Aparajita zeeworld update Sunday 30 July 2023

Aparajita 30 July 2023: Mohini asks Akshay who attacked you and what happened? Akshay says we were talking about Chhavi’s engagement and then I went to get the phone repaired.. I went to the shop and then I went to my car but someone attacked me.. I couldn’t see anything after that. When I woke up, I was in the freezer but I don’t remember anything else. The doctor says don’t worry, you will start remembering slowly. Akshay asks for many hours he was unconscious? Dadi says for 2 weeks. Akshay asks what happened? Mohini says these 2 weeks were so difficult, I was taking care of you and praying for your memory to come back, I didn’t leave you for a minute. Dadi says what are you saying.. the doctor asks them to let him rest. Asha and Niya leave with Dadi. Mohini hugs Akshay but he keeps recalling how Aparajita looked sad.

Dadi tells Mohini that you are a liar. Niya goes behind her. Dadi says Akshay should know how Aparajita took care of him.Aparajita sits alone and recalls Chhavi’s words that she should fight for Akshay. She recalls Akshay hugging Mohini.Akshay sees a sacred thread tied on his arm and thinks why was Aparajita so sad and why its bothering me so much? what happened in these 2 weeks?Asha tells Dadi that papa doesn’t remember what Maa has done in 2 weeks for him, he should know the truth. Akshay comes there and hears that. He thinks what happened in these 2 weeks?

Aparajita is crying and imagines Akshay wiping her tears. He says don’t cry, I am not leaving you again.. I will be with you now. I told you that I will be with you for life, see I am here.. are you ready to give Akshay a place in your life again? Aparajita looks away. Akshay says okay I will leave but Aparajita holds his hand.. she says I.. her phone rings and she realizes she was dreaming. Aparajita comes outside her room and finds Akshay there. She says why I am dreaming again.. Akshay says can’t you see I am here? I want to talk. I wanted to ask.. I don’t remember anything about last 2 weeks, do you know what happened? Aparajita sadly looks at him and says you were ill so we all prayed. Akshay says that’s all? Mohini said that she took care of me but I heard Asha saying that you took care of me too so thank you so much. Aparajita looks on. Akshay says when I woke up, I saw sadness in your eyes. Like something was bothering you so I thought to ask if everything is okay? did something happen? Aparajita looks away and says everything is okay, I left because you were with your family and fine now so I had to work to be there. Akshay says maybe I am seeing things that didn’t happen.. Aparajita says do you remember who hit you? Akshay says Mohini asked me too.

Mohini comes to Akshay’s room but doesn’t find him there.Aparajita asks Akshay if he doesn’t remember who hit him? he says I don’t. He says I wanted to talk about Veer and Chhavi’s marriage. I know you had some issues with Veer, you wanted to show me a video. Aparajita says I lost the phone. Mohini comes there and shouts for Akshay. He goes to her. Dadi says he was with Aparajita. Mohini asks Akshay why did he come here? I am sure this woman must have called you. She grabs Aparajita’s hand and says your relationship with him broke 15 years ago and he is my husband now. Akshay pushes Mohini’s hand away and says you are hurting her. What are you doing? Mohini says I am hurting her? she is hurting me but that’s okay? she wants to separate us, she must have lied to you about me but don’t listen to her. This woman is a liar. Dadi says you are a liar and not my Aparajita. She tells Akshay that Mohini lied that she took care of you but the truth is that it was Aparajita who took care of you, she didn’t even sleep much for 2 weeks, gave you love and protected you like a Savitri. Aparajita asks her to stop it. She tells Akshay that I didn’t do anything. Mohini asks Dadi to stop lying. Dadi says you can ask the kids. Mohini says they will lie too, they will take their mother’s side. She tells Akshay that they all potray me as a villian but I love you so much. I will prove it. They hate me so much that they want to separate us but I will prove to you. She goes in the kitchen and brings kerosene. She pours it on herself. Akshay stops her. Aparajita grabs Mohini’s hand and drags her from there. Akshay looks on. Aparajita brings Mohini to her room and says you want to play with fire right? she lights a match-stick so Mohini gets scared. Aparajita says if you can scare Akshay then I can too. Mohini asks her to stay away. Aparajita says it was not even kerosene. Stop doing all these antics, you had put Akshay’s life in danger. I am letting you show right on Akshay but don’t forget that I still have rights on him and if my daughters’ father ever gets hurt againt then I won’t spare you. Mohini looks on.

Aparajita tells Mohini that if my daughters’ father get hurt again then I won’t spare you. Akshay comes there and apologizes to Aparajita, he drags Mohini from there.Akshay asks Mohini why did you do drama there? Mohini says you forgot us, you forgot about us but I didn’t forget that I am your wife.. your mother didn’t even want you to remember me. Akshay says why would she want that? Mohini thinks he doesn’t know that he was living with Aparajita like her husband 20 years ago. Akshay says why would Amma do it? Mohini says she hates me but I don’t care what she thinks, I am just happy that you are okay now. We have to focus on something important now. Chhavi comes there and hugs Akshay Mohini smirks. Chhavi says I missed you, you were so away from us in the last 2 weeks.. you don’t remember who hit you? Akshay says I don’t.. remember much from that night. Chhavi says I wanted to talk about something important. The flashback shows how Veer told her that he wants to marry her. Chhavi says Veer and I.. Mohini says we should talk about Veer and Chhavi’s marriage as you are okay now. Akshay says I need to discuss it with Aparajita. Chhavi hugs him.

Akshay is standing alone and thinks about Chhavi. Niya comes there and hugs him. She says I missed you so much, I was scared.. Akshay hugs her and says I know.. you must have been scared. Niya says I was so scared that I even.. she recalls how she doubted Aparajita. She asks him to promise to never leave him. Akshay says I am sorry, I won’t give you pain anymore. Niya hugs him and cries.

Dadi comes to her room. Asha says why am I back here? we were all so happy with old Akshay. I am sad to come back here and live with Mohini. Asha gives her medicine and says we can’t control everything. I know it would be difficult to forget last 2 weeks. Papa was so different, he loved mama so much. She shows the video of Aparajita and Akshay together. Asha says these will be our memories now. Dadi says Akshay should see this video. Asha says Mama wouldn’t allow me. She just wanted Akshay to go back to his present life. I want our papa back too but we can’t. She says I will leave now. Niya comes there and says I am here.. she tells Dadi that if you miss them then I will take you there. Dadi asks Asha if Disha came back from Bappi’s house? Asha says no, Disha is staying with Bappi as she is ill. She starts leaving but Niya stops her.. She hugs her and says I am sorry for being rude that day. She apologizes to Dadi also and says I shouldn’t have been rude to Aparajita aunty.. she brought papa’s memory back. I want to thank her.

Chhavi meets with Veer and says papa is with us. He cares about my happiness, even if Maa doesn’t agree then I won’t care, if she can take her decisions then I can too.Mohini gets papers from her lawyer. He says I have talked to the doctor, he will help you. Manish asks Mohini why is she doing all this? Akshay is back with her. Mohini says I can’t risk my marriage. I have seen love in Akshay and Aparajita’s house. She is not weak anymore, if she tries to get Akshay back then I have to be careful. I have to keep Akshay from her.

Veer brings Chhavi back home. Aparajita glares at them. Veer smirks and leaves. Aparajita asks where did you with him? Chhavi says I have decided to marry Veer and papa has agreed with me. Aparajita says what? Chhavi says why are you surprised? we decided this on roka and then so much happened with papa.. that’s why we postponed everything but papa is back in his life so I should go on in my life too. She leaves from there. Asha says what’s wrong with her? Aparajita says she is not wrong.. Akshay’s memory is back so this marriage thing is an issue again.

Aparajita says he got his memory and have started doing his antics. She calls him but Mohini sees the call. She says you are dying to talk to him? She cuts her call and blocks her.Akshay is in the balcony when Aparajita throws stone at him. He says stop hitting me. He goes to her, she is about to hit him again so Akshay gets surprised. He takes the stone from her and smiles. He says what is this? Aparajita says you agreed for Chhavi’s marriage? a mother has no say in anything? Akshay says I didn’t talk to her about her marriage, I wouldn’t talk to her without discussing with you. You brought some proof against Veer but I never saw it so will we have to wait till you find another proof? they love each other. Aparajita says you want me to marry our daughter to him just because he says he loves her? Akshay says can’t you see that this is all in your head.. maybe you had a proof but you lost it and then you had 2 weeks so did you find any other proof? Aparajita says how can you ask me? I gave you proof but someone attacked you and that phone is gone. Don’t you think Veer is suspicious. Akshay says I have my answers, you find answers for yourself and find proof against Veer. Mohini hides and hears that.

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