Anupama starlife update Friday 30 June 2023

Anupama 30 June 2023: Anupama looks at her family pic and recalls Anuj’s words. Pyar Hai Ya Saza Aye Mere Dil Bataa… song plays in the background. She breaks down. Anuj also looks at his family pic and recalls the event. Kavya frustratedly breaks a bathroom mirror recalling Vanraj’s decision to not accept Delhi job for his family’s sake. Vanraj recalls his and Kavya’s happier times. Other Shah family members, Barkha, sand Ankush also cry recalling their happier and bitter times together.

Anupama 29 June 2023

Song continues in the background. Kavya calls Anirudth. Little Anu video calls Anuj and Anupama and wishes them happy new year. Youngsters outside cheer up when the clock turns 12. Anupama thinks she should end her old 365 page book and write a new book with a new chapter of happiness each day.Next morning, Anupama performs tulsi pooja and wishes happy new year and good morning to surya devta. She prays for Shah family’s happiness and them being in their own house from hereon,

thanks for giving Little Anu to her and parents to Little Anu and to keep happy her always, feels guilty for not paying attention to Anuj and wishes to pay proper attention to him this year, prays that Anuj loves her immensely by each passing year, etc.. She plays shank.Anuj wakes up and prays god to give happiness to his Anupama and Little Anu and help him keep them happy. Leela prepares a dhokla cake for family. Hasmukh praises her and says she wasn’t like this. Leela says she will change this new year and will not repeat her mistakes. Hasmukh says she makes new mistakes each time.

Leela accepts that she troubled Anupama a lot, hence from hereon she will handle her own family and not trouble Anupama anymore. She says she prepared dhokla cake for family. Hasmukh jokes and hopes she sticks to her words. Leela says she will try and needs his support. Hasmukh says if she is on a right path, he will support her.Anupama enters Anuj’s room and noticing him in bathroom, plays music, and hurriedly tries to fix a bed. Anuj comes out of bathroom.

Anupama’s hair fall on him. She apologizes. Kahonaa Pyar hai.. song plays on the radio. Anupama apologizes him for her mistakes. Leela prepares fafda and asks Hasmukh to bring jalebis soon. Vanraj returns from shopping and takes their blessings. He brought Pari’s diapers and groceries for family. Hasmukh asks if he is fine as he did a lot of work at once. Vanraj says he is fine, whatever happened yesterday was good as everyone vented their frustration out, he wants to start afresh with a new year.

Toshu walks to them and wishes them happy new year.Hasmukh says he looks so happy. Toshu say she upgraded himself this new year. Leela asks how. He says he will once the whole family gathers.Anuj tells Anupama that he is not so petty to hold any word against her which came out of her mouth in guilt, he just wanted to make her understand that her actions cover their intentions. Anupama says she knows, what else?

He says that’s all. She wishes happy new year. Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata.. song plays in the background.Anuj recalls his last year’s meeting with Anupama in a restaurant. She wipes his face with her sari pallu and gets him ready for office.

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