted to go abroad, you would have those dreams even now, don’t compromise your dreams, go anywhere you want, just inform me, I will step back, you move on.

Madhu says I have to go to their room and give tea, just to know everything. She enters Arjun’s room and looks on. She sees the bed and asks Arjun what’s happening. She says you got married by all the rituals, do I need to explain this to you, where are you going out. He says I m going for running practice. She asks what. Rajjo comes and greets Madhu. Madhu blesses her. Arjun says I have to go now. Madhu asks him to listen. She asks why are you keeping Rajjo away. He says I can’t discuss everything, I have married Rajjo, don’t push her for anything. She says I worry for her and happiness. He says I will take care of her, give us some time, don’t expect me to fulfil your dreams, she has her own dreams, sorry, I m going. She says her dreams can’t come between my plan.

Arjun trains Rajjo. He smiles seeing her. He says you will run well in these jogging clothes. She says no, its itching, I mean shoes are itching my toes. He says its okay, you will adjust in sometime. She says I can’t run fast with the shoes. He says no, its fine. He asks her to keep wearing shoes. She says you got these shoes for me. He says no. She says thanks. She says you shouldn’t touch my feet. He jokes. He teaches her how to tie the shoe lace. Madhu is with Jhilmil. Jhilmil says the girl is smart, she made you agree also, how will we get her to our level, we have to work hard. Madhu nods. Arjun and Rajjo workout. Dheere Dheere…plays… Madhu and Jhilmil look at them.

Arjun training Rajjo. Madhu and Jhilmil look on and comment. Madhu says they have to unite. Jhilmil says wait for some time, do you want her mu dikhai and godh bharai to happen at once. Arjun asks Rajjo to get training and work on her weaknesses. She asks him to move on. She says it won’t be good that you do everything for me. Arjun says you can get admission in the best sports academy, leave it to me, I will handle. She says I trust you. Madhu says you have come, its good, your training went well, come for first rasoi, make some sweets for everyone, everyone will have the food you make. Pushkar asks Bunty does he know about knee cap. Bunty says yes. Pushkar says go and wear it, you are a fool, I will plan something now. Madhu says I will keep my bahurani with love. She takes Rajjo with her.

Jhilmil thinks how did Madhu turn so sweet, something is wrong, she is hiding something. Madhu asks Rajjo to begin cooking. They have a talk. Madhu asks her to forget the bad phase, just remember that she is the bahu of the house now. She says you are made to change Arjun’s fate. Rajjo worries and says I never made food, what shall I do now. Madhu sees Pushkar. She says my tension will get over when Rajjo becomes Arjun’s wife completely. He says fine, why are you acting to make her your bahu. She says I m just acting sweet to bring them closer. Kalindi and Swara come to Rajjo. Rajjo says Arjun has tired me since morning. They tease her and laugh.

Rajjo asks how to make this dish. Kalindi says we won’t say. Swara and Kalindi joke that they won’t help. Kalindi asks her to help herself. They go. Rajjo asks how will I do this alone. She thinks to ask Mannu. Madhu says when a woman comes to play, then there is no bigger player than her. Pushkar agrees. Jhilmil asks what happened that Madhu turned sweet to Rajjo. Swara says Rajjo is her bahu now. Jhilmil asks what happened when Madhu went to her room, what was she doing. Swara says she was on call, she was in tension, Urvashi did so bad. Jhilmil asks to who was she talking. Swara says Gurumaa. She goes.

Rajjo goes to Mannu. She asks where are you going, I want your help, I m scared. Mannu says calm down, I m here with you, you have to stay here in your Sasural. Rajjo says you will always stay with me. Mannu says fine, I won’t go, why are you worried. Rajjo says I m scared, I don’t know cooking. Mannu calms her down. She encourages her. She says never forget that we put an iron lock to secure the gold, its fine, you won’t become a bad wife if you don’t cook well. Rajjo says I don’t know anything about the family’s likes and dislikes. Mannu says you bond with them and become like them, you will become like you, then the family will run. They hug. Rajjo goes. She sees the family having the food. Madhu says I know you have not made this, I felt I have burdened you, you can’t cook so much food alone, so I have ordered the food, let them eat, don’t say anything. She asks Rajjo to serve the food.

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