Aparajita update Sunday 16 July 2023

Aparajita 16 July 2023: Mohini is angry and breaks a bottle in her hand. Her hand starts bleeding so Niya rushes to her, she cries and says I have seen your pain, I have seen your struggle, you are his wife but you never get the right for that, you are brave and I am proud of you but you need to understand that Aparajita is doing all this for Akshay only, she doesn’t have any other intention. Mohini says what if Akshay never remembers me? Niya says no, he can never forget his true love. Niya hugs Mohini as she cries.

Akshay doesn’t let the nurse take off his shirt. Aparajita comes there and says I went to get the discharge papers ready. Akshay says you have learned to deal with all this? Aparajita says life made me learn everything. Akshay asks if she had money to pay? Aparajita says we will talk about it later on. The nurse says he is not letting me take off his shirt to apply the medicine. Akshay asks Aparajita to take off his shirt. Aparajita is shocked and says me? Akshay laughs and says as if you haven’t seen me shirtless, just do it. Aparajita hesitates and asks him to take off his shirt but he is in pain so Aparajita says I will do it. She comes closer and unbuttons his shirt while looking away. She applies medicine on his wound while he holds her hand as he winces in pain. Akshay says why do I have frostbites when I had an accident? Dadi comes there and says the truck that hit you had ice in it. Akshay sees her in wheelchair and asks what happened to her? Dadi says I fell down the stairs but I will be okay soon.

Akshay says Aparajita should have told me. Dadi says you keep taking her side against me, if I fight with Aparajita then you both will become a team and my wife will throw me out of the house. Aparajita is hurt hearing that and recalls how he left her. Dadi thinks what Aparajita is doing takes guts. Akshay asks where is Manish? Dadi thinks he remembers Manish but he doesn’t remember Mohini?Disha, Chhavi and Asha are renovating the house. Chhavi says we will put on Akshay and Aparajita’s couple photos on the wall. Disha gets angry and throws it on the wall.. Disha says this was a slap on Mohini’s face, just imagine that Akshay doesn’t even remember her. Asha says this is not important, we just have to remove all new photos. Chhavi says this is all weird, how will Maa handle all this? Papa doesn’t remember anything but Maa does, she will have to pretend to love him and what if she becomes attached to him again? Disha says never, she is helping him as a good human.. she will never forget that papa… your papa left her. Chhavi says he is your father too, why can’t you accept it? Disha says I can’t, he would always be Akshay for me, I haven’t forgiven him and neither will Maa.

Akshay says to Aparajita that Manish is my friend who has some business proposals. Dadi says yes. Aparajita tries to leave but Akshay says you have to stay with me. Dadi thinks I yearned for these memories, she leaves from there. Akshay asks Aparajita to sit with him and asks her to button his shirt. Aparajita feels awkward but helps him. Akshay laughs and says we have been married for years and you are still shy. Aparajita says I will gather things so we can leave. Akshay winces in pain so Aparajita rushes to him and asks what happened? Akshay looks at her and asks where is your mangalsutra? Aparajita moves away suddenly. He gets angry and asks where is it? did you take it off or.. his head hurts and says now I remember.. I was drinking alcohol and you got angry at me that’s why you took if off right? Aparajita says I was angry at you but that doesn’t mean I would take off my mangalsutra, it broke so I gave it to be repaired. Akshay says you are not wearing it that’s why I am in the hospital, you are the blessing in my life, I do mistakes but you always forgive me, he smiles at her.

Aparajita tries to leave but Akshay hugs her and says if I do any mistake in life then please forgive me. Aparajita looks away and says its too late.. Akshay says yes, we should leave, he asks where is Chhavi? did you leave him with neighbors? Aparajita thinks he still thinks Chhavi is a 3 year old baby.Disha tells Chhavi that we need a 3 year old kid as Akshay is coming back. Asha says where will we find a kid? Disha says lets see.Aparajita tells Dadi that how wil we find a 3 years old kid? Dadi says your daughters will figure something out. Akshay comes there and asks who is searching for a 3 years old kid? Dadi gets worried and says a kid got lost in the hospital so we are helping parents, you just focus on your health and listen to Aparajita. Akshay says I have no option but to listen to her. Aparajita looks on. Akshay starts leaving with Aparajita and Dadi.

Disha, Chhavi and Asha are looking at kids. Asha says we have to find a girl that looks like Chhavi. Guggo brings a kid and says she looks exactly like Chhavi. Disha says no she doesn’t. Asha says what will we do now? Aparajita is coming home with Akshay.Aparajita, Akshay and Dadi come back to society. Akshay is about enter his house but Aparajita says our house is getting renovated so we have shifted to a small house. Akshay says I will go and check it. He starts going towards the house, Dadi says you have to stop him. Akshay sees some workers entering the house and Aparajita tells him there is too much dust, lets see it later on. She takes it from there. Niya and Mohini thank the workers for coming there. Niya tells Mohini that we are doing all this for Dad. Mohini says you are helping Aparajita but you don’t know what I am feeling. Niya says I am feeling your pain but dad’s life is important, we have to take care of him and he will remember everything soon. Mohini nods and hugs her.

Aparajita and Akshay come to the house. Guggo opens the door so he asks who is he? Dadi says he is our distant relative’s son. Aparajita is worried if they found a little girl. Akshay holds her hand and asks where is Chhavi? A little girl comes there running and calls him papa. Akshay hugs her and smiles. Aparajita looks at Disha, Chhavi and Asha in the room and smile. Chhavi gets emotional recalling her relationship with Akshay. The flashback shows how Bappi came to the house with her grand-daughter, she looks exactly like Chhavi so they asked Bappi if they can keep her for some days. The flashback ends. Dadi tells Aparajita that I told you your daughters would do something. Bappi comes there and asks Akshay how is he now? He says I am good but you have gained a lot of weight? Bappi laughs and looks at her grand-daughter, she says Chhavi is cute. Akshay says this is not my Chhavi.

Manish comes back and Mohini thanks him. She says Aparajita will trap Akshay now, what will I do now? Manish says you compromised with her? Mohini says I don’t have an option, I can do anything to save Akshay. I met Akshay through you 20 years ago and he left his wife in 6 months to be with me but I don’t have time now, I have to make him remember everything now, he has to come back to me again.Akshay tells Aparajita that if it was my Chhavi then she would have hugged me. The girl hugs him and asks for toffee. Asha coughs and come out of the room. All are shocked. Akshay says who is this girl? Aparajita says this is Asha, she is Chhavi’s tuitor. Akshay says Chhavi doesn’t need tuition right now? Aparajita says Asha is smart that’s why I ask her to teach Chhavi. Akshay is confused, Asha takes little Chhavi from there.

Aparajita brings Akshay to their room, he looks around and says this is our room? Aparajita says your room. Akshay says why are you pushing me away? I just had an accident, are you angry at me because I said something or didn’t say something? Aparajita says I have no reason to be angry with you now. She tries to leave but Akshay grabs her saree pallu and says prove it, come closer and look in my eyes, tell me with love and smile like you did when we met first. Aparajita feels shy and awkward as he comes closer. She takes her saree pallu back and tries to leave but he grabs her and pulls her closer.

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