Promised Love Update Monday 29 March 2021


Promised Love 29 March 2021: starts with Razia asking Shayra, who broke the Pasa. Shayra says I broke it. Razia says I told you clearly about its importance and says if you couldn’t handle the responsibility of Pasa, then how you will take care of responsibility of Bhopal. Noor comes ahead to confess. Shayra holds her hand and stops her. Qazala says choti Razia is rescuing her sautan and lying. Razia asks what you are saying? Qazala asks Noor to say the truth and gives her yasmeen’s promise. Noor tells that she tried Pasa on her head when a stone came and hit on her head and the Pasa fell down. Razia says why didn’t you tell me before. Qazala and Surayya taunt her. Noor says I was just trying. Surayya says she is still having dreams to become bahu begum. Qazala says she is acting sweet, but has hidden desires.

Noor says I don’t want anything rather than your love. Shayra tells that Noor didn’t do this mistake deliberately. Razia says you have hidden Noor’s mistake, you both have done a mistake and I don’t hope this. Noor cries. Qazala spits paan in the bowl and says I am returning your stuff with interest (Paan). In the room, Razia scolds Shayra in the room and says I thought that you will handle this house tradition and customs. Shayra says sorry. Noor says it was my mistake. Razia says you are always irresponsible and that’s why I am not angry at you, but I am angry at Shayra. She says you are not competent to handle the Pasa. Razia asks them to go and says she is very angry. Surayya in Qazala’s room rejoices happily. Qazala says real drama haven’t started yet. Shayra apologizes to Razia and says she didn’t mean to lie to her. She says I tried to save Noor from Dadi Ammi as she humiliates Noor. She says I would have told you after the Pasa is ready. She tells about the responsibility of Bhopal and it is shame for her not to fulfill the responsibility. She says you are increasing Noor’s mistake by hiding it and asks her to go.

Azaan asks Noor until when she will do this childish act and says your childishness troubles all of us. She says do you know what it means, that Bahu begum’s Pasa couldn’t be presented for heritage exhibition. Noor holds her ears to apologize. Azaan says your childishness will drown everyone of us. Noor hugs him. Qazala asks Shayra if she is upset with her and says I shouldn’t have lost my temper and I couldn’t stop myself from scolding you. She says if the precious things get broken then it hurts. Shayra says I am not upset with you and is feeling ashamed of my doings. Qazala says today she went to dargah to pray for Azaan and her and says what one can do if you have decided to drown. She asks her to turn and see. Shayra sees Noor hugging Azaan. Qazala says Noor forgets her limitation of friendship and says if Azaan forgets it. Shayra asks what do you mean? Qazala asks her to call Azaan. She ties thread to Shayra and asks her to stay away from Azaan for two weeks, as baba said. Azaan asks what? Qazala asks them to believe her. Noor comes there. Qazala says she brought thread for her too and says you have to stay away from Azaan for two weeks.

Azaan asks what are you saying? He says you tied this to Shayra for our married life, but why to Noor? Qazala says you are not yet divorced as court is closed for 2 weeks. Noor asks why is she doing the tamasha. Qazala says you can’t stay away from Azaan. Shayra says you are thinking her wrong. She says Azaan’s intentions can change. Azaan tries to talk to her. Razia comes there. Noor tells Razia about Qazala’s demand. Razia says what is your problem and asks Qazala to tie the taweez. Qazala says this is a wonder that bahu is taking my side. Razia asks Noor to get the taweez tied and asks her not to argue or do tamasha.

Qazala asks Shayra to make Noor understand and says I am doing this for betterment of you all. Azaan tries to talk. Qazala asks him not to interfere and asks Shayra if she is saying wrong. Shayra says no and asks Noor to get the taweez tied. She says I am tying it hard so that you feel pain and remember to be away from Azaan. She thinks this taweez will bring storm in your lives.Qazala tying taweez to Noor and says I tied it tightly so that you feel pain and it remind you to stay away from Azaan. She goes. Noor asks Shayra if she don’t believe her. Shayra says when did I say this? Noor says this means you want me to stay away from Azaan. Shayra says I don’t find anything wrong in this and reminds Azaan of his words. She says she kept Dadi Ammi’s words and that doesn’t mean that she don’t trust Noor. Noor says this means Dadi Ammi’s happiness is more than my happiness. Shayra asks her not to compare herself with Dadi. Noor says I am childish and will do childish acts.


Surayya asks Qazala what is her next plan? Qazala asks did you play chess and says we will see the opposite side moves and then will react. She tells that she had the
habit of drowning the paper boat in the water and tells that they have to do the same here. She says boat name is Razia.
Azaan comes to Noor. Noor is angry and asks him to go. He asks her to calm down and is about to go. Noor asks her not to increase her anger. He asks on whom you are angry? On Shayra…She says Lalita Pawar. Shayra calls Azaan and asks where are you? Qazala says he is there where he should not be. She says I made kheer for you and make her taste it. She says I know you both have bear a lot till today and says she prays for their unity. She says husband and wife relation can break, but not parents’ relation. She asks her to become parents and think of baby. She asks her to turn and see Noor with Azaan.

She says mistake is yours, man is like horse, when you are giving liberty to him, he will take advantage. Azaan tries to cheer her up. Shayra says Azaan is trying to cheer her up. Qazala says this thing happens between husband and wife and not between friends. Shayra says you are doubting her unnecessarily. Qazala says friendship is different and says Azaan is with her and you are alone here. She says if you don’t listen to me then you will repent. She provokes her and starts walking. Shayra gets worried. Qazala smiles and goes.

Later, Azaan comes to room and tells Shayra that he was with Noor, as she is still upset. He asks if she is also upset. Shayra says may be you didn’t think that Ammi scolded me. Azaan asks if she is upset that he didn’t convince her first. He says Noor is a girl and childish, but you are mature and everyone understand you, but nobody understands Noor.

He is about to hug her, but she shows the taweez and lies down on the bed. In the morning, Azaan tells Razia that someone wants to say you something. Shayra holds her ears. Azaan holds Noor’s hand and takes her inside. Shayra is taken aback. Noor and Shayra apologize to Razia. Razia forgives them. Noor says they shall have party and go for lunch with Dadi, Chacha and Chachi. Shayra says she don’t want to go and goes. Azaan says they can’t go. Noor says ok. Razia says she wants to talk to Azaan.

Noor goes. Razia tells Azaan that Shayra needs to go out and asks them to go on a holiday. He says why suddenly? Razia says I feel that Shayra needs a break as something happens here always. She says Shayra shall get a change and you both will get a chance to spend time with each other. She asks him not to tell anyone about it. Azaan says ok and asks about Dadi. Razaia says I will handle everything and asks him not to tell anything to Noor, if she comes to know that she will tell everyone. She says she is going out of city for a meeting and will return once the work is done. Aladdin hears them.Later Aladdin comes to Azaan’s room and clicks the pics of travelling ticket. Qazala sees something on her mobile and says he got the stone. Mashuqa comes and sees Aladdin taking the pics. She asks him. He tries to divert her attention, but Mashuqa asks him to show his phone. Azaan comes there. Mashuqa complains to Azaan that Aladdin was taking the pics. She snatches his phone and opens her mouth in shock.

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