Radha Mohan update Sunday 25 June 2023

Radha Mohan 25 June 2023: In the morning the workers enter the house with the belongings, Kadambari says to Ajit that they would have the Bhooj of 11 Brahman and did he get the silver plates, Mohan coming questions what is the need for such functions, Shekar explains there is a need because if the Grandmother of Gungun finds out they are doing it then it might cause them to lose the case, Kadambari requests him to not be angry since these functions are just for Bihari jee since their family has suffered a lot of problems in the past so he leaves,

Radha Mohan 24 June 2023

she turns thanking Shekar explaining he has been really tensed after what happened yesterday, Shekar assures he would be with Mohan for the entire day. Damini standing in the balcony thinks yesterday was just her practice and today it would be a lot of fun, the students are waiting for the bus when they ask what song Gungun has prepared, one of them explains that she informed her Radha has taught her a new song so they would surely win.

The children are really excited after entering the bus when the conductor is the criminal which Damini hired.Radha walking down the stairs advises Gungun to sing with her heart and not the tongue as any song which is sung by heart is auspicious. She further explains Gungun must sing to win the blessings of Bihari jee and since it is his song then she would surely be successful, Gungun questions if this means they would win, Radha explains it is written in Bhagwat Geeta that one should not care about the result and the fruits which they get from it,

Gungun explains she doesnot want to have any fruit but needs chocolate to which Radha agrees.Mohan asks Radha why she is sending Gungun to school after what happened yesterday, Tulsi is also worried thinking something wrong might happen today. Radha explains today is the competition of Gungun, Mohan questions what the competition is when Gungun reveals it is inter school competition. Radha requests that he should let her go since if she goes to school then might feel nice, Mohan explains how he would be able to deny when she gives so many reasons,

Mohan agrees to drop her at the bus stop but takes her to have breakfast. Radha apologizes for lying to Mohan as she is just trying to send Gungun away as she would be safe in her school and giving her time to find the proof against the real culprit, Radha exclaims she knows Damini is the one behind everything.Damini coming out of hiding, thinks Radha can do all she desires but today would be the last day of Gungun, Kaveri questions what Damini planning is, she hesitantly exclaims she plans to kill Radha however Kaveri instructs her to not lie since she is her mother and can tell from her face when she is about to do something,

Damini lifts her hand back when Kaveri notices the injury so Kaveri asks if Tulsi once again started beating her, Kaveri exclaims she is still not doing anything, Damini replies that Kaveri herself said they must remain quiet for now, Kaveri slaps her exclaiming she taught Damini how to lie, she thinks whenever she has involved her mother in any of her plans then it has failed.The criminal offers sweets to the teachers seeing which even the students are excited and desire it but the conductor exclaims this is not for them which angers the teachers,

he immediately explains he has brought the chocolates for them.Ketki questions Rahul why is he so calm when Gungun was about to die in the fire yesterday, he assures even then nothing happened but Ketki questions if he doesnot remember that it had happened once before when Tulsi Bhabhi tried to oust Damini from this house and it caused a lot of fight between Mohan and Tulsi Bhabhi, she recalls when Tulsi argued with Kadambari and Mohan to oust Damini however Mohan did not listen and one day Tulsi herself left this house after which they found Tulsi Bhabhi died in a fire,

Rahul replies he has told them that Tulsi Bhabhi died in an accident but Ketki explains just as Tulsi Bhabhi raised questions on Damini, Gungun also did the same and was saved from burning in the fire, she explains she knows Rahul doesnot like Mohan but he loves Gungun a lot so will never let her get hurt. Tulsi requests Radha to save her daughter from Damini and oust her from this house.

Gungun lights the Diya with Mohan praying she should win the competition today as she would sing his song, Radha prays to Bihari je that both the father and daughter should always love each other. Damini exclaims he should shower his love on Gungun for the last time as after today she is going to go far away from him.Radha notices the Diya is about to burn out, Mohan also realizes it while Tulsi thinks if this is a bad sign, Damini exclaims even Bhagwan is giving them a sign of Gungun death. Mohan and Radha together place their hands around the Diya seeing which Damini is furious however Gungun is smiling,

Tulsi exclaims to Bihari jee how she is also suspicious about Gungun and vows to help Radha find proof against Damini as it now relates to her daughter.Damini thinks that now even Tulsi would not be able to save Gungun as one of them cannot leave this house while the other will never leave.The conductor sitting in the bus thinks this bag is expensive as it is worth five million.Radha instructs Gungun to have all of her lunch while also drink the water, but Gungun explains it is a lot of information and she might forget the lyrics, Tulsi requests them to not let Gungun leave but is stopped by the protection.

Damini is looking at both Radha and Mohan when Kaveri comes questioning what she is doing, she asks why is Kaveri not mad when Kadambari scolded her a lot yesterday, she should go away from here. Kaveri replies she is sure Damini is planning something but she doesnot tell her mother sending her away.Damini calls the criminal asking why it is taking so long, he assures the package is ready and he is going to leave the bus after sending the timer, Damini sees as Mohan and Radha reach the bus with Gungun, she exclaims Gungun should properly wish her Radha since it is the last time, she would be able to meet anyone. Damini starts smiling.

Gungun hugs Radha, Damini standing in the window thinks she should properly wish Radha goodbye as this is going to be her last bus ride, Kadambari comes asking Gungun why did she not have her sweet yogurt as she wants to win, Radha replies their Gungun would surely win since she has prepared a lot, Mohan exclaims she will win just as she came back after dressing up as Rani, the criminal seeing the opportunity goes to take out the bomb in the bus, Gungun exclaims he would come when he gets free from the function.

Damini exclaims that after today her biggest problem would end, Rahul standing at the door asks what problem is she going to get rid off.Mohan exclaims she should invite him as then he will surely come, Gungun refuses saying if he comes then she would forget the song, he must be ready to prepare a celebration when she comes with the trophy.Rahul entering the room asks what is she talking about as after what happened in the Haldi function her biggest problem is Gungun, Damini explains he is wrong as their biggest problem is Rahul who has been trying to brain wash Gungun and she is just speaking what Radha tells her,

Damini explains that ever since her wedding has been fixed with Mohan there have been a lot of problems, including what happened at the function. Damini mentions she was just talking with the Pandit jee inquiring what can they do to get rid of Radha, Rahul asks since when did she become so religious as he knows she never believed in the pooja, Damini replies it is because of Radha as she has turned Bhagwan on her side, she thinks they should also do the same. Rahul agrees they both should worry about Radha so leaves the room,

Damini exclaims he is an idiot and she is just using him to fulfill her plan and if anything wrong happens she would put him in front of her. Damini thinks how she forgot to check on the bus, Damini goes to the window where she hears Mohan requesting the teacher to send them a video or make a video call so they can also see the performance of Gungun.Ketki asks Rahul why is he talking like as if he does not know the true nature of Damini,

she knows how to turn the tables and is just making a fool of him, Ketki replies she thought he loves Gungun more then his hatered for Mohan, Rahul warns her to not teach him as he is her elder brother, he warns her to not show her face. Ketki replies he forgot their relation just because of his friendship with Damini, she exclaims how she was wrong and leaves. Damini is standing at the side of the bus when the criminal signals her so she thinks it would be the last ride of Gungun, Rahul and Ketki also wish Gungun so she wins the competition.

Mohan exclaims they would order her favorite lunch which is pizza with extra cheese and chocolate cake. Ketki offers to take selfie when Damini thinks after today Gungun would only be seen in the selfie.The teacher starts feeling troubled so rushes to vomit, Damini looks angrily at the criminal while both the teachers rush to vomit, Kadambari asks if they are okay when Radha mentions it might be because of travelling but the teachers mention they have been feeling weird ever since they ate the laddo, Mohan asks what is she talking about, she informs the laddo which the peon gave them. He assures he also ate it and there is nothing in the laddo,

the peon exclaims they have to bring out all of the children. He instructs them to leave the bus, Radha offers to prepare a lemonade for them but the teachers requests for the medical box which is in the bus, Damini tris to stop her but she enters without listening to her, Damini gest worried thinking if Radha sees the bomb then her plan would end before it even started. Kaveri wonders why is Damini so worried.Radha while trying to get the medical box accidentally drops the bag, which stuns the criminal who stands behind her in anger, she is stunned to see him and scream, Mohan asks what happened which worries Damini who thinks he never leaves her alone and if they recognize him as the one who kidnapped Radha then it would ruin everything.

Radha explains she got scared after seeing him suddenly, Mohan asks what was he doing, he hesitantly replies he was just cleaning so Mohan asks who cleans after the children are in the bus as he should have done it before. The driver apologizes explaining it is their mistake, so they got late in taking out the bus, Mohan scolds him but Radha assures he takes very good care of the students and is always on time, Mohan and Radha agree to leave. The criminal thinks the old man saved his life but he doesnot know that he would also die soon, he once again kneels trying to fix the bomb while Radha is taking out the medical box.

The criminal drops the tool while trying to fix the bomb which makes both Mohan and Radha suspect him, Mohan starts walking towards him so the criminal stands, Mohan asks what is he doing with it , the peon explains he has a habit of walking with it and so was tightening the screw which was loose. Mohan questions if he has lost it since the children should not be allowed to travel in such a broken bus, Mohan decides to call the school and request for a new bus but Damini stops him mentioning the children have already gotten late, the peon explains that everything is fine in the bus.

Kadambari asks the teacher if she is fine but the teacher replies she cannot go with the students, Gungun asks how would they go without a teacher when Mohan assures he will accompany them to the school, Damini getting tensed exclaims he cannot go with the students, Mohan inquires about the reason when she informs that after the Haldi function the bride and groom donot leave the house, Kadambari agrees with Damini mentioning it is not auspicious to leave after the haldi function. Radha question who would accompany the children as the competition is in the other school. Radha thinks if she should go with Gungun,

but she thinks it might be a problem if Damini manages to destroy all of the proofs. The driver assures he would take care of all the children when Radha assures se has complete faith in him but he might not be able to take care of so many children, Gungun asks why does Radha not come with them to the new school as it would be a lot of fun. Damini angrily replies to Radha cannot go with them, Gungun questions what her problem is as neither Mohan nor Radha can go with them, hearing this everyone is tensed so Tulsi wonders what is going on in her mind and why is she stopping everyone. Mohan looks angrily at Damini.

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