Radha Mohan update Sunday 30 July 2023

Radha Mohan 30 July 2023: Damini mentions if Mohan had given Radha the medicine, then how did she wake up so early, Kaveri exclaims that nothing has any effect on this girl, she is able to survive everything. Damini explains it would have had an effect when she was given the tablet, Kaveri questions what she means, Damini explains Mohan has not given her the medicine because he suspects them both, Damini is shocked to see Mohan standing in front of them both.

Sometime earlier, Gungun explains that Radha loves him a lot and she feels he also loves her, Gungun mentions Radha says that if they do good things then it also happens in return, she mentions he became papa from Mohan only because of Radha. Gungun asks why they are then wronging Radha so much, she has been locked in the room and even he is not helping her. Gungun angrily leaves explaining if he does not help her then she will end their friendship, Mohan is furious.
Damini reveals her new dress in excitement asking how it is looking, Kaveri assures that she would surely look good in this dress, she explains that Damini would be the first women who has changed four different dresses but has not been married even once. Damini replies she just must marry only one person and that too Mohan. Damini assures this time she will get married as only five hours are left, she suggests Kaveri must go and enjoy in the meantime.

Radha is still unconscious in her room, Mohan slowly opens the door to hear Radha exclaiming he should not marry Damini even when she is unconscious, he recalls when Gungun explained Radha tried to leave when she found out about her feelings, and he also shares the same feelings for her. Mohan staring at her recalls o the moments spent with Radha, how she was always there by his side even when Gungun fell in the bore well and he was admitted in the hospital, Mohan thinks when Radha accepted her feelings for him. Tulsi standing behind Mohan explains he knows Radha so must understand she can never do anything; Tulsi pleads with him to believe in her however Mohan once again closes the window.

Tulsi turning to Bihari jee explains he knows everything, he is the one who helped her break the protection shield but is far away from her today, she pleads with him to show Mohan the right path.Mohan is stunned seeing Kaveri dancing along with Rahul, he angrily rushes there ordering them all to stop this, Kadambari is also tensed when Mohan explains that he desired a simple wedding, he questions why Kaveri is so dressed as there are still six hours left. Kaveri replies that this is not a drama but the celebration for his wedding, she explains she must question why they all changed their clothes since the wedding is still today, so they would enjoy by this celebration as Radha once sat in the place of her daughter, Kaveri explains they must once again look at the clock since only five and half hour is left. Kaveri explains she knows he is getting married for the second time, but it is the first and last time for her daughter, she explains she has waited so long for this moment, and he should not stop her. Mohan replies that Radha is ill so would be disturbed by this noise. Kaveri angrily explains that she will only wake tomorrow morning, Mohan is tensed and even Tulsi wonders what they have both done. Kaveri replies she saw it in the movies that when someone gets a panic attack and they are given medicines, then they only wake up after an entire day. Kaveri wonders why he was looking at her with such strange face, she wonders if he suspects them both.

Kaveri asks what he is doing here, she asks if he got tired of dressing up. Mohan tries to pull the hair of Ketki when she threatens to tell Maa. Mohan replies this is what she has been doing since their childhood, Mohan explains he is not sure about Damini and wants to know the truth, Ketki replies they all know that Radha never lies so what is the problem, Mohan explains even then he cannot refuse from this wedding since he promised Damini, Mohan says he needs proof that Damini is behind everything. Ketki asks how he would accomplish anything when he replies she is the one who would do it, she is worried when Mohan reveals the plan in her ears, she agrees to do it for him. Mohan reveals they only have five hours left.

Radha slowly wakes up in her room when she recalls how Kaveri injected her with a syringe and she fell unconscious. Radha rushing to the room starts calling Mohan while Damini is shocked wondering how she woke up so early, Radha is still calling Mohan and Kadambari, but they are not able to listen to her, Gungun while walking hears that Radha is awake, she thinks who would stop her from freeing Radha.

Gungun is about to open the door when Damini stops her, explaining that Radha is dangerous from them all so they should not open the door, Gungun threatens to lock Damini if she interferes between her and Radha. Damini once again explains that she is dangerous, so they are about to send her to the mental asylum. Damini stops Gungun however is stunned when Mohan angrily calls her from behind. Mohan even scolds the drum beaters to stop, Kadambari along with everyone rush upstairs.

Kaveri asks what has happened, Mohan asks if she does not know what is going on since he advised her to not call the drum beaters, as now because of them Radha has suffered another panic attack. Tulsi is shocked asking if has also started to believe that Radha is ill when there is nothing wrong with her. Mohan angrily mentions he feels Kaveri does not want this marriage to happen, Kaveri immediately sends the drum beaters away. Mohan advises everyone to stay outside while he is going into the room. Damini at once stops him asking what if Radha tries to harm him, he asks if Damini really thinks that Radha can do anything wrong with him, Damini thinks she is worried if Radha reveals the truth about her to him, Damini explains the doctor said she might get another attack after seeing him, he replies he is the only one who can handle her. Mohan turns to look at everyone and holding Damini assures nothing wrong would happen to him, he just wants there is no problem in their wedding, Damini is forced to agree.

Mohan asks Radha to get back as he is opening the door, Radha immediately hugs Mohan just as he opens the door, everyone is stunned seeing her behavior. Radha is constantly crying which angers Kaveri, Radha ask him to see how they have locked her in the room since she is not mad, Radha explains she wants to tell him the entire truth about Damini, she is worried of what might happen if Radha reveals the entire truth about her. Radha once again tries to attack Damini, but Mohan manages to hold her, he asks maa to not let anyone inside as he is going to lock the door. Damini refuses explaining that she cannot risk the life of Mohan, as he might be in danger with her, Radha angrily asks if Damini really thinks she can do anything wrong with Mohan as he is safe with her but in danger while Damini is around him. Radha threatens to harm Damini, but Mohan angrily asks them both to stop, Tulsi requests him to listen to Radha as she is telling the truth. Mohan picks the rope and ties the hands of Radha, Damini is relieved to see it when Mohan goes to the bed, he whispers asking if she trusts him, but Radha once again tries to talk then Mohan angrily once again instructs her to shut up. Mohan explains that he understood there is something wrong in this house, Radha replies this is what she was trying to warn him, Mohan asks what she is doing, he asks her to do something but Radha cannot understand, Mohan explains she must act of crying, Radha replies if he scolds her like this then she might actually cry. Mohan explains if what she said about Damini is true then no one can save her from him.

Radha starts crying acting as if Mohan doesn’t believe her when she treats him as her Bhagwan, but he does not believe her, Mohan pulls her questioning why is she going to the corner, Mohan explains that if she is right blaming Damini then he would not marry Damini, but in order to prove her innocence he has to tie her to the bed. Mohan once again shouts at her which stuns Damini, she wonders what they are both talking about. Mohan requests what would she take to cry. Radha starts pleading with him to not marry Damini, Mohan asks if he should marry her instead, Radha replies that he has started punishing her when she revealed her feelings, Mohan explains she did a lot so must calm down a bit, and cry she cries staring at him when he advises she has to show everyone else. Mohan asks if she trusts him, Radha replies even more then Bihari jee so Mohan explains he will come back after a while.

Mohan walks out of the room, explaining Radha will not be able to come out even if she wakes up, Gungun leaves exclaiming he is really bad and she hates him. Kadambari asks Mohan if it was necessary when he explains the doctor said that she is a danger for them all including herself. Mohan assures Damini that now the time will not be delayed any more.Damini and Kaveri are still standing in front of the room, Kaveri exclaims she is glad everything is going according to their plan as she called the drum beaters after which all their problems ended. Damini asks how did Radha wake up when Mohan gave her the medicine, Kaveri mentions that no medicine effects Radha, Damini mentions that it would have affected when Mohan had actually given the medicine, Kaveri does not understand anything, Damini explains he has not given it and they both were actually acting because he has started to suspect them both, Kaveri is worried o what Mohan would do with them both, revealing they had a lot of difficulty handling Radha. Damini asks Kaveri for her phone so she can think of a plan, Kaveri takes it out, Damini walks past Kaveri but is stunned to see Mohan standing in front of her, he is staring at her which scares Damini.

Kaveri asks Damini what are they going to do, because first Radha was working alone but now even Mohan is against them, Damini asks Kaveri to give back her phone after which she would think of something, Damini tries to walk away however is shocked seeing Mohan standing in front of her, he walking close to her explains he wanted to talk about something with her, but seeing Kaveri mentions he wanted to talk alone but now Kaveri Masi is around so he feels it will be something important. Kaveri explains she will not have anything important now, and they both are about to become a couple so must talk. Damini asks what happened, he is sorry for whatever is going on since he knows she has been waiting for a long time to get married but there have been so many problems. Mohan holds her by the arms explaining they have just been downloading problems in their life, she feels weird when he suggests they should take a selfie together explaining who else would take besides them. He with a smile asks if she has heard it somewhere, Damini smiling mentions this is what Ajeet bhai says frequently. Mohan replies he said they would say it when he is not around.

Mohan asks he to give him the phone so they can take the selfie, she hesitantly gives him the phone when he after taking the selfie secretly places the phone on the table, she asks why is he being so romantic suddenly, Mohan explains that today is their wedding so he will once again say the same dialogue that who else would show this love. Damini thinks she knows that it is all just an act and wonders what he is planning. Ketki secretly manages to pick her mobile. Damini asks if she can leave now Mohan with a smile explains only four hours are left. Ketki coming out of the window signals their plan has been fulfilled.

Radha is sitting in the room praying that Mohan jee should find a way to gather some proof against Damini, she prays for it. Radha is stunned when someone is hitting the window. She is amazed to see Gungun with Mohan jee and Ketki. Gungun rushes to hug Radha explaining they both have met once again, Radha with a smile asks she also brought her Bihari jee, Gungun replies they would be in the same place as Radharani. Radha asks why they came from the back window, Mohan replies did they have to tell everyone that Gungun and Radha are going to meet. He asks her to open it when she replies she would need some help with it, he while opening the rope apologizes for tying her as everyone was present in front of the room. Radha immediately hugs Mohan explaining there is no need to be sorry for as Bhagwan can never wrong their Bhagt. Mohan replies that she has started with her lecture, they all need to focus so Ketki replies that she has the plan in her phone.

Damini in the room explains there is something wrong with the behavior of Mohan because he is being too sweet with her, he even hugged her which is not right. Kaveri asks why is she talking like this, because only a husband would take in such a way with his wife, she explains Damini is neither satisfied in any circumstance, Damini requests her to listen but Kaveri explains Damini should be relaxed as now no one can even think of stopping this marriage. Damini is stunned after she gets a call from Hriday so seeing it wonders why he is calling her, Kaveri wonders if she spoke too soon when Kaveri explains she has to answer the call.

Damini is shocked hearing the voice of a girl who claims to be the wife of Hriday, she reveals that the life of her husband has been ruined because of Damini and Hriday is running from village to village, Ketki explains she is forced to raise three of her children all by herself and that too just because of Damini, she demands twenty five lacs if Damini wants to get married, she assures she would give the money till tomorrow but Ketki demands the money within two hours otherwise Damini would go to jail. Ketki ends the call and everyone praises her for acting very good, Mohan replies their entire plan will fail because of her and he suggested she should pursue acting. Damini explains she has to give the money otherwise this marriage would not be successful; Kaveri explains it would be really wrong if she comes back to the house with her children completely blowing their plan. Damini suggests she would go and come back within the time, she stops wondering how the girl knew she is about to get married today. Kaveri asks her to play it once again when Kaveri after listening to the smile explains it is of Gungun as she ruined their lives. Damini mentions this voice is of Ketki, she explains this is the plan of Mohan, but they are not aware that she is always a step ahead of them.

Mohan mentions they should leave otherwise everyone would be suspicious of them, Gungun replies that she is going to stay with Radha as she is alone, Radha replies that she has her Bihari jee with her, Mohan explains now he has to once again tie Radha, he is sitting beside her apologizes for it once again explaining this time he is not going to tie the knot so she can hold it in her arms. Radha asks him to be careful and take care of himself and Ketki, he is about to climb out of the window when she wishes him all the best, he also wishes her.

Tulsi is glad to see Mohan standing with Ketki and Gungun, she hugs Mohan appreciating him for believing in Radha. Mohan leaves with Ketki when Tulsi thinks this means they all believe in Radha, she praises Bihari jee for not harming her love.Kadambari knocks on the door calling Damini but she doesn’t reply, Kaveri comes asking what is she doing when Kadambari explains she felt like talking to Damini after everything that has happened today, Kaveri explains Damini is not even letting her in the room and she feels her daughter would be really joyed by it, so they all would only meet in the Mandap. Pandit jee arrives when Kadambari is glad he came back as only three hours are left, he explains this time nothing wrong should happen otherwise this wedding would not happen, Kaveri asks how it is possible because they would surely get married. Kaveri asks Kadambari to go and get ready.

Tulsi wonders why is Kaveri masi going into the room of Radha as she would have surely planed something, Radha is shocked to see her when Kaveri explains she also wanted to punish Radha but is glad that Mohan himself did it however she is going to complete what was left of her plan, Radha gets worried while Kaveri is adamant.

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