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Radha Mohan 3 July 2023: Mohan asks Radha to listen informing they have to cross this path which is very crowded after which they would reach a ground, Radha at once exclaims she cannot do this as she has to even maintain the speed of the bus, Mohan gets worried thinking they would be surely able to do it, Ajeet also asks him how can they do it, Mohan realizing asks if there is a large crowd in the JanMashtri ritual,

Radha Mohan 2 July 2023

Radha agrees replying there is actually a very large crowd and she is able to dodge everyone and reach her father, Mohan replies then she would be able to also do it since he is going to be in front of her and make way for her, Mohan starts checking the map and gets worried thinking there are a lot of cars and congestion so how would Radha be able to do it.

Damini replies Kadambari wanted to know what she has planned so she is going to show her, Damini quickly walks over to her but suddenly hugs Kadambari hearing Rahul calling, she wonders from where did he arrive, Damini explains she was laughing on her destiny as she has also raised her since her childhood, Rahul explains they have to go to the location from where the police is directing the bus, Rahul notices there is something weird so asks if everything is fine,

Damini mentions she doesnot know if she should laugh or cry because she always feels that Damini is planning something but is not able to see her real intentions, she can do anything for her Mohan.Radha replies she cannot do it anymore, as he would be in front of her so she might get mad, Mohan replies she has not even killed a mosquito so how would she kill him, Radha angrily replies he should not talk in this manner, Mohan agrees saying she must follow the police car while he would stay beside her, Mohan reveals he knows she loves Gungun so would never do anything that will cause him to lose Gungun,

he explains they do not have any other way besides doing this, Radha agrees saying she would to it if it is necessary and she will follow him, Mohan excitingly looks at the mobile so is relived t see the route has cleared, he explains it is now clear.Damini mentions even now she would be thinking she is lying when the Police Inspector said that the network is weak, if she wanted to harm Radha and Gungun then why would have she opened the protection shield,

Damini explains she threatened her so she doesnot lose Mohan, but Kadambari thinks she is always at fault, she accepts she can do a lot bad things but can never kill anyone epically the one who Mohan loves.The inspector calls Mohan informing they have cleared the route ahead, Mohan says he did not tell Radha otherwise she might get tensed, Mohan is relieved that everything would be fine when he is stunned seeing an old lady walking crossing the road, they both try to signal her to stop but she doesnot listen, Mohan instructs Radha to turn the bus sidewards,

Radha is worried for the women so asks Mohan who assures she is fine since he saw her, he informs Radha to also protect everyone else and must keep driving. Kadambari informs Damini it is enough as she would not come in her foolish talks as she is not an idiot so knows Damini can do anything for Mohan and she is going to tell him the truth, Damini explains she can harm herself but Kadambari replies she would not come in her threats anymore, Damini says she should first her die as Kadambari put such a big blame on her that she wants to harm the Gungun of Mohan and she will today prove she can only harm herself,

Kadambari tries her best to stop her but she insists of committing suicide, Kadambari hugs Damini assuring she has understood Damini is innocent and she is not going to say anything, she suggests they should go to the bus as everyone needs their help, Damini wiping off the tears thinks today Rahul managed to save her otherwise she would have surely died, Damini is worried if Mohan managed to save Radha ad the children.

Damini goes to Kaveri who questions where was she all this time as her plan is about to backfire but Damini explains she must wait for some more time as the Radha cannot save everyone.Mohan along with the escort van reach the ground when he asks they should look at Radha. Radha hearing a voice of ticking asks Ketki to call Mohan, he asks her to check the bus when Radha notices he fuel is about to end, Ketki explains the fuel is about to end in the bus and what will happen after it as the bus would stop causing the bomb blast.

Mohan is tensed, he asks the inspector how long the bus drive on the remaining diesel can, Damini asks Kaveri to see how her plan cannot backfire, the constable informs it can only drive for one hour, everyone is tensed hearing this, Radha thinks one hour is less time.
Mohan mentions they must start the rescue operation right away because the time is not on their side, the inspector reveals they must for the time being make sure the bus drives in the circle,

and after the experienced driver comes, they would prepare a bridge with the ramp transferring the children, Inspector informs that the driver would come after three hours. The reporters mention that the bus has arrived on this ground and the bus is also low on diesel with twenty students on board, Tulsi angrily hits the wardrobe causing the things to fall which scares Dulari, she prays to Bhagwan and runs away when Tulsi gets furious.

Radha is driving the bus in circle when Mohan calls them informing they have to drop the bus in circle till the driver arrives, he asks if she knows her when Radha replies indeed she knows him and trusts him more then herself, Mohan explains then she would know he will surely manage to save her, Mohan explains he is going to call her after discussing the future plan meanwhile she must take care of the students.

Mohan asks if this is the plan which they came up with, Shekar says he must calm down when Mohan questions what is their driving going to do when he comes after three hours, Radha thinks she also believes in Mohan and Bihari jee who are always going to be by her side, Mohan is tensed thinking what is he going to do since the bus will blast after one hour, how can he save the children, Radha and Ketki.Radha The truck driver reaches the side of the bus with Mohan, he is on it while Kadambari is driving it,

Radha questions why she is driving so Mohan reveals the driver would come after three hours and they just one hour worth of diesel left so everyone must go back, Kadambari assures until they are fine nothing wrong would happen.Some time earlier Radha while driving the bus wonders why it is taking Mohan jee so long to prepare a plan, she starts praying to Bihari jee explaining she knows both would surely manage to save all of them. Radha starts staring at Mohan who is also very worried thinking how Radha advised he should also believe in himself since she knows he would not let anyone get hurt,

Radha is getting tensed thinking how Mohan assured they both are together so everything would be fine since whenever Radha and Mohan are together, they are always successful, Mohan is really tensed as he doesnot have any plan, he wipes off the tears from his eyes.Radha while driving the bus notices how the warning light is still blinking, Mohan thinks how Ketki explained that the bus will blow if the diesel ends, and the bus just has an hour worth of diesel left,

Mohan questions the inspector is this is his plan since they have started a countdown while coming to the ground, Damini thinks he should take the name of Radha for the last time, she doesnot know on whose death would he be more worried about since he is going to be with him to wipe off his tears. Mohan asks why the driver is not coming by air, Inspector reveals even if he comes with a helicopter even then it would take him a lot of time, Inspector assures everything else is prepared, he informs they have even talked with the second driver. Mohan is furious.

The reporters mention they have got a recent update that the diesel in the bus is about to end and the driver would come only after three hours, so they have to see what the Trivedi family and police are able to do, Tulsi exclaims this cannot happen so she tries her best to pass from the protection shield but she is still trapped in the house, Tulsi explains the protection is tied around her arms and legs, she kneeling mentions it is the most difficult time for a parent to see their children suffer so who is more helpless then her.

Radha while driving the bus thinks she is really strong when she has the support of Bihari jee and Mohan, he thinks he cannot let the trust of Radha lose in him and needs to protect her under any condition, Rahul not being able to control himself goes to explain he will never fight with Ketki in the future, she asks him to first save her otherwise she would scare him after being a ghost, Mr Trivedi explains the life of all three daughters of their family is at risk.

Ketki calls Kadambari, she then also asks Rahul to come, Ketki explains if she comes back alive then would take the diamond ear rings, Kadambari scolds her saying she must not say if she will come back because she must surely return, Ketki asks even then would she give her the ear rings, Kadambari assures she can even take the necklace. Mr Trivedi asks Gungun if she would like to get a pizza, Gungun mentions Ajeet uncle brings the pizza for her so he can get her chocolates.

Mohan after getting tensed informs Radha has been driving the bus for the past six years so what is their plan, the truck enters the ground when the reporters explain that the driver has still not arrived so would the police manage to save the children.Mohan questions the inspector what good is the truck without the driver, Damini thinks that they would surely die with the bomb blast, and it is just a moment of time.

Mohan informs they only have one chance which is that he should drive, Damini is stunned thinking if anything happens to Mohan then this would be for nothing, the inspector explains he cannot allow a civilian to take part in this operation as if he dies it would be on his hands, Mohan mentions he doesnot need the permission of anyone to save his daughter questioning if the inspector can see that his daughter dies in front of him. Gungun calls Mohan when he starts thinking about the moment when they both got close to each other,

he explains his daughter is calling him so can a father stay calm in this situation, the inspector also is thinking.Radha is driving the bus while the fuel is about to end, Mohan mentions their driver would get late so it is better if he risks his life to save the children’s, Damini thinks what would happen to her if anything happened to him, she is worried if the inspector agrees to Mohan who asks him to think about the children.The students ask Gungun what would happen if the bus stops and the bomb blasts, so would they all die when Ketki assures, she must not be worried.

The inspector requests Mohan to believe him as if he takes the operation in his own hands then there cannot be any official help, Damini is glad thinking the inspector did not agree to the emotional talks of Mohan, he asks if the inspector would have been standing there when his own daughter was inside the bus, the inspector agrees to let Mohan drive but asks if he has anyone who can protect the children since there are some protocols which they need to follow, Damini replies this is why they are putting the entire operation on Mohan’s hands, inspector asks her to stop talking as they know how to do their work.

Radha thinking what would happen if the bus doesnot have enough fuel, she vows to not let the children and pleads that Mohan jee should come fast otherwise it would create a lot of problem, she cannot do this alone. Rahul agrees to drive the bus while Mohan should protect the children, he explains he still loves Gungun and Ketki but Mohan doesnot move saying he should not worry since the life of his family is at risk,

Rahul replies he also loves his family a lot but Mohan doesnot agree with him, Rahul insists Mohan should come with him to protect their family,Kadambari stops them saying it is not the location to fight, she says she would decide who will drive the truck as neither Mohan nor Rahul would drive it but she will be the one to drive the truck while Mohan will rescue the children, everyone is shocked with her decisions however Kadambari is adamant.

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