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Radha Mohan 8 February 2024: Bhushan tells Radha she is alone in this house, Radha replies this is where he is wrong because the entire family is with her, Bhushan says that family which was making fun of her, Radha says this is what is called as family, she is sure she would surely make up her place, and as for Mohan jee no matter how angry he is with her he would always truest her, she says she was not able to reveal his truth today but she is sure that he would not let him go the day she tells the truth about him.

Bhushan explains that he really trusts her husband but he is sure that Mohan would bring her to him very soon, Radha replies it can never happen, Bhushan says she has only seen his family side but not the political side as politicians tends to make people believe even what they don’t want them to, Bhushan pointing to the clock explains he will only need five minutes, he turns to leave when Radha angrily picks her slipper, he turning questions what is she doing mentioning she looks even more pretty when she is angry and leaves explaining he would only need five minutes.

Kadambari is worried wondering why did Radha behave with her brother like this when he is the one who supported Radha, she cannot understand what has caused this behavior, Kadambari sees Bhushan coming who is acting as if he is really sad, she asks what happened when he explains that Radha is really angry and not even coming with him when he has tried a lot, he explains that he just wanted to give this bracelet as a Shugun for her, Kaveri starts smiling seeing it, he explains they had scolded her a lot because of which she refused to take the bracelet, Bhushan blames Mohan for being at fault, he inquires what is his mistake when Bhushan explains he is the one who started to taunt her and so because of which any girl would refuse to take it, Mohan apologizes to Bhushan for what he has done, he says he would surely bring Radha to him and he can gift her the bracelet, Bhushan starts smiling.

Radha in the room thinks that Mohan jee would never ask her to do something which she does not want, she sees Mohan entering the room and he asks her to do what Bhushan uncle is asking her to do, she says that Mohan does not know the truth about him but he replies he does not even want to hear what she is saying, he explains that Bhushan has done a lot for her but she is still behaving like this, Radha requests him to at least hear what she has to say, he says she has hurt the feelings of his mother but he will not let her do the same with his uncle.

Mohan starts pulling Radha and brings her in front of Bhushan, Mohan demands she should wear the bangle, Bhushan asks why Mohan brought her here. Kadambari explains she gave Radha the right to be the daughter in law of this family but she should at least give him some respect, Bhushan questions why are they scolding Radha like this, he asks if she wants something else, Radha angrily replies that she neither wants the bangle nor anything else from him, Mohan is still furious with her, Bhushan replies he knows the reason she is not accepting his gift, it is because they have called her a thief and even a gold digger, so if she takes the gift then they would proven right, he assures that no one is going to say anything to her,

he once again asks her to give him her hand but Radha once again turns to leave however Kadambari furiously stops Radha, she says she would not let Radha humiliate her brother and so she would have to wear the bangle, Radha requests she does not want the bangle, Mohan also asks what is she doing and they should not force Radha if she does not want the bangle, Kadambari warns Mohan to not get involved in this matter, Bhushan requests her to be polite since Radha is very weak. Kadambari requests him to make Radha wear the bangle, she keeps on isnsiting that she does not want the bangle, but Bhushan tries to force the bangle on her hand even when she is saying she does not want it, Radha starts screaming with pain.

Tulsi also requests Kadambari to not force Radha if she does not want it, Radha notices the mark on her hand, she is about to take off the bangle when Radha hears Gungun, she is standing at the door.

Gungun has a smile on her face, Radha sees the marks on her hands so thinks she cannot reveal the truth about Bhushan uncle in front of Gungun, she rushes to hug Radha and then turns to Mohan asking if he brought her colors, Mohan replies he did not have the time, Gungun replies he always does this whenever she asks him for something, she turns to Radha asking her to come as they need to bring the colors, Radha asks why not if they make the colors at home, she requests Ajeet to bring the flowers for her meanwhile they have the rest of the things, Gungun asks if they can really make the colors at home,

Bhushan says even he knows how to make the colors ad is also going to hep them, he is about to touch her but Radha pulls Gungun away explaining that she has to wash her face and get ready, Kadambari questions why did they force Radha and should have let it be, Damini asks if he saw how Radha was behaving with Maa and uncle, Mohan replies he saw that Bhushan mama was forcing while he should not have listened to him. Mohan leaves and even Damini turns to leave with her mother, she however is shocked to hear what Bhushan was whispering.

Kaveri exclaims that Radha has really made her furious, she felt like slapping her and even take the bangle from her hand. Damini questions but why would Radha behave like this, and Radha has been behaving very strangely while she even refused to bring water for Bhushan uncle, she then threw the food on him and even refused to take the bangle as gift, she even argued with Kadambari and Bhushan uncle.

Damini explains that there is only one thing common which is Bhushan, she feels that something is really happening between Radha and Bhushan, Kaveri questions what might happen, Damini explains that Bhushan has started liking Radha she herself saw him looking at Radha with those eyes with which one sees the person wo they love.

Kaveri says she is going to tell Damini what the truth is, she brings the metal rod to try and beat Damini who starts running in the room, Ketki also leaves.

Mohan is drinking tea when Gungun scares him, he asks her to come and sit in front of him, she questions if the flowers arrived when Mohan explains they have not arrived till now. Gungun says he should have done it as he is always sitting and does not do anything, Mohan says he does a lot of work, he informs he takes care of the house, Gungun says he is wrong since her grandmother takes care of the house, Mohan then says he takes care of her, Gungun replies Radha takes care of her. Mohan mentions that he takes care of himself, but Gungun once again says that she along with Radha and Dadi take care of him.

Mohan asks what she needs the colors for, Gungun explains that she has to apply the colors on her friends, Mohan questions if her friends are a girl or boy, he hesitantly asks if she is going to tell him when she befriends a boy,

Gungun replies she would then marry him, Mohan explains she should tell him as he is her best friend, Gungun replies that Radha is her best friend, he asks who would she apply the color to when Gungun runs away explaining he is someone very special, she informs it is Mohan Trivedi before running away. Mohan is shocked wondering how he is going to take care of his daughter and handle her.

Radha walking wonders why no one is understanding the reason she doensot want the bangle, she explains she will go and tell Maa jee the real reason. Radha asks Dulari where Kadambari is, she informs that Kadambari is in the library. Radha once again starts walking towards it when she is stopped by Damini, she asks where Radha is going, she replies she is going to meet Maa jee. Damini asks if she is also going to ask her to quickly send Mohan to the office, Radha wonders how does Damini know she wants to send him to the office because then she might get protective, Damini once again asks the reason, Radha replies he is the owner of such a big company so how long can he leave it to the managers, Radha asks if Damini does not want Mohan to go to the office, Damini replies why would she be worried as she will get more time to spend with him, Radha with a smile on her face asks if she is trying to make her jealous.

Ketki walking in the hall recalls what she heard Damini say about the feelings of Bhushan uncle, she is shocked when he walks in front of her.

Radha explains that Mohan jee is going to go to the office and she will follow him there, Damini warns her to not even dare come to the office as it is the place of her work, Radha replies Damini is just an employee, and she cannot stop the owner from coming there. Damini turns to leave saying she does not have to tell her anything, but Radha replies she will not let Damini go until she reveals the truth.

Ketki gets scared seeing Bhushan causing the metal vase to fall, Radha runs wondering what caused the noise. Damini is glad that Radha left, Bhushan picks up the vase and then sees that another metal container has fallen on the floor, he smiles seeing Radha walking towards him.

Bhushan with a smile says she finally agreed to come to him, he mentions it is the right time since everyone is in their rooms, and he said that Mohan would himself bring her to him while her mother in law herself gave him Radha’s hand. Bhushan explains that everyone in this house considers him as Bhagwan because he was the one who got his sister married to Vishwanath so that Mohan could get the love of a mother, he is the one who gave Mohan the loan when his business was about to be bankrupt, he mentions he even sided with Mohan when he desired to get married to Tulsi, as their family never agreed to inter caste marriage.

Bhushan explains that Mohan never even touches her as he makes her sleep on the floor while he himself sleeps on the bed, she says that this means it was him, so she asks if he does not have any shame. Bhushan suggests that she should take care of him when he is in this house and in return even he would take care of her, he tries to touch her but she get back. Bhushan suggests he would drop Kadambari and Kaveri at his Delhi house, he says that until his hand is on her head nothing wrong can happen to her, she kneels in front of him when he explains that she should hug him instead, Radha angrily stands up with one of her slippers with which she hits Bhushan on the face, he is shocked while Radha is furious.

Bhushan removes his hand while smiling, he says they should not touch the feet but should hug however Radha angrily hits him in the face with a slipper, Bhushan is shocked and furious so asks how did she dare, Radha once again hits him on the face so he turns to Radha who warns him to never touch her because he is not Bhagwan but Rakshas and he takes advantage of the women, Radha explains he first helped her so she is indebted to him and then tried to touch her inappropriately, she asks what did he think that she cannot protect herself and is weak but he was wrong to think it, she alone can handle him. Radha asks what did he think that she remembered quiet because she got scared but she was quiet because of Gungun as she never wanted to show her that a family member can do something so wrong, but she actually should have shown her so Gungun could also know what they have to do when someone behaves so inappropriately, Radha vows to tell the truth when Bhushan tries to once again stop her however he falls on the floor, Radha is shocked as she did not push him, Tulsi standing between them both warns him to not even think of something so wrong.

Kadambari coming asks Radha what has happened, she is shocked to see her brother on the floor and even Damini along with Kaveri are stunned, Kadambari helps her brother asking what happened to him, Radha questions where is Mohan jee when Kadambari informs he has gone to the market, Kadambari asks how he got injured when Radha replies she has beaten him and that too with a slipper. Kadambari angrily asks if she beat her brother with a slipper, inquiring what was the reason. Ketki also asks what has happened, but Kadambari stops her, questioning Radha what her brother did that Radha raised the slipper. Ketki getting scared also requests Radha to tell the truth.

Kadambari however stops her, she forcing Radha explains that she respects her brother like a Bhagwan and now Radha would have to tell a that she misbehaved with her brother. Radha replies she knows Kadambari really respects her brother, and he is like Bhagwan, but this man does not deserve her love and respect, and he is not Bhagwan but the devil. Kadambari warns Radha to watch her mouth, Kaveri is also shocked. Radha explains they should be careful with those who are innocent, she says she never wanted to tell everyone but has to reveal the truth so that they can see the truth about this person.

Radha standing in front of Bhushan explains the person who claims to be the protector of women is their biggest culprit, he touches them inappropriately and then tries to take their advantage. Tulsi says she thought he was a nice person because he convinced the entire family of her marriage, but she was wrong about him. Radha turning to Kadambari says that she thought he was a very nice person, and the day he was adamant to leave she herself went to talk with him and does she know what he did, Radha explains how he hugged her, she informs he came to help her in the kitchen but then tried to take his advantage, because of which she pushed his hand in the burning oil.

Kadambari is shocked hearing it, Damini turns to Kaveri who is shocked. Radha explains that even today when she was coming to tell her the truth, he really disgusted her with his plan. Radha starts revealing the entire situation to Kadambari who is shocked hearing this, Damini turns to Kaveri with a smile on her face as Radha is constantly speaking about the truth. Kadambari turns to Bhushan and while standing in front of him she apologizes to him for everything that has happened. Damini is shocked seeing it as Kadambari says that she is sorry for not being present when this idiotic girl misbehaved with him. Tulsi questions why is she apologizing to him and did she not hear what he has done with Radha.

Radha also asks why is she apologizing to this man and does she not know how evil he is, Kadambari angrily turns saying it is enough and she warns Radha to not call her Maa and think wrong about her brother. Damini questions why is her mother standing here as she should go and tell Radha how good of a sister she is and she can even take revenge of the slap. Kaveri rushes saying that she has never cursed Radha but now is not going to stay quiet because Radha has blamed her brother and she really wants to curse her, Radha replies when she has not done anything wrong then nothing wrong would happen to her, Kaveri says she is a liar and is always thinking of blaming her family members either Mohan or her daughter,

Kaveri explains she knows Radha doensot have any self-respect but she should have thought about the respect of this family. Kadambari asks Kaveri if a snake can ever forget the ability to bite, as it only hurts the person who cares for it and gives it respect. Kadambari asks if Radha forgot that she is in this house because of her brother otherwise Mohan would have ousted her on that same day, she says Radha does not know how to appreciate someone. Radha turning to Ketki asks her to say it because she knows that Radha is not lying, Radha requests Ketki to tell everyone what she can see in her eyes and even Tulsi requests her to tell Radha what Bhushan has done with her, Bhushan turns asking Ketki to tell as even he wants to know what she thinks about him, because the person who has cared for her family can actually do something so heinous. The entire family is shocked staring at Ketki, Radha also requests her to say the truth and not be afraid of anything, Ketki hesitantly refuses saying she does not think he could have done anything of the sort, she blames Radha for saying anything which she likes, Kadambari then turns to Radha when Damini asks why is Radha going to lie and what could be the reason that she is putting such a big blame on their uncle, he wonders why is she ruining his plan.

Damini blames that Radha is wrong and she feels Radha is trying to be close to him, she says she can understand everything and that Radha went to his room alone so he does not leave this house, and that day when she said she would go and send Dulari but Radha stopped her saying she would herself help him, it was because she wanted to spend some time with their uncle and that too last night Radha was insisting to go to the room of Bhushan uncle with the glass of milk, she also wants Mohan to go to the office so he does not know what she does in this house, she just wants Bhushan on her side mentioning Radha has realized that Maa does not refuse Bhushan uncle so if she gets on his side then nothing can happen to her. Radha angrily slaps Damini, Kadambari yells at her. Damini is shocked staring at Radha who is furious.

Damini mentions by now Radha has understood that Kadambari doensot refuse anything which their uncle says so if he is on her side then she would also be forced to listen to her, this is why she is trying to trap Bhushan uncle. Radha getting furious slaps Damini when Kadambari scolds her, Radha says she heard that a women is actually the enemy of the other women but Damini should have at least proven it wrong today, Damini says she would have surely helped Radha if she was worthy of it but the poor Bhushan uncle, Radha says he is not helpless but a devil, if such people live in the house then the daughters and women of that house would never be secure. Radha turning exclaims she has just hit him with a slipper but if she desired then would have even taken his life, Kadambari furiously is about to slap

Radha but she stops her hand, Kadambari is shocked seeing it, Radha mentions not today as she is not wrong, Radha explains that the self-respect is most important for a women, blaming Bhushan for trying to ruin her respect and even Damini raised questions on her love for Mohan but she is not going to bear it anymore as no one has the right to humiliate her, neither Damini, Kaveri and even apologizing to Kadambari says she also does not have the right. Kadambari mentions her brother is the reason she is proud, so Radha does not have the right, Kaveri smiling says she has made a story but who is going to believe her. Radha says Mohan jee would believe her because no matter how furious he is with her, he knows she can never do something so wrong so he will surely stand by her side. Bhushan thinks if Mohan finds out about the truth then he will surely take his life. Tulsi exclaims she is not doing anything because then everyone would find out the truth about her otherwise she would have surely taught him a lesson.

Bhushan accepts that Radha is right, and he has misbehaved with Radha, Tulsi asks if he got scared after hearing the name of Mohan. Bhushan says that if to give respect is a crime then she has done it, he says that he thought of Radha as his daughter while Damini was right about Radha. When Radha asks if he has no shame because he looked at her with a bad eye, Kadambari angrily stops Radha saying she would never hear any bad word against her brother, Radha questions why she should stay quiet when Kadambari did not say anything when they were blaming her so why she should stay quiet, she explains that she is enough to take care of him. Bhushan thinks that there is Mohan on one side while Radha on the other so it is better if he should leave this house because then his truth would be revealed, he asks everyone to stop as it is enough because he was really humiliated so is not going to stay in this house.

Kadambari follows Bhushan who enters the room, she keeps requesting him to not leave because Radha has a habit of lying when Bhushan explains that truth does not matter when it comes to their respect and today, he was humiliated by her daughter in law so he is not going to stay here, Kadambari keeps requesting him to not leave and is even crying.

Ketki enters the room and is really stunned thinking how Radha stood up to Bhushan uncle, someone places her hand on Ketki’s shoulder so turning finds Radha there who explains it is the right time to raise her voice so she hugs Ketki explaining she knew she wanted to stand by her but stopped after hearing what Kadambari told everyone. Radha explains that she is going to stand by her side and Ketki must reveal her truth but Ketki replies she will not tell anyone however Radha should stay away from him. Radha asks if she really thinks that he is going to mend his ways as such people only change their location but not their habits, Ketki asks who is going to believe her, Radha agrees explaining no one would believe the daughter in law of this house but are surely going to believe the daughter of this house as they know she is never going to lie. Radha and Ketki are shocked when Ajeet suddenly enters the room explaining he forgot his purse, explaining he was going to bring the belongings of Holi, Radha once again requests Ketki to help her however she leaves so Radha thinks that she is surely going to find out the truth.

Kaveri is sitting while Damini is smiling and sitting beside her explains she said that Damini has gotten sick however the truth is that her brother has fallen for Radha, Kaveri thinks that Bhushan has ruined her reputation when Damini explains that he is the golden way with which they can oust Radha from this house because ever since she got intellectual she has ruined all of their plans, she is sure Radha would also reach the office and then would find out the truth which they have kept hidden for so long. Damini explains she is going to create so many differences that Kadambari is forced to bend her rules and throw Radha out of the house, Kaveri is worried about Mohan when Damini explains that he is only letting Radha stay here because of Kadambari and then their plan would surely be completed. Tulsi thinks she will go tell Radha the truth about what they are planning. Kaveri then asks Damini who are they going to stop Bhushan who is trying to leave, Damini explains it is the right time to tell him that even his sister and niece are just like him in making plans.

Kadambari is trying to stop Bhushan who is trying to leave, Kaveri stops him at the door when Kadambari once again requests her to not let him leave however Kaveri asks why should she do it when Radha has humiliated him in front of the entire house and even hit him with a slipper, Kadambari says she knows it but what can she do now, Kaveri says that she should force Radha to apologize to Bhushan in front of the entire family. Kadambari agrees to it and so leaves the room.

Kaveri pulls Bhushan into the room questioning what has he done, he doensot understand anything and assures he is innocent, Damini also entering the room explains she thought he was a hero but he has turned out to be a villain, she hugs him explaining she got tired playing this game with her mother and now feels he can actually help them get rid of Radha from this house.

Radha is anxiously waiting for Mohan, Kadambari furiously coming to her demands that she should apologize to her brother however Radha says she will never do anything of the sort, Tulsi hearing this requests her to not argue with Maa since this is what Damini and Kaveri desire. Radha still refuses so then Kadambari asks her to leave the house if she cannot apologize to her brother, Radha is shocked.

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