Promised Love Update Thursday 4 March 2021


Promised Love 4 March 2021: starts with Shayra telling the forum members that when all the ladies were waiting for Noor’s muh dikhayi rasam, Noor came in wearing gown. The forum lady says she was there too. Shayra says coming to the comparison and score board during muh dikhayi. She says it was the bad idea to compare Noor and me using the score board. She asks Dilruba to tell who has brought that score board and takes Azaan, Razia and her name. He says Razia was not there. Surayya gets worried and asks what do you want to say, as the idea was hers to humiliate Shayra. Noor asks her what she wants to proof. Shayra says I didn’t say when you was saying and says before Azaan came, comparison have started with nasty comments that who is more beautiful, charm and spice, with whom Azaan enjoyed a lot on the first
night etc. She says Dilruba will not tell about that person’s name, but I can say.

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She says she will not tell as she knows how to keep her family respect safe. She says coming to the marriage, everyone except Noor was sad and thought the marriage is wrong. She asks Noor to tell why and how the marriage happened? Noor asks her not to bury the past. Shayra says you are also doing the same. She says if you have so much problems with Azaan then you should have talked to Ammi or me, but you thought to bring this thing outside. She says let me tell in what circumstances Azaan and you got married. She says that marriage happened, just because of my one mistake. She says Noor’s mother and fiance died due to my mistake and I was helpless to give Noor whatever she demands. She says she forced Azaan to marry her, but Azaan refused to divorce her and wants to be in twin marriage, but I refused, but Noor agreed for polygamy. She says Azaan had told Qazi Saheb that he don’t love Noor on the marriage day itself, says he was forced to marry, but can’t be forced for love. Noor is upset and angry, but controls her anger.

Shayra asks the forum members if they would have done this if they were on her place. She says I wouldn’t have done this, but I was helpless due to religion and my duty. She says she wants to give shelter to her, who was her husband’s best friend and whose mother thought her as her daughter. Noor signs Surayya. Surayya says seems like Shayra has nothing to say now. Azaan says but I have something to say.
Azaan asks the ladies if they can give such a big sacrifice to fulfill a promise which Shayra did. He asks can you get your husband marry someone else just for a promise. He asks them to imagine if they can refuse their husband love, stay away from him and give sacrifice in love. He says can anyone do? No. only my Shayra can do. He says my Shayra sacrificed her love to keep promise made to Khala. He says Noor said that she was humiliated, but do you know how Shayra felt humiliated. He says I wish I would have hired secret photographer to capture those moments and then you would have known how she made our life hell, whatever happened with her is nothing, but our condition is worse than hers. The forum members tell that they need time to decide. Surayya talks to them. Shayra gives water to Razia. Razia drinks water.

Noor looks angrily at them. Mrs. Bhatia tells that they have reached the decision that Razia Akhtar mirza and Azaan Akhtar Mirza are innocent. Surayya says it seems you are afraid of Razia begum. Shayra asks Noor to end this matter fast else she don’t know what she can do. Noor angrily asks if she is threatening her. Shayra asks her to say sorry to Razia now itself. Surayya says I don’t agree to this decision. Noor says I agree to this decision and taking back the complaint, I overreacted and made a big issue. Surayya is surprised and says Noor has a big heart and taking back the case. She asks why Noor is forced to take this big step against Razia and Azaan. Noor says Surayya begum provoked me to take this step as she wants to make Razia Begum humiliated. Surayya asks what are you saying?

Noor apologizes to Razia, Azaan and Shayra. Surayya asks if you have gone mad to take my name? She threatens Noor. Noor asks her to watch video on her phone. Surayya sees Khalid’s confession video. Noor says end this drama, if I get drown then will drown with you. Surayya says case ends here. Mrs. Bhatia says you are not a forum member anymore. Surayya asks what did I do? Mr. Bhatia says you provoked Noor and accused Razia. She apologizes to Razia and asks her to accept this chairperson’s chair. Razia stops her, writes her resignation and gives to Mrs. Bhatia. She says she became member 12 years ago just to get justice for the woman and was proud of their work, as no injustice was happened to a woman before, but whatever has happened today, my son and I was humiliated and my upbringing is questioned. She says she don’t want to be the chairperson now and asks her to make Surayya as the chairperson as she proved her competency today.

They come home. Azaan asks her to listen to him. Razia says I don’t want to talk to anyone. She says I am tired, you all have complicated your lives, you and your begums solve this complication and don’t interfere me in your problems. She goes. Azaan says Ammi and gets upset on Shayra.Surayya and Noor having an argument. Surayya says I shouldn’t have trusted you. Noor tells that she wouldn’t have listened to her and says Azaan got upset with me. Surayya shouts Noor. Noor says even I have the tongue. She tells that she understands that she wants to become chairperson of the forum using her as the ladder. She insults Surayya and asks her to agree to her if she asks her to end the drama in future. She says you have no value. Surayya goes behind her and asks if I am your Servant and calls her naukrani’s daughter. Noor says she is would be bahu begum of Bhopal and asks her to start obeying her orders. She calls her Surayya.


Dilruba asks Mashuqa if she got Asgar pics in the footage and runs behind her. She puts flour on him and asks him to bring chocolate for her. He says don’t know who has won. Azaan asks Shayra if she wanted this and that’s why forced me to marry Noor. Shayra says this is not right. Azaan says Noor’s stubbornness, my helplessness, but what was my Ammi’s fault and tells that today she has to bear women taunts who has always fought for the women rights. He says there was no tears in her eyes, but I died thousand’s death seeing tears stopping in her eyes. He says I told you that Noor is not that which we know and says this is her anger, evilness and hatred. Shayra says I didn’t know that Noor will do something like that. Azaan goes upset. Shayra thinks today you have crossed all limits. Noor calls Dilruba to have food. Shayra comes and holds her hand. She takes her outside the house and pushes her. Noor asks how dare you to push me. Shayra says until I complete my words, you will be silent. Noor is about to go inside the house. Shayra says you can’t enter until I tell you. She asks her to be silent and calls her choti begum.

She says today you have crossed all limits and asks what is that tamasha in the forum. She says Ammi was humiliated due to you and says it was because of me, that you are staying here else you will be kicked out in a moment. She says you are seeing the dream of becoming bahu begum, for that you have to win Azaan’s heart. He says you should have known that for Azaan, his Ammi comes first and she is like a God to him. She says you have hurt Azaan.
Noor says I have taken the case back.

Shayra says how you will take people’s taunts and humiliations. She says I did a mistake and gave whatever you asked for. She says scores are settled and asks why shall I let you live here, in Azaan’s life? Noor asks what are you going to do? Shayra holds her hand and takes her to Yasmeen and Noor’s room. She says you are here in this house because of Yasmeen. She says our destiny is written already, but our doings affect it, whatever we do, we get it back in this world. She says as you sow, so you reap and asks her to remember that Yasmeen Khala is counting all your mistakes and even God. She says who says that you was born to her and says it is good that she died else would have died seeing your this face. She says you didn’t insult Razia, but Yasmeen Khala. She says it is in your hands to save your marriage and says if she hurts Azaan and Razia then she will kick her out. She says this is your last chance, just remember. She goes.

Razia hears them. Surayya is angry as Noor has taken her name and says she will show her value to her. She says she feels to tell Azaan and Shayra about Noor, but can’t send her son to jail. Asgar asks her not to forget that their real enemy is Razia. Azaan is in the office. Sophia comes there and tells that someone came. Mr. Mehra comes there and gives file. Azaan finds flower and I am sorry paper. An employee comes and asks him to forgive her. Azaan thinks nothing will change with sorry. He sits there. Shayra brings bond papers in which she is apologizes to Azaan and praises him to be a good husband and son. He says it is written that he is looking handsome that she wants to kiss him. She says she didn’t write it. Azaan says but you want to. He accepted her apology. Shayra holds her ears and says sorry. Azaan holds her closer and says I am sorry to take out my anger on you. Shayra kisses on his cheeks. He asks her to control herself as it is his office. Shayra says I am your wife. Song plays…jaanleva….Azaan says I love you more and more….he kisses on her forehead. Noor comes and watches them from outside. She thinks Shayra told me to win his heart and she is trapping Azaan. She says I will win Azaan’s heart later, but first I will teach her a lesson.

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