Promised Love Update Wednesday 3 March 2021

Promised Love 3 March 2021: starts with Azaan telling his employees that they shall skip lunch too and says fasting is good sometimes. He asks them to get back to work. He calls Sonia and asks why she didn’t tell that Noor has come? Sonia says she asked me not to tell her name to you. Azaan asks her to hear him and inform everyone in the office. Noor asks Sonia when Azaan will come. Sonia says Azaan is busy in the meeting and asks her to wait in the reception. Noor says I will wait for him in the VIP lounge, but Sonia says repair work is going on there. Noor sits in the reception area and says this is enough now. Azaan sees her through the window.

She calls him, but he doesn’t pick her calls. She asks herself to calm down and behave like Shayra. She feels hot and asks why AC is off. Sonia says AC work is going
on. She tries to get water and coffee, but it is also off. Noor says they have no manners as employees ignore her. She sees the staff members going and asks Sonia. Sonia says boss gave them half day leave as AC is not working. Azaan calls Shayra, but she doesn’t pick his call. She thinks she can’t come inbetween Noor and him. Her tears fall on the mobile. Sonia calls Azaan and says Noor is still waiting. Azaan asks her to do what he asked her to do. Mashuqa asks Shayra to have food.

Shayra says I am not hungry and asks her to keep the food in the fridge. She goes to her room and thinks Noor didn’t call, it means everything is fine between them.
Shayra is reading a book when Azaan comes and rests on her lap. She asks what are you doing? He says he don’t know what to do, so lied down in his lover’s lap. Shayra asks him to leave her hand. He says how to leave your hand and says he came home tired. She asks where is Noor? He asks her to come with him.

Noor comes home and tells Razia that she went to Azaan’s office and took food for him, but he left her there without AC, water and coffee. Razia says sorry to her for his behavior. Noor says will you don’t scold him. Razia says it is matter of you both and says you shall think what you have done that forced him to do this behavior with his childhood friend. Noor says Azaan has no right to insult me infront of his office staff. Azaan takes Shayra to dining table and says I didn’t have food since morning, and know that even you didn’t have food. Shayra says she is worried for Noor. Azaan asks why did you send her when I don’t want to see her. Shayra says she wants him to spend sometime with Noor. Azaan asks until when you will give your rights to Noor and says I know you are strong, but sometimes you shall not hear your heart.

He says lets have food. Shayra says I sent biryani for you. She asks why did you stay hungry in office and says Sonia told me. He holds her hand. Shayra asks him to stop it. Azaan asks her to stop resisting him and says don’t pretend to be strong always. She hugs him. Noor hears and sees them and fumes with jealously and anger. Shayra says lets have food now. Azaan says ok. He makes her have food first. Shayra tastes the food and makes him eat food. Song plays….Noor thinks to win him through fight. Razia goes to Bhopal’s women rights forum and asks her secretary. Worker says there is a serious case. Razia is about to sit on the chair, but the worker stops her. Razia asks why?

Shayra and Azaan comes there. They tell that they got a call from Mrs. Bhatia. Razia asks what is happening here? Noor comes wearing burqa and says I will tell? She shows her face. Razia asks what are you doing here? Mrs. Bhatia says Noor has filed case against you and her husband. Azaan and Shayra get upset with Noor. Razia is shocked. Worker says the complaint is against you and your son so you can’t be the chairman now. Razia asks what is this bad joke? Mr. Bhatia says she has filed complaint against you and her husband. She says injustice is meted to her. Noor says sorry and acts innocent. The ladies support her and asks her not to be sorry. They go against Razia.

Mrs. Bhatia telling that the complaint is against her. Razia says then I have no rights to sit on this chair, but you should have informed me first according to the rules. Mrs. Bhatia says we didn’t inform you as if you come to know about this case then you might force her to take back the case and suffocate her voice. Razia asks do you think that I will suffocate anyone’s voice. Surayya says may be it can happen. She says a mother can do anything. She says you will not go against your son for an orphan girl like Noor. Azaan asks her to stop it. Razia asks her to let her speak and says I shall see how much poison is there in her heart. Surayya says this is our house matter, and I will support truth. Azaan says we all know how much you say truth.

Surayya goes to the chair and asks Razia to move, sits on the forum’s chairperson chair. Azaan asks her to adjust the chair size and says your height is less than my Ammi. Surayya asks them to start the case. She asks Noor to say hesitantly, whatever she wants to say. Shayra says 1 min. She cleans the chair with her dupatta and asks Razia to sit. Surayya says criminal can’t sit. Shayra says she is blamed, but she is not accused. She says this is not the court and asks if anyone has the objection if Ammi sits. They nod no. Razia sits. Shayra asks Noor to say. Noor says she would have married Azaan before, but she married him recently. Noor tells that since she got married, she is getting tortured in her sasural. The forum member asks for the proofs. Dilruba brings laptop there. Noor signs him. He smiles looking at Surayya and Noor. He shows the photos on the projector screen. Noor tells that when she got married, everyone left her alone.

She says Azaan refused to see my face during arsi rasam and broke the arsi/mirror. Azaan shouts Noor. Shayra calms him down. The ladies seeing the pics. Noor says all the proofs are infront of you.surayya gives flying kiss to Dilruba. He gets happy. Noor asks them to see muh dikhayi points and says she was insulted during muh dikhayi rasam. She was given less points than Shayra and her gifts was given to Shayra. Surayya says everything happened infront of my eyes. Azaan says what nonsense and asks Noor how much she will stoop. Noor acts as innocent woman and asks him not to get upset. Shayra tries to calm him down. Mrs. Bhatia asks Razia to make him understand. Surayya says let Noor say, then you will also get a chance to speak. She asks Razia to make her son understand that he shall not shout at woman. She asks Noor not to get scared and asks if Azaan beats you. Razia says Azaan is brought up by yasmeen and me and says you are doubting on my upbringing. A lady says Azaan is like his father and married twice.

Razia says he didn’t marry for wrong doings, but he married her for his love, to fulfill Shayra’s promise and broke his own heart. She says everyone is interested here to malign our reputation and says if Noor has complaints with us then she can challenge us in court. She asks Azaan and Shayra to come.Shayra says wait. Azaan says we don’t care about them. Shayra says I don’t want anyone to make any issue and asks her to stop for them. Surayya thinks if they stop then I will stop them so much. She asks dilruba to show the slides. Dilruba shows the slides. Noor says Azaan insulted me and made my first rasoi sheer khurma to cat. Asgar’s shirtless slides are shown. Surayya asks Dilruba to close it.

Noor tells the ladies that Azaan don’t love and respect her and insulted her infront of the staff. She acts to cries. Surayya says you will get justice and says nobody has the right to torture bahu and wife. She says when Noor was tortured in your house infront of you, then why didn’t you raise your voice and stood for your bahu’s rights and asks if her teeth is just to show and not to eat anything. Shayra says I will give the answer to this. Surayya says I am talking to Razia and calls her beta. Shayra says this is not your house and says you had only said that we can clarify when Noor is done. She says Azaan didn’t eat the sheer khorma, but tasted it. She says when the ladies were waiting for Noor for muh dikhayi, she came in night gown shamelessly. The lady says Razia and you never wear burqa. Shayra says we never did anything shamelessly. She says if the face is hidden then only face will be seen. She asks the lady in the forum to say as she was present at that time. The lady says we all were shocked when noor came in the night gown.

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