Promised Love Update Friday 5 March 2021

Promised Love 5 March 2021: starts with Noor coming to Razia and tells her that she didn’t come to complain or fight with her, but came to cry keeping her head on her lap. While Razia lets her keep her head on her lap, Noor smirks and Razia sees her in the mirror shockingly. Noor tells that she has asked Azaan from Shayra as she is married to him and says I have nobody except Azaan and you, and got a bit of selfish. Razia says you have taken the wrong steps due to the insecurities. Noor says she is asking for the rights being the wife and says you had gone through the same feelings. She says how one feels when her husband loves other woman.

Promised Love 4 March 2021

She says I don’t want Azaan to stop loving Shayra, but want him to love me. Razia asks her to get up and do something. Noor calls Azaan and tells that Razia wants Shayra and him to come home. Azaan and Shayra come home. Azaan asks are you serious Ammi? Razia tells that Noor is asking for a chance to be his wife. Azaan asks what you want? Noor says I am your wife and want to become your wife in all means. Azaan says you have to earn to be my wife. Noor says I can do anything to get you. Azaan asks her to think of failure. Noor says she never loses and can prove to be better wife than Shayra. Azaan says we shall give chance to her and asks Noor to play game with Shayra. Shayra says she don’t want to play game. Noor says your wife is accepting defeat. Azaan stops her and asks them to bring most precious thing from the house. Noor thinks she knows and runs to get it. Dilruba and Mashuqa think Noor will win. Shayra asks Azaan why don’t you give a chance to her if she wants. Razia says Noor wants to play games. Noor brings Pasa and says it is bahu begum’s Pasa and it is Bhopal’s most precious thing.

She asks what does badi begum brought? Nothing. She asks Shayra, didn’t she find anything or didn’t play due to fear. She says you might have understood that you can’t win from me and says I know what is kept where and where it should be. Shayra asks her to stop it and tells her that most precious thing for her is her husband Azaan and says he is most precious in the world. Noor says he said thing and says if he had said human then…Azaan says you would have stood infront of the mirror. He says lets make her winner, but my heart is won by Shayra as usual. Dilruba says who has won. Mashuqa says we shall wait. Noor stops Azaan and asks where are you going? He asks why? She asks for her rights. Azaan says I will give whatever you ask. Noor says I have 5 conditions, I will read bismillah daily before you go to office, you will shower the love on me which you had showered on Shayra, 2 condition is that you will have dinner with me, 3rd condition is you can stay with Shayra in day time, but only I will have rights on all your nights. 4th condition, you will sleep with me on my bed, 5th condition, you will give the same things to me which you give to Shayra.

Azaan says I agree. He says you want to say that bismillah will be read by the one who reads by mouth and not by heart, I have to kiss the bijli and not the chand before going. He says have to eat food who makes me eat food with her hand and not with the girl who makes me eat food lovingly. He says I will come and stay on your bed, but my peace and sleep will be with Shayra. He says rights and charity will be equal. Razia shouts. Azaan says I was explaining her that she will get everything whatever she asks for. Azaan collides with Shayra and holds her. He says sorry. He smiles and asks Noor to come. Noor is going away from there and Azaan keeps hand on her shoulder and she falls down in the pool. Noor shouts Azaan ke bacche.

Shayra comes there. Azaan says I did the same thing which I did with Shayra, but you fell down in the pool. Dilruba comes to Surayya and tells that Noor fell in the pool. Surayya says she didn’t die. He asks where to keep the clothes. Surayya says on her head. Dilruba keeps it on her head. Surayya pushes it down. Razia comes there and asks Dilruba to keep clothes in the suitcases. Surayya asks where are we going? Razia says Sultanpur and tells that they have farming land there and asks them to do farming there. She gives papers to Surayya and tells that this is the small punishment after 30 lakhs fraud in company and insult in forum. She says you have 15 days to go from here.

Dilruba asks what I will do with Asgar goes from here. Mashuqa asks him to go with Asgar. Azaan comes to Razia and asks if she can talk now. Razia says its ok. Azaan asks why did you resign from the forum. He says you get happiness when you are there? Razia tells that she gets happiness by doing work for woman and tells that she is thinking to start a community who will fight for women’s rights and make them self dependent. She says she wants Shayra to become co- chairperson. Azaan gets glad. Razia says I am proud of your choice. Azaan thanks and hugs her. He says you didn’t know how much happiness I am feeling seeing happiness on your face. He asks why did you support Noor? Razia tells that Noor is asking for her right now as she was not against her rights. She says Shayra will understand now, that it is easy to give husband to other woman, but difficult to see him with other woman. She says we have to pulled the strings, before opening and says only Shayra can break this polygamy. Azaan says you are very clever Ammi. Razia smiles and goes.

Azaan coming to Shayra’s room and closes the door so that nobody disturb them. He asks her to have popcorn and says it is good. Shayra says I will eat it myself. He sits down and looks at her. Shayra asks why are you looking at me. Azaan says I am looking at my life and trust me it is very beautiful. He takes her to window and says he used to wait for the sunset so that he can see her face in moonlight, but now he don’t want sun to set now. He recalls Noor’s condition. Shayra tells him that Sun is set now, but will rise tomorrow and it will be morning again. Azaan says I am waiting for that morning. She holds his hand and takes him towards the door. He goes out. Shayra cries.

Azaan comes to Noor’s room. Noor holds his hand and says I have a surprise for you.
She shows the carrom board on the bed and says we used to play carrom in childhood and have Maggie. She says I know that everything can’t be normal in one night and says we shall start with friendship and then you will fall in love with me. They sit to have carrom. She gives him Maggie. He tastes it and gets up. Noor asks what happened? Azaan says I am not enjoying this game as you have played so many games with me that these games are looking childish now. He brings popcorn and says he made it for Shayra also. He throws on her and takes his suit. She asks where is he going now? Razia tells that he is going to meet American client. Noor gets upset.

Surayya tells Asgar that she will not go to Sultan pur and do farming. She asks why did you do fraud in company. Asgar says for your son. Surayya says he is your son also. Azaan comes out after changing his clothes and asks Noor to sleep. Razia asks Azaan what excuse, he will make tomorrow. Azaan says he will see and asks for her help. He comes to Shayra’s room while she is sleeping and thinks he don’t want to increase her troubles and says you will understand when you get up in the morning. He leaves. In the morning, Azaan calls Shayra and wishes her happy birthday. He asks her to take the dress kept there. He tells her that he came to office in the night itself and tells everything. Shayra says you shouldn’t have done this with Noor. She refuses to wear dress and come with him.

Razia comes there and wishes her happy birthday. She asks Shayra to attend an event on her behalf. Shayra says she will go. Azaan says Ammi. Razia asks where is he? Shayra says he was on call. Razia says you stay in a house and talking on a phone. Shayra tells Azaan that she can’t go out with him as she is going to attend an event. Azaan asks her to wear that dress only. Shayra refuses and finds the wardrobe empty. She has no choice than to wear the dress gifted by Azaan. Razia comes out and tells Mashuqa that she has messaged Azaan. Mashuqa says she asked Shayra to get ready. Noor steals Razia’s phone and reads the message. She keeps back the phone and thinks she will go there and not Shayra. Surayya comes and asks her which bouquet she likes. She says today is Shayra’s birthday and she brought this for her. Noor taunts her. Surayya says they are leaving in 15 days. Noor laughs and asks her to swear on God. Surayya tells that she thought to take her help, but you have no value. Noor threatens to expose Khalid. Surayya says if Khalid goes to jail then you will be out of this house.Noor shouts Chachi. Surayya warns her and goes. Noor picks the flower from the bouquet and thinks she will win from Shayra. She calls Dilruba. Dilruba comes to Shayra and gives her bouquet saying Azaan sent it. Razia stops him and tells that Azaan can’t send these flowers as he knows that you are allergic to it.

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