Radha Mohan update Monday 31 July 2023

Radha Mohan 31 July 2023: Kaveri explains she wanted to do this work, tying her hands but is glad Mohan did it however she is going ti complete the work which was let, Kaveri slaps Radha who is shocked when Radha warns her to think before slapping her again as she returns whatever she gets with interest, Kaveri asks how is she going to return it with interest, looking at her hands explains there is no one here to help her as everyone is busy in their work and two of her friends have been ended, meaning Mohan and Ketki have both gone outside the house. Radha is stunned, asking what she is talking about so just say it clearly, Kaveri holding her face mentions she is saying what Radha heard, she must not try to act so humble, did she really think she would not find out that Radha will try to trap Damini. Kaveri explains she suspected her at the time when Gungun was laughing and the mistake of Ketki when she revealed the time of the wedding. Kaveri exclaims that she is the master of the game which Radha is trying to play, she will realize this time how pain it is going to cause her, Kaveri exclaims she has ruined the life of her daughter Damini but even involved Mohan, so does she know that Damini tends to make the other party feel hurt, so Mohan will have to suffer the punishment which is going to be the death of Ketki.

Radha is shocked hearing this, she warns Kaveri to not speak such things as Mohan jee would never let anything wrong happen to Ketki. Kaveri turning exclaims she is not talking big things but is going to actually do them, Kaveri exclaims when Ketki will go to take money from Damini, fake police would reach there and when Mohan will argue with them trying to prove the innocence of his sister they will ask him to come to the police station but Ketki will be killed on the way there. Kaveri exclaims that Mohan is already really worried thinking he is responsible for the death of Tulsi but now would even blame himself for the death of Ketki, so he will be ruined but just as Damini helped him after the death of Tulsi, she would do the same when Ketki dies, but the important thing is that this death would happen because of Radha, as Mohan is doing this because of Radha, he is therefor also going to blame her after which she will be thrown out of the house while the calm time of her daughter will begin. Radha reveals no one would be able to do anything until she is present in this house, she vows to not let Ketki suffer even a scratch. Kaveri standing asks if she is going to stop everyone, mentioning she should not think of herself as the churail as she does not have any powers, Kaveri reveals Ketki and Mohan do not know what is going to happen to them, Radha replies but she knows the truth, she slowly removes her hands from the rope seeing which Kaveri is stunned.
A car stops in the market, from it a woman steps out in disguise, it is Ketki while Mohan is driving the car. They both are adamant to find out the truth, Ketki secretly goes to the front of the car when Mohan stands beside her, she exclaims she is going to break her head if she does not reveal the truth, Mohan asks why is she so eager to beat her when he will not believe it to be true until they have proof against her, Mohan replies he is worried if Damini does not show up then the entire plan of Ketki would fail. Ketki assures it would never happen pointing towards the car parked in the corner, in which Damini is seating. Mohan explains they cannot reach any conclusion because they are blaming her, Ketki replies that nothing would go against their plan, she hits the bonnet of the car which angers Mohan who explains that it is a new car, he asks if she is ready when she explains that she was born ready, he advises her to not act as they have to focus on the work. Ketki leaves explaining she is going to prove Damini is wrong.

Radha stands up which worries Kaveri so she asks how it happened, Radha replies when she is telling the truth then must know that Mohan jee never tied her to the bed, Kaveri tries her best to stop Radha but she runs away after pushing her on the bed. Gungun asks Radha where is she going when papa warned her to not leave, Radha replies she has to go otherwise it would create a very big problem. Kaveri smiles thinking Radha went to the location here they both wanted her to go, she calls Damini revealing the sparrow has left the house. Damini looking in the back view mirror explains the other target is also approaching, she explains Mohan has made a very big mistake by siding with Radha and Ketki.

Radha runs to the market, she tries to stop the auto but they do not stop, she thinks she even left her phone in the house otherwise would have informed Mohan about the plan of Damini and Kaveri masi. Radha thinks she would have to do something otherwise it will be wrong.

Ketki is standing when Damini comes asking i she is the wife of Hriday, Ketki angrily replies no she is Katrina kaif, Ketki angrily demands the money from Damini who asks what would happen if she does not give her the money, Ketki threatens to beat her. Damini goes back to bring the money, Mohan standing behind the pillar is thinking abut all the situations when Radha tried to assure that Damini is not the suitable choice for him, even Gungun and Ketki tried to warn her, he is furious.

Radha is running, she is confused as she cannot find the way when Radha sits on the sidewalk and starts praying to Bihari jee to show her the right path. the auto stops in front of her, when the driver asks if she is fine, Radha explains she wants to go to the Mathura Road, advising him to drive fast.

Damini brings the back to Ketki, requesting her to not harm Mohan or Gungun, Ketki questions what she is saying demanding the money. Damini hands her the bag which Ketki picks up, Damini then angrily slaps her, so she falls, Mohan rushes over to her, Damini is shocked seeing her when Mohan explains her truth has been revealed and she was the person who sided with Hriday, Ketki threatens to harm her when Mohan stops her, they both are shocked seeing that the police have surrounded them. Mohan questions what he is doing, Radha reaches at the right moment and is shocked thinking what Kaveri masi said to her, she rushes to pick a rod which she uses to hit the police inspector with causing his gun to fall, Damini is shocked seeing Radha standing there, Mohan is also not able to understand, Radha is tensed.

Mohan and Ketki are tensed as the police inspector points his gun towards them, Radha throws a wooden rod at them causing the gun of the inspector to fall seeing which everyone is stunned, the inspector rushes to pick is gun but Radha once again manages to hit him with the wooden rod, Mohan tries to stop her but she refuses to listen, the lady constable is about to hit her but is stopped by Mohan he asks what is she doing as they all know each other , he introduces them all revealing they all are relatives, he requests them to not start beating them, Mohan asks Radha what is she doing here, Radha requests him to leave with Ketki because these are not the police but the goons sent by Damini, Ketki slowly takes off her veil when Damini acts as if she is worried, the inspector orders them to arrest Ketki but Damini requests them to stop. Inspector asks if Damini knows them, she explains Ketki is her sister-in-law, but she was called here by the wife of Hriday, Radha reveals that Damini is just lying as these are not the real police but the goons sent by Damini, Mohan asks how does she know it, Radha reveals that Kaveri masi herself told her about the plan.

The inspector asks what is going on, he instructs the lady constable to arrest Ketki but Radha is not convinced and threatens them if they even try to touch Ketki, the inspector is shocked asking what is she saying when the inspector explains he will show the identity card, he asks if she believes them and so demands that they should arrest the lady for attacking the on duty police officer and blackmailing her, Mohan tries to convince the inspector that it was just a mis understanding, Damini questions what is going on, Mohan replies he himself asked Ketki to tell the lie, Radha asks Damini to stop acting as they all know her truth, Mohan stops Radha explaining he is talking with Damini, Mohan reveals he wanted to know if Damini was working with Hriday and if Radha was telling the truth, Damini apologies to the Inspector explaining they are at fault, the inspector asks what is this behavior as the police are not for their personal quarrels, the inspector orders them to release the handcuffs. Radha requests them to at least listen to her but they all leave.

Damini asks Mohan if he suspected her, just because Radha said it to him, Radha angrily replies she will once again say that Damini is lying about everything, Damini warns her to stop interfering, Damini explains that Mohan has today broken her heart, she exclaims this is what he gave her when she waited for him, Radha asks Damini why is she lying even now, Ketki agrees with Radha but Mohan exclaims now they are going to talk in the house. Radha tries to reason with him, but he does not pay her any importance, Mohan taking the hand of Damini exclaims they must go back to the house but Damini pulls her hand away exclaiming there is nothing left to talk about, she walks to sit in her car. Damini notices them standing, Radha tries to talk with Mohan, but he asks signals her exclaiming it is enough, Mohan is furious with Radha. Damini wipes off her tears, she calls Kaveri exclaiming the first part of their plan has finished and she started the next part, so there would be someone at the door very soon.

Kadambari goes to open the door when a person hands her the papers from the court, Kadambari is shocked after reading them, as the court hearing regarding the custody case of Gungun is on Monday, after three days. Kadambari asks Mohan to come out quickly, Nirmala standing at the door explains that Mohan is the groom so how would he have time for these things.

Damini informs Kaveri that the third part of the plan is just based on her so she must fulfill it, Kaveri vows to make sure it is completed, Damini seeing Radha exclaims this is her last plan and after this Mohan himself is going to throw her out of the house, Mohan leaves angrily.

Ketki coming to Radha explains that she knows Radha is worried that their plan failed but she should not lose hope and remain strong in her belief of Bihari jee, Ketki explains that Damini is not going to sit back quietly and will surely try to do something, she explains they just must wait and see what her new plan is.

Kadambari is with Nirmala and her son, who exclaims that Mohan has forgot to invite his old relatives, Kadambari replies that it is certainly not the case as they can see that no one has been invited to the wedding, Kadambari asks what is the purpose of this notice, as she is also the Grand mother of Gungun and this house belongs to her, Mohan is also marrying Damini so she gets a new mother, but their actions is going to ruin the life of Gungun while their relation will end. Nirmala explains their relation ended when her daughter died, she is just going to take her Granddaughter away from this house, Nirmala replies she also knows that the wedding of Mohan has been delayed twice in the past, and how can it happen when they are trying to get him settled over someone dead body, Kadambari gets worried. Nirmala exclaims Mohan will never be able to live peacefully.

Tulsi wonders what has her mother come here to do, she requests her mother to not do anything of the sort, Nirmala explains just as she is forced to live without her daughter, Mohan will also live without Gungun and it is the judgment of the court, Nirmala asks her son to come, he texts that the work has been completed, Damini seeing Radha thinks that she has hit herself on the head with an axe and this time only the trust of Mohan is going to break.

Kadambari is frantically calling Mohan and Damini but they both do not respond, Ajeet comes revealing even Ketki is not in her room, Kadambari replies that Pandit jee said that the wedding cannot happen after today and she is not able to understand if it is a joke. Damini from the back explains it is a joke, Gungun is worried.

Kadambari is also tensed, Damini explains her entire life is a joke, Kadambari questions where all of them went together, Tulsi exclaims seeing them condition it feels Damini managed to outsmart them once again.

Kadambari seeing Radha asks how she managed to get out of the room when Mohan himself had tied her, she also is shocked seeing Ketki so questions where she went dressed as in such clothes, Kadambari getting tensed asks what is going on here, but no one replies, she also asks Damini where she went, as she knows she is a bride and about to get married so it is not auspicious. Damini asks what kind of a bride, she explains she does not want to get married anymore. The entire family is shocked.


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