Destined by fate update Sunday 16 July 2023

Destined by fate 16 July 2023: Kanha tells Anjali that he knows she is acting and Saroj thinks Anjali is ill and has no one to take care of her and hence wants Anjali to stay here. He say she should remember that Sayuri is his wife and he is a one-woman man. He leaves from there followed by others. Saroj asks Anjali to stop her childish before of acting as committing suicide or else she won’t be able to convince Kanha and family members that Anjali is the right choice for Kanha. She asks Anjali to give her some time to convince Kanha and reminds how she ordered Kanha. Anjali asks what was the use for that, she wants to get Kanha at once, but Kanha is still behind Sayuri and said he is a one-woman man. She asks Saroj to explain Kanha what is good for him or else she won’t be able to explain her father if he finds out what she is going through. Saroj gets tensed. Anjali says she is confident on Saroj and knows Saroj will convince Kanha to marry her.

Nakul tries to calm down Kanha. Kanha says everything was going well and he was about to convince Sayuri to return home, but Anjali started her drama and Saroj is supporting her. He asks what wrong did he do that he is bearing punishment of separation from Sayuri. Nakul says he didn’t do anything and knows his brother can fight any situation and turn things in his family, he should live for himself like before and act bold and brave.

Sayuri returns home. Indrani tells Bhanu that Sayuri didn’t go to Kanha’s house and is still confused. Bhanu says Kanha will convince her to return home. Indrani says Kanha is handcuffed with Saroj’s love and Saroj is Anjali’s puppet; the way Anjali challenged them, she doesn’t think Kanha can break these handcuffs. Bhanu asks he to have faith on god.Nakul returns Kanha’s missing earring and says Sayuri bhabhi gave it. Kanha gets emotional and says he is missing Sayuri a lot and wants her back in his life somehow. Sayuri also misses Kanha and thrives to see him. Kusum expresses her shock with Anjali’s behavior and asks why she is blindly supporting Anjali. Saroj says if she doesn’t, Anjali’s father Amitabh will destroy their house. Kusum says they way Kanha reacted unperturbed when Anjali threatened to commit suicide, he doesn’t think Kanha would accept Anali back in his life; Kanha has moved on and loves Anjali now, so they should do something and tackle Anjali.

Sayuri goes on terrace to dry clothes and hopes to see Kanha once. Kanha walks to her and says he was missing her a lot. Sayuri thinks even she missed him. He kisses her cheeks and forehead via a veil curtain. Bawre Piya… song plays in the background. She tries to leave. He pulls her via veil and sticks her air in his T-shirt button. She frees it. He then sticks her pallu in his cuff and asks her to return home with him, don’t she feel pity seeing his condition, he loves her immensely and wants her to hold his hand and return home. She is about to hold his hand when she notices Anjali and walks away from there. Anjali walks to him and asks him to forget Anjali. Kanha asks why don’t she understand his words, its waste to speak t her. Anjali determines to extradicate Sayuri from Kanha’s life.

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