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Radha Mohan 4 July 2023: Radha is driving the bus when Mohan is standing on the truck, Kadambari herself is driving it so she asks why she is driving, Mohan informs the driver would come after three hours and they need to protect everyone before it, Radha suggests they should also return and not worry about her, Kadambari assures they can take care of every problem together.

Radha Mohan 3 July 2023

Some time earlier, Radha wonders what is it taking Mohan so much time because they are losing time, Kadambari informs she is going to drive the truck when Rahul questions why would she do it when they are present, Kadambari replies because it takes trust to finish such a task and if they cannot trust each other then how would they save the children.The students in the bus get worried thinking now they would die, Gungun also asks Ketki if they would surly die now, Radha gets really worried wondering what would happen.

Kadambari asks Rahul to go behind Mohan, she asks him to fall and if Rahul believes in him then would be able to catch him, Damini thinks that what is this behavior since she is just wasting time but it is better for her as the bus would blast in he meantime, she then asks Rahul to come in front and fall but Mohan doesnot catch her, Kadambari replies it has been proven so she will not bear any other discussion and needs to drive,

Damini offers to drive however Kadambari leaves with her mentioning she needs to talk with her.Radha driving the bus thinks that the fuel is about to end and she needs to do something otherwise they all would die.Damini questions Kadambari what is she saying when she replies it is for her benefit because if anything happens to Radha or Gungun, Mohan would never forgive her so she will drive the bus.

Radha while driving the bus thinks what is going on since it will never take Mohan jee so long to protect her, she feels she must do something.Kadambari asks Mohan if he trusts her, he replies he trusts her more then his own life, she instructs him to turn around and fall towards her, Mohan is hesitant wen she replies they do not have a lot of time, she manages to catch him informing this is known as trust which they both have in each other. Kadambari reveals that Gungun is on that bus along with her biological daughter and the one she considers as her own so in order to save all of them,

he needs the strength of a mother., Inspector questions what is going on since it was fine with him but what about his mother, Mohan replies he trust his mother the most so now the inspector should let them finish the rescue operation by their own desires. Kaveri stops Damini explaining it is not that easy to drive a truck so they should let Kadambari die while they must stay here. Kadambari walks to sit on the driving seat of the truck.

Tulsi standing in front of the Mandir thinks she ahs born all the problems by herself but if today all of the children die then she is not going to accept it, she exclaims just as he once protected everyone by ruining the nag then she is also going to do the same and not stop until he listens to her prayers. Tulsi in the room starts performing the ritual, causing all the electrical equipment to malfunction, she however keeps on fulfilling. Radha is still driving when Ketki thinks why they are not doing anything, she thinks there might not be any way to protect them,

the students exclaim they want to go back to their family otherwise everyone would die if the bus blasts. Radha thinks they are all losing hope however she is sure Mohan jee will save all of them, Radha asks if they still remember the song which they were about to sing, few of the students reveal they remember it so Radha suggests how everyone should sing it together. Radha starts singing the Bhajan with the students, who start feeling a little calm. Mohan rushes to the Kadambari when he hears the Bhajan, from the bus so starts smiling.

Radha is smiling to keep the children calm however she is really worried thinking Mohan jee must come since she cannot keep doing it any longer, Mohan asks Kadambari to hurry but just as he is about to climb the bus, parents stop Mohan mentioning they donot trust him because it is their problem that resulted in this situation so the professional driver would do this mission, Mohan replies if he got mad because the children’s are in danger but the parents are stopping him, he questions who else is ready to perform the task when there is only an hour worth of fuel left in the bus after which it will blast.

Tulsi is still performing the ritual in the house recalling how they reported that the bus has been hijacked and even the diesel is about to end in the bus, they do not know if both the police and Trivedi family have lost hope, even the professional driver would not be able to come before three hours and it seems as if the time of death for the children is near. Tulsi keeps performing it with all her strength.

Mohan questions if they have another plan and anyone of them can drive the truck, he informs that three of his family members are in that bus while his mother is doing her best to drive the truck, one of the mother questions how can her mother drive it, Mohan replies she must know that a women can do all those things which a male is categorized as doing because even the school bus is being driven by a girl, the parents question what if he doesnot save their family. Mohan is stunned but after a while says he would rescue his parents in the last.

The inspector informs that the road has been cleared since the rescue operation cannot be done on this ground, Damini suggests they should also accompany them in this mission but inspector replies it is not possible so they would watch it from this base camp in the camera. Inspector informs Mohan he must fix the bridge in the bus, and ensure it is tight. Mohan informs Radha they cannot do the rescue mission in this ground and she has to take the bus to the highway, he says she must rest assured as whenever Radha and Mohan are together they are always successful.

Kadambari asks Mohan to hurry up as they do not have much time, he climbs the truck while Radha is worried wondering what they are doing, he is tensed seeing Mohan standing on the truck.Mohan is on the truck which worries Radha, he informs the truck driver is still three hours away, Gungun warns there is alot of danger however Mohan assures he will protect everyone, the reporter says it is not as easy as Mohan Trivedi made it seem, he with his un even steps is walking on the bridge, Mohan loses his balance when the bus goes over the speed breaker.

Some time earlier, Mohan informs Radha they are going to start the operation so she needs to take the bus on the highway, Damini prays her Mohan should remain safe otherwise anyone else could get hurt. The reporters mention that Mohan Trivedi has taken control of this rescue operation while Kadambari devi is the driver, it is left to see if they would be able to rescue the children or the bus would be called the death bus.Radha is driving the bus when she sees the truck coming beside them and is shocked to see Mohan on the truck while Kadambari in the driving seat, Ketki rushes to open the door of the bus and they both are rejoiced to see Mohan.

Damini is also really tensed seeing that the operation has started.Radha questions Kadambari why is she driving and where is the driver, Mohan replies it is still going to take him three hours and they need to save everyone within one hour, Radha replies he knows the diesel is about to end so what is something happens to them both, Kadambari asks Radha to not be worried since if they are together then nothing would happen to anyone, Radha suggests they should go back as she will surely protect everyone,

Ketki also questions why have they both come when it is really dangerous, Mohan says they should not waste any time. Gungun calls Mohan when he notices she is crying, he assures he would be able to save everyone but she asks him to go back however he says she must not be scared, Gungun explains she is scared for him and cannot see him get injured, Gungun finally expresses that she really loves him hearing which Radha starts smiling and even Kadambari is joyed, Johan gets emotional so starts crying, he calls Maa, Ketki and Radha if they heard that Gungun loves him.

Mohan exclaims she cannot watch him get hurt, Radha wonders what sort of situation has Bihari jee put them in because Gungun finally said what Mohan was wanting to hear, he exclaims he wanted to hear this for so long so even if he dies then there is no problem. Radha questions what is he saying since he already said he would protect them then why is he talking about dying, Gungun also asks him to not talk since she already lost her mother but cannot lose him, he replies nothing would happen to either of them.

Kadambari calls Radha, mentioning whatever Gungun has said to Mohan today was done by her because if their relation has mended it is just because of her efforts, she blesses Radha with a safe and secure life.Damini thinks she has half a mind because if anything happens to Mohan then what can she do, Kaveri hands her a tissue explaining she must clear the sweat from her forehead otherwise everyone would be suspicious of her, Damini turns to leave when Kaveri asks where is she going,

she replies she wants to do something so Mohan is saved, Kaveri stops her saying she must look at the parents because their children are in this problem because of her and even the police are searching for the criminal so she should just stay here.The reporters say that now Mohan is going to form a bridge between the truck and bus after which he would make sure the children are able to come out of it safetly.Mohan instructs everyone to stand clear of the path since he is going to lower the bridge, he however stumbles and is about to fall which scares everyone however Mohan manages to clinge on the truck and orders everyone to back off. Mohan starts lowering the bridge.

Mohan throws the bridge which manages to land on the bus, Gungun however starts screaming. Mohan after wearing the harness informs Ketki he is going to come inside, everyone is really worried and constantly looking at him, Mohan finally manages to enter the bus, Gungun immediately hugs him and they both start crying, he asks if she is fine and he even hugs Ketki who is also emotional, he asks her to help him instructing her to help all the children, Mohan walks out to stand on the bridge asking Ketki to send the children one by one, she first asks Raju to come informing he needs to cross the bridge but Raju replies he is scared, Mohan explains there is nothing to worry since he is going to save him and he must give his hand,

they all ask Raju to be calm, Raju’s mother is relieved to see her son is safe. Mohan stumbles on the bridge, Radha ask him to be careful, Mohan then also manages to transfer the students one by one while holding their hands, everyone is really scared and tensed. Mohan with all his might can transfer them, Radha is worried about him, he even clings to one of the students, Ketki finally asks Kamya to come however she refuses saying she cannot do it,

Ketki assures everything would be fine as she has seen them all when Gungun asks her to think how they used to play chain then she must also hold her hand from one corner while that of Mohan.Mohan mentions he is coming to her and help her get on the bridge but she sits down since she is scared and refuses to go with him, he assures nothing would happen to her an so Mohan finally manages o also save her, everyone breathes a sigh of relief since he manages t save everyone, Mohan praises Gungun who replies she is the daughter of Mohan and Tulsi so would be save, Ketki asks Gungun to go but she says the driver uncle should first go since he is ill,

Mohan instructs Ketki to send him first however he is not able to get up, he asks Ketki to hurry up when she comes explaining it cannot happen, he asks the children to not be scared since he has to go inside the bus, Kadambari asks him to be careful. Mohan rushes into the bus when he sees that the driver is unconscious, he praises Radha mentioning she did what she promised, Mohan manages to shift the driver in the truck, all the students help Mohan. Mohan then asks Gungun to come outside but she refuses to leave without Radha, Mohan gets worried wondering what he would do, Radha also looks to Gungun.

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