If you were not there update Friday 7 July 2023

If you were not there 7 July 2023:Ram coming to Abhimanyu gives him all the gifts and decorations saying he would be the one to do them, Abhimanyu accepts saying he would do everything and that too without any objection.

Abhimanyu is working while Niyati is talking with some guests, he secretly tries to see her but when she looks at him, he turns away, he the burns his hand while placing the pot, seeing this Niyati also feels worried. They both look at each other when Abhimanyu is standing on the ladder.

Abhimanyu steps off the ladder, Niyati also is walking towards him when the cloth falls over them both, they both standing in it look into each other’s eyes, Abhimanyu removes the cloth but Niyati doesnot stop looking at him, they both stand perplexed, Sulochana walking from behind sees them both, Abhimanyu feeling uncomfortable turns away, Ram is also seeing Abhimanyu while standing behind him.Mr Panday asks Manaroma if she knows what her son is doing at the present moment, explaining that he is working as a labourer at the wedding of Niyati, he doesnot know what magic she has done on their son that he cannot see anything else, he exclaims those people are doing something really wrong.

Ram exclaims that khuchu has made a big mistake by trapping him for such a heinous act and sending him to jail, he cannot forget that pain and would take the revenge of it all from his son Abhimanyu.
Manaroma asks Mr Panday to think with a cool head as Niyati is about to get married in two days, after which their son would come back to them both as Niyati would go away from their son’s life, so he must allow Abhimanyu to do what he desires for some time otherwise if they do anything then Abhimanyu would be lost, she exclaims she cannot live without him so he would think before talking.Sulochana questions what he is talking about, asking if he would take revenge from his own Munna as if Khucha knew about the truth then would have come to hug him, she is sure that Manaroma would not have revealed the truth to him.

Manaroma also asks her husband to not do anything for some time as she is sure that the fate which brought both Niyati and Abhimanyu close would be the one to make them go their separate ways, but until that happens, they cannot do anything. Ram also agrees with what Sulochana is saying. Mr Panday hugs Manaroma who is weeping.In the night Niyati is getting ready for the function, Abhimanyu while walking by sees her from the corner, he is not able to take his eyes off her, she also sees he is looking at her, he praises that she is looking really beautiful, he coming close to her stops her from wearing the ear ring herself, taking it in his arms he kneels close, Niyati feels uncomfortable, she turns to look at him, he is also looking into his eyes when she suddenly looks away, he asks her to keep smiling before turning to leave , he once again comes back praising that she is looking really beautiful today, he prays that she should not get affected because of him, Niyati stops Abhimanyu, she goes to him asking if he took his medicine, Abhimanyu exclaims she should stop being a nurse for one day and then assures he has taken it, she asks for them when he replies they are in his bag as he cannot keep them with him. Niyati exclaims he can rest for some time if he feels like, Abhimanyu agrees to go back home as he would be able to rest while Maa would also feel happy seeing him then he will come back at her Sangeet after dressing up, Abhimanyu leaves.

Niyati immediately calls Manaroma who questions if Abhimanyu is fine, Niyati replies he has just left to come back home and seemed fine, he even said he had taken the medicine but she feels he still needs to rest, she exclaims that she is going to send the name of a medicine which Manaroma should give to Abhimanyu and it would be in his medicine box, Manaroma assures that she would give it to him, she apologizes to Niyati for what he did to her family, Niyati replies he did it all for his son so she has forgotten it all, Manaroma leaves the room.

Kinkar starts recalling how he saw Ram and Sulochana only to find that they are the parents of Niyati, he then got in the accident when he was about to reveal the news to his brother-in-law.Aanad is enjoying the function when Niyati is with her friends, Aanad greets them when they lean in for a selfie, Saira starts the function exclaiming today is the Sangeet of her best friend Niyati and the stubborn boss Aanad, she recites a quote exclaiming the parents of Niyati should perform, even Niyati exclaims she has never seen her parents’ dance.

Lata Didi calls them both to come on the stage as today is the Sangeet of their only daughter both Sulochana and Ram set the stage on fire with their amazing dance performance, Niyati also enjoys it a lot, Lata Didi also praises them both.Niyati starts walking the hall while Aanad is busy with the guests, suddenly Abhimanyu offers her juice, she is shocked to see her so questions what is he doing here as he needs to rest, Abhimanyu exclaims he has taken a lot of rest because first he went back home then ate with his mother after he even took a power nap, however he doesnot feel he needs more rest, Abhimanyu goes to offer Dr Aanad the juice, he however looks at Abhimanyu with immense frustration, but Abhimanyu doesnot feel anything so leaves.

Saira announces that now it is the turn of the best friend of Niyati, she exclaims she is talking of herself, the performance starts, everyone also enjoys her dance, Niyati sees Abhimanyu serving the guests, she watches how he even goes to offer the starters to both Sulochana and Lata did, Ram doesnot like the fact he is getting close with Sulochana. Aanad receives a call, Niyati sees how the guests call Abhimanyu as waiter exclaiming that they have been waiting for such a long time, but he was not coming, Abhimanyu however explains that the juice was made for them, Niyati coming exclaims they both are the friends of Aanad, they have not been formally introduced so she reveals that Abhimanyu is her friend.

Niyati asks why he not said anything to them when they were misbehaving with him, before he would have broken their teeth, Abhimanyu exclaims that he is trying to walk a new path which doesnot relate to fighting, he however assures if they ever misbehave with him again then he would hire them as a butler in his house, they both laugh, Aanad gets angry seeing them both smiling together.Saira announces that it now time for the bride and groom to dance, they both set the stage on fire with their performance, Abhimanyu thinks as if he is the one dancing with Niyati, he starts imagining himself with her, when the dance ends, he thinks this would be the best time to leave before Niyati notices him.

Saira congratulates both Niyati and Dr Aanad, his friends desire a selfie with them both, Niyati however leaves after she receives a call from Manaroma, who apologizes for disturbing her but explains that she said Abhimanyu has left however he did not come back to the house, Niyati assures her there is nothing to be worried about since she is going to send Abhimanyu, she tries looking for him however is not able to find him, she wonders where did he go without telling anyone.

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