Promised Love Tuesday Update 30 March 2021

Promised Love 30 March 2021: starts with Mashuqa getting shocked and smiles seeing her pic. Azaan asks her to show the pic. Mashuqa gets shy and runs away. Aladdin smiles. Qazala tells that she found the stone and tells that Azaan and Shayra are going out. Surayya asks about Noor. Qazala asks her to wait for the tamasha and keep adding the stone in the boat. Noor is sleeping and is troubled thinking of the happenings. Qazala comes there holding the candles. Noor gets scared and shouts. Qazala says I have come. She tells that she is not bad and came to see her. She asks Noor if she is going with Azaan and Shayra. Noor says we…Qazala says may be both are going. Noor says they both love me and asks her not to provoke her. Qazala says they think you as an orphan and is just sympathetic. She says you are Servant’s daughter, whose mother has taken care of Razia all life. Noor says she will talk to them in the morning. Qazala says they are leaving in 3 hours. Shayra gets troubled thinking of Qazala’s words.

She wakes up and finds Noor standing near their bed. She thinks Noor coming there and scolding her for ruining her plan and tells that she has more right on Azaan than her and he cares for her much. Shayra asks her to go and holds her hand. Noor shouts and complains to Azaan that Shayra threatened her. Azaan gets upset with Shayra. It turns out to be Shayra’s dream. Azaan asks her to get ready as they are leaving at 7 am. They have a flight to catch. Shayra asks where are we going? He says holiday, just we both. They come out. Shayra asks if nobody knows about it. Azaan says yes and tells that nobody knows except Ammi, you and me. Just then some men come there and hit Azaan on his face. Azaan looks at them. Shayra gets shocked. They call him hero and beat him. They beat him. Noor asks them to beat him more. Shayra gets down from the car and asks Noor to stop them. Noor asks if they are tired. They all laugh. Azaan also laughs and tells that they are not goons, but Noor and my friends.

They greet Shayra. One friend asks how did Azaan get you? Noor asks Shayra to thank her as she saved Azaan from Kirti. Kirti says you tried to get him by marrying him forcibly. Shayra says Noor is divorcing him now. Noor says yes, and says it is better to remain single rather than being with him. Azaan asks how did they come at night. The friends tell that Noor called them to celebrate Diwali. Shayra looks at Noor upset. Varun tells that they wanted to surprise him. Azaan says we were going to honeymoon. Noor says you wanted to go without informing me. Azaan says you are spying on me. his friends apologize to Azaan. They ask Azaan and Shayra to go and says we can meet later. Azaan asks them to come inside. Shayra gets angry.
Qazala tells Surayya that Azaan and Shayra will not go now as Noor has put the break to their wish. She says I stopped it actually. Shayra is upset and says they did packing unnecessarily. Azaan comes and says sorry. He says friends are mine. He says if you say then I will ask them to go. Shayra says this is not London, we respect guests here and our trip is postponed and not cancelled. Mashuqa comes and says your friends are calling you.

Qazala tells that she provoked Noor and now Shayra is upset with her. She says we shall see until Shayra bears her.a friend saying sorry to Shayra and says we spoiled your honeymoon. Shayra says its ok, we are happy to see you. Noor says Shayra lies so nicely. Shayra asks why you didn’t come for marriage. A friend says whose nikaah? Noor says Azaan gave you two chances, but you didn’t come even once. Qazala comes there and asks Shayra why the taweez is loose? Shayra and Azaan say it is same as it was. Qazala reminds Shayra that she has to stay far from Azaan. A friend asks Azaan if you are going with honeymoon with Taweez on the hand.

Azaan makes him eat laddo. Qazala asks Noor to show her hand. They ask if Noor shall stay away from Azaan. Noor asks her friend why she cares if she wears taweez or not. Shayra says Noor is our family and Dadi Ammi cares for her equally. Razia comes there and sees Azaan friends. She asks Azaan. Azaan says they came at 4 am in the morning. Jeweller comes and greets Razia. Razia says we will celebrate Diwali together. She asks Azaan’s friends to choose the jewellery which they like as a gift. They get happy. Razia asks Shayra if she is fine. Shayra says yes. Azaan asks Noor if she likes the big box. Noor says yes. The friends ask Azaan to guess what will Shayra like. Shayra whispers something in a friend’s ear. Noor says Shayra will select S pendant. Shayra says you shall not say. Azaan identifies Shayra’s choice of pendant. Shayra smiles. They ask if Shayra knows Azaan much. Noor says I agree with Kirti. Razia tells that she is going to Mumbai. Qazala thinks the house will changed by the time you return. Shayra looks at Noor and is upset.

Azaan comes to Shayra while she is making rangoli and talks to her. The friend asks Noor to take their pic. Mashuqa comes and collides with Noor. Noor falls near them and the diya falls. The friends tease Noor. Shayra says its ok. They went to play balloon game. There are two teams, One is of Shayra and other is of Noor. One of the friend tells that whoever answers right will hit the balloon on other’s face. They ask with whom Azaan had a fight with? Shayra says with Noor when he was just 3 years for mirchi achaar. Qazala asks Shayra to hit balloon on Noor’s face. Shayra hits balloon on Noor, but it falls down. Noor gets saved. They ask when Azaan was learning cycling, who used to run behind him. Noor says my Ammi. She throws water balloon on Shayra’s face.
Azaan asks Shayra if she is fine? The friend says Noor must have thrown it angrily. They ask what is Azaan’s favorite movie? Shayra says Mr. India. They say no. Noor says Mughale Azam and throws another balloon on Shayra. Shayra feels pain and says I was not ready. Qazala asks her to be ready. Noor says if you don’t be careful then accident will happen.

A friend says Shayra has to answer two right answer to win and Noor has to say one right answer to win. Qazala signs Aladdin to keep the balloon there and says Pasa will be of Shayra. Azaan says they are not taking about that Pasa. They ask what is Azaan favorite destination. Noor says his favorite destination was Paris. Shayra says edenburg and throws balloon on Noor’s face. Noor says I was not ready and sees black color on her hand and face. Shayra gets shocked too.

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