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If you were not there 1 July 2023: In the night Ram mentions that their one decision should not ruin the future of their daughter and he feels that Aanad is the right life partner for Niyati, she asks then what about the truth about her past, Ram exclaims they should forget about it and not even try to think of them, Sulochana prays that this is what she desired and now Niyati would have a bright future, Sulochana exclaims she will go and light a Diya when Ram thinks he cannot tell her the truth because he found out that Abhimanyu might not be able to get healthy, he exclaims this is why he cannot reveal the truth.

Abhimanyu exclaims he is leaving the hospital tomorrow when Niyati questions why is he still planning to run away even after all that has happened, Abhimanyu assures that his mother is the one who is taking him away from this hospital come hotel, and now the rest of his treatment will take place in his guest house, Niyati asks then why is he saying this to her, Abhimanyu exclaims because he wants her to be the one to handle his case, Niyati exclaims the hospital decides her case and it is very late, Aanad tries calling her but she doesnot answer, she asks Abhimanyu to end the call as Aanad is calling when Abhimanyu asks why does she have to talk with him, Abhimanyu exclaims he doesnot know when he started liking her and then fell in love, Aanad in ager scolds Niyati asking why was she not answering his calls, she asks why is he talking like this so he apologizes mentioning he got worried, she explains Abhimanyu called her which worries him who asks why did Abhimanyu call her so late, she exclaims that he doesnot need any reason to call her as this is what he is like.

In the morning Niyati is getting ready when she receives a call from the nurse in charge who explains that her duty has been changed and now she will have to go to a house duty, Niyati asks how will she get the files when the in charge exclaims that she will get them at the house, Niyati walking out asks Sulochana to not pay the person who will come to fix the water purifier, then Ram coming out of the kitchen exclaims that the breakfast is ready, Niyati exclaims she will not be able to have it since she needs to rush for a visit but Ram insists that she eat it as this is her favourite dish but she takes a bite praising how delicious it is, Ram mentions just like Aanad, he explains that if one keeps someone waiting for so long then they might end up moving away which is not a good thing, Niyati agrees saying she will think about it but for now needs to leave. Sulochana demands Ram to tell the truth because first he was not ready to get her married but is now pressurizing her when Ram exclaims why is she still worried when he is thinking about the future of his daughter.

Niyati reaches the location she wonders if this is the acutal address, a dog appears from behind and starts running after her, she gets scared so tries to run away when she bumps into Abhimanyu who caches her, he asks Buzo to not be so ear as he would be scolded, Niyati questions if this dog is his pet who is so hyper, Abhimanyu replies indeed Buzo is his dog but when would she stop judging everyone, Niyati asks if this is his house, he replies why would he stay in someone else’s house with his own pet, Niyati understands he has called her here, Abhimanyu takes the bag from Buzo mentioning he has ruined it all, he asks her to not be scared but she once again gets shocked when he walks her in the house.

Aanad in anger scolds the in charge questioning why she let Niyati take the case of Abhimanyu when he has specially ordered it, does she not value her job, she replies this what the trustee also said and he wanted Niyati to attend this case even after she told him of his orders, Aanad is really frustrated.Niyati walking in exclaim she told him that she cannot attend his case but even then why did he ask her, the trustee says that he has called her here because the father of Abhimanyu is a friend of their chairman who has requested him, Niyati exclaims that she cannot take this case because of personal reasons, the trustee exclaims Niyati is a nurse and has to follow their orders otherwise she will be fired, Abhimanyu asks why did Manaroma ask their father, she is not able to reply when Abhimanyu assures Niyati that he did not know she involved his father but Niyati can decide on her own, Aanad coming from behind exclaims that he is right because the parents of Niyati do not want her to take this case, Abhimanyu questions who is he to interfere because it is matter between him and Niyati, Aanad exclaims that he will always stand in between them both, Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to go and talk with her parents but Manaroma exclaims that they only tend to talk with those whom they know.

Niyati is walking when Aanad stopping her exclaims that she should not worry her parents and even offers to drop her home but she exclaims she will leave on her own, Aanad warns her to not take this case as she might get hurt, he leaves when Abhimanyu comes which angers Niyati who exclaims that she thought he was different then other rich people who try to use the force of their money but he is also the same, he explains he just came to apologize because he knows she is the only one who can make sure he gets healthy however Niyati tries to leave when he stops her holding her hand, she insists he let it go exclaiming she doesnot know if she will come back but Abhimanyu exclaims she has to come back because otherwise it will affect his treatment, he mentions that he only accepted he is ill because she cared so much for the umbrella which her father gifted her, so he feels she will be able to take care of him, she should come as a nurse even if she doesnot consider his love to be true.

Ram in anger is shouting at Niyati questioning why is she going to perform her duty even when he asked her to stop from this case, Niyati replies that she has a duty which needs to be fulfilled ands it is her duty to make sure everyone is healthy, however Sulochana exclaims that it is one thing to perform a duty but another to risk ones life, Ram exclaims that she has made a habit of not accepting his orders, Niyati asks what has she not accepted, Ram replies she has not agreed to marry Aanad, Niyati asks what has gotten into him because he has been forcing her since yesterday, she is sure he is hiding something and must reveal the truth.

Niyati asks Ram what order has she not listened to, Ram exclaims the order of marrying Aanad, Niyati asks why is he pressuring her from yesterday as she knows there is something which he is hiding, he starts to recall the events when Sulochana asks what is she saying as all the parents are the same as they worry for their children, Niyati however exclaims her father is not like that as he always encouraged her to fulfil her dreams but has been worried for her marriage since the past two days, Sulochana prays that everything gets sorted, Niyati asks Ram but he feels dizzy and passes out, Niyati asks for a glass of water, Sulochana sprinkles it at him when Niyati calls Aanad asking him to come home as papa has gotten unconscious.

Abhimanyu is sitting when Manorama coms asking who is he waiting for, he reveals the name of Niyati when Manaroma asks him to stop thinking about Niyati as it will only cause pain, Abhimanyu exclaims she can end any pain but the person who is to treat him has not yet come, Manaroma thinks about who the parents of Niyati are, she exclaims her parents might not have accepted her wish however Abhimanyu is sure that she will come, not for him but a patient.Niyati asks Lata aunti what might have happened to Ram, Lata aunti exclaims she feels there is nothing else, but he was suffering from stress but she doesnot know what stress does he have, he looks at Niyati after sitting up, Lata je exclaims she is a stress buster, Niyati also sitting questions why does he take so much stress for her, Ram asks her to accept his desire and marry Aanad, as then all his stress would end, Niyati asks why is he once again insisting on her marriage, Ram explains he is her father and is trying to get her married to someone nice just for the sake of her future, he desires that she accept this request and accept the proposal to marry Aanad, Lata Didi exclaims they should let Niyati have some more time however Ram reveals he doesnot have any time, Sulochana thinks how he promised to reveal everything to Niyati if he is not able to find them within seven days, she wonders what has happened. Ram asks her to marry Aanad, Sulochana mentions this is the worry of the parents for their daughter, Niyati feels worried.

Abhimanyu is playing ludo with Manaroma and his uncle when his uncle exclaims that it feels his heart cannot remain calm, they both start to tickle each other when Abhimanyu once again looks at the door, Manaroma exclaims the doctor has arrived, he greets them followed by Niyati seeing whom Abhimanyu exclaims that he is now super fine, Aanad also entering exclaims she would be fine as today is a really happy day and explains that their parents have agreed to their marriage, Niyati has also agreed to the marriage. Abhimanyu is left shocked and sees them both, they all wish Dr Aanad when he even asks Manaroma to wish them both, Aanad praises Abhimanyu mentioning that because of him Niyati agreed to marry him, he starts to give everyone the sweets which they are forced to take, Niyati sees Abhimanyu who is wiping off his tears, she wonders why did Aanad had to introduce it like this, Aanad exclaims he forgot in the happiness how they should now start the check-up of Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu while lying down in the bed is only seeing Niyati who is busy in her work, Abhimanyu starts thinking of the moments he spent with her, including the first time when he held her in his arms, how she was the one to convince him to get the treatment assuring there is a cure for his illness, she even stopped him when he was trying to run away from the hospital by saying that he doesnot love his mother, then the time when Dr Aanad announced his wedding with Niyati sayings he also accepted his proposal, Dr Aanad sees that Abhimanyu is constantly looking at Niyati.

Abhimanyu is lying down in the bed when Manaroma stands on the door, she stats crying when his uncle also comes to her, explaining he is really worried about Abhimanyu as he has not said anything after hearing about the wedding of Niyati, Manaroma exclaims she si also very worried seeing the relation which he had made in his heart for Niyati, she starts weeping thinking she doesnot know what he would feel like after all what has happened.

Manaroma receives a call from her husband who explains that he has left for the airport and will arrive to them within three hours, Jinker exclaims he knew that his brother-in-law would come for the happiness of his son, Manaroma thinks she doesnot know what his father would do after he comes to know the truth about Niyati.Niyati is with Dr Sharma who explains that he is going to go out of city for some time so another doctor will attend the case of Abhimanyu, he even hands Niyati a medicine advising her to give him just half of the tablet because it is really strong, Aanad leaves with Dr Sharma exclaiming he needs to talk with him.

Abhimanyu is in the bed when his uncle comes running in excitement mentioning his father would arrive within a few hours, Abhimanyu asks who told his father and why is he coming, he asks how he got the time for him, his uncle exclaims that Abhimanyu is his son however he asks him to never talk about his father again. Aanad exclaims his shift has ended so they should leave but Niyati replies that there is still half an hour for her shift to end, she asks Abhimanyu if she should give him the medicine however he standing asks Niyati what was the need to get married if she had to run away from him, as she should have come straight to him, Niyati however assures that she loves Aanad and is marrying him, she goes away saying that Abhimanyu has no right to talk like this because he is neither a family member nor a friend, so should not talk like this and she feels Aanad is the right choice for her because he is a doctor and a well settled person, she feels her father will always take the right decision for her, Abhimanyu turning exclaims she has answered all of his questions, he knows she doesnot love Aanad but is marrying him because of her family pressure, she however getting mad exclaims he should not talk like this because he is just a patient for her, their can be no other relation between them both, Abhimanyu mentions she is making fun of his love for her.

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