Aparajita zeeworld update Monday 31 July 2023

Aparajita 31 July 2023: Akshay tells Aparajita to find proof against Veer and then come to him.. he will stop their marriage then. Aparajita says if I get late then I would let my daughter marry Veer? I know he is not a good guy and I won’t let Chhavi marry him at any cost. Akshay glares at her and leaves. Mohini sees all that and says I will create a scene because of Chhavi’s marriage.. then I will activate my plan.Aparajita calls Disha and asks how is Bappi now? Disha says she is doing better but I have to stay with her. Aparajita says okay, keep me posted. Asha is trying to recover the video. Aparajita tells Disha that we have to find proof soon.

She ends the call. Asha tells Aparajita that I am trying but we can trace Ritika? Aparajita says we can’t find her anymore. She thinks I have to expose Veer as its about my daughter’s life.Veer comes to his den and Ritika is tied there. He makes her video and smirks.Akshay comes to Niya’s room and finds her talking to her friend on the call. Niya says I miss you so much sweeti.. I wish you would be here so I could hug you. She hears Akshay coming there so she ends the call. She says dad you here? Akshay says why are you calling me dad? you should call me sweeti. Niya blushes and says what? Akshay says what is going on? Niya says nothing. Akshay says who is sweeti? Niya says its my friend Sawartika.. she is a good friend of mine. Akshay says how sweet. He says you can treat me as a friend and share anything you want. Niya nods. Akshay says too much is going on int he life so I don’t want another surprise. Niya says don’t worry, I will share everything with you. He nods and leaves. Niya says I need to be careful, I can’t give him more stress.

Mohini meets Veer and says I will convince Akshay.. nobody can stop your and Chhavi’s wedding now. Veer says are you using me to save your marriage? you help me and I will help you in sending Akshay back to Dubai. Mohini says how do you know I am trying for that? Veer says I am your friend so I know things. Mohini says just take shagun to Aparajita’s house. Veer says she won’t accept it. Mohini says I have a plan.. Veer says your plans are flopping these days. Mohini asks him to shut up and tells him the plan. Veer says its a good one.. lets do it. They both smirk.

Scene 2
Niya looks at Akshay and Mohini’s photo sadly. Mohini comes there and asks if she is okay? Niya says do you love dad? Mohini says ofcourse I love him.. that Aparajita is acting like she loves him the most but I will prove her wrong. Niya says why do you have to prove her wrong? you don’t need to compete with her as Akshay is with you. Mohini says you are a kid so you don’t know a woman has to compete and fight to keep her man with her. If I remain silent then Aparajita will take Akshay away. Niya says Appu aunty is not like that.. she is the one who brought his memory back and her intentions are never about breaking your relationship with him so you should think about your relationship with Akshay only. If you are close to his heart then no one can snatch him from you.. can you just be normal and take care of dad? Mohini says loving someone is not enough.. we have to protect our love too.. you won’t understand it today but the day you fall in love then you will understand it. Niya looks on.

Asha is talking to Disha on the call and says I will try to find proof. Chhavi comes there and asks what proof? Asha gets scared and ends the call. Asha says I was talking about my assignment with my friend. Chhavi glares at her and leaves. Asha calls Disha and says I have found the address of the phone so Maa went to get it. Disha says once she finds the phone then we will get proof.

Chhavi comes to Dadi’s room. She says you forgot your purse in the house. Dadi says why are you looking sad? we all wanted Akshay to live with us but he had to get his memory back.. now he will be able to marry you. Chhavi says but I want my parents to do rituals like a couple. Dadi says they are a couple.. they never got divorced. The truth is that he is still Aparajita’s husband so they will do all rituals together. Chhavi hugs her and thinks I will get married at any cost.

Niya comes to Asha and asks about Aparajita. Asha says she went out for some work. Niya says I wanted to apologize for talking to her rudely and thank her for bringing dad’s memory back. Asha says Maa is not upset with her, she understands your emotions. Niya says she is not miffed with me? Asha says not at all. Niya and Asha share biscuits.. they hug each other.

Mohini comes to Akshay and hugs him. She says I love you.. he says I love you too.. you are showing too much love today? Mohini says I always love you so I have thought about what will give you happiness so I have tried something for you. I know you want Chhavi to get married so I talked to Veer’s dad. Akshay says what? Mohini says he called so we talked about the wedding. Akshay recalls about Aparajita’s words. Mohini says he would bring shagun to Aparajita’s house soon. Akshay gets angry and says why? I need to discuss this with Aparajita first. Its about our daughter so how can you do this? don’t do all this. I need to talk to Appu now. Mohini glares at him as he leaves. She says Appu.. Appu.. Appu.. I am tired of this name. I have to send her away from this world.

Akshay comes to Aparajita’s house and asks Asha where is Aparajita? She says she went out for some work. Aparajita comes there and says I am back with the proof, she tells Akshay that this video will show you what Veer did with his ex. Akshay says if you are right then I promise to not let Veer near Chhavi. Chhavi comes there and says you are believing Maa too? that’s why you didn’t want Veer’s family to bring shagun? Akshay says she is your mother so she won’t think bad about your future. Lets see the proof and end this matter. Aparajita shows the video which shows Ritika saying that Veer beats her up regularly. Chhavi says this girl is lying. Akshay says she was hospitalized, why would she lie? Aparajita says I am sure Veer attacked on Akshay that day. The video continues playing and Ritika says that I am lying to blackmail Veer.. I will keep him trapped with me. The video ends. Aparajita is confused. Akshay tells her that you were blaming Veer for this? you are being immature. Aparajita says I am not lying. This video is wrong. Chhavi says you think Veer made her do another video to prove you wrong? She angrily leaves. Akshay tells Aparajita that I don’t want to hear anything against Veer anymore, he leaves from there.

Chhavi comes to her room and cries. Asha tries to talk to her but Chhavi says I will marry Veer at any cost, Asha leaves from there. Chhavi is angry and takes her phone.

Aparajita says what if Veer morphed this video for real? How will I prove it?Mohini gives sweets to Veer and says you have failed Aparajita’s plan nicely. Veer says she won’t understand how I made a new video. Mohini glares at him and says you think I would spare you for hurting Akshay? I have poisoned the sweets. Veer panics and says what? Mohini says relax.. I was joking. Veer says I remember there was another video in the phone.. it was your confession to Aparajita.. what if Akshay finds that out? Mohini glares at him. Veer says I deleted that video. He thinks I have copy of that video.

Scene 2
Aparajita asks Dadi if she also thinks she is wrong? Dadi says a mother can never be wrong, why didn’t you tell me about Veer? Aparajita tells her everything. Dadi says I will be with you in this fight as a mother. They hear band playing so Aparajita goes to check.

Aparajita comes out of her room and finds Mohini coming there with shagun. She asks her to welcome her inlaws. Sunil arrives there with his family. Akshay welcomes them. Aparajita says what is all this? Akshay tells her that I called them and Mohini planned all this. Aparajita says you didn’t even ask me? Chhavi comes there and is ready. She says papa took this decision with me. I have always listened to you but let me take my life’s decision this time. The flashback shows how Chhavi called Akshay and told him to help her marry Veer. The flashback ends. Sunil tells Aparajita that we don’t mind you not liking Veer. Akshay asks them to sit down. Veer tells Aparajita that I hope your doubts are clear after watching the complete video. All family members sit to discuss about the marriage. Akshay tells Aparajita to not create a scene for Chhavi’s sake at least. Mohini says lets do the shagun ceremony. Veer’s mother gives shagun to Aparajita. Mohini asks Veer to make a video of it. Aparajita stops her and says I can’t accept this shagun but I don’t accept it. All look on. Sunil says we were called here for this? Akshay drags Aparajita away and says why are you creating a scene? I am doing this for Chhavi’s happiness as a father. Aparajita says when you came back after 15 years.. I didn’t want you to meet kids but then I saw fatherly love in your eyes so I let you in, I gave you right as a father and today you are taking away my right as a mother? Akshay says who are you to give me right as a father? I am their father and I don’t need any rights. I am doing this for Chhavi’s happiness, do the right thing. Aparajita says wrong is wrong and I won’t let Chhavi do it. This marriage is not good Chhavi and I won’t let it happen. She goes to the guests and says I can’t accept this shagun because I don’t accept this marriage proposal. Chhavi is hurt hearing that.


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