The Cost Of Love Update Tuesday 30 March 2021

The Cost Of Love 30 March 2021: starts with Pankti asking Ahaan not to hurt himself. Anita says you both can just play this game, but it will happen what JD wants. Anita leaves with Pankti and Purva. Ahaan asks Uday where else can he perform. Uday says its a night club. Jagdish hears them and calls JD. Uday and Ahaan come to the night club. Uday says you will get well paid, will you sing here. Ahaan sees the dancers…. and people drinking. Jagdish sees them and calls JD. Uday leaves.

Manav says when will Aparna understand this, why does he always fight. Aparna says whatever he did was right, Chopra was trying to misbehave with Pankti. Manav says yes, but we should have …. JD comes and says I had a small work, just pay this money to Adarsh. Manav says I will find him and give this. JD says I will come
along, that man misbehaves a lot. They leave. Ahaan sings Tere liye…. The guys start passing comments. The man asks Ahaan to sing something good. Ahaan sings Tu cheez badi hai…. Dancers dance. Adarsh calls Manav to the club. Manav and JD come there. They meet Adarsh to pay money. JD acts and makes Manav see Ahaan. Manav gets shocked. JD asks is this really Ahaan. Adarsh taunts that Ahaan cancelled the concert to sing at his real place. JD argues with him. Manav goes to Ahaan. Ahaan gets shocked seeing him. He stops singing. The guys ask Ahaan to get down the stage if he can’t sing. Adarsh and the guys insult Ahaan, while JD acts good and helpful in front of Manav. Manav gets angry.

Adarsh says Ahaan is JD’s nephew, JD has to pay my loans because of Ahaan. He threatens JD about his reputation. The guys joke on Ahaan’s bad days. JD makes a sad face and goes away. He smiles seeing Adarsh. Ahaan sees them and recalls JD’s words. Adarsh starts arguing with Manav. Ahaan reacts seeing Manav’s insult. He gets into a fight with Adarsh and says that concert was just a drama, you all are together. Manav stops Ahaan. Ahaan doesn’t see him and turns to hit. He sees Manav and stops. Adarsh taunts Ahaan and Manav. Manav sadly leaves. Ahaan holds Adarsh’s collar and says tell me, JD did this to stop me from earning ten crores. Jagdish smiles. Ahaan gets shocked seeing police.

Manav apologizes to JD. JD says don’t be sorry, I took you there, I should apologize, don’t know what you went through seeing Ahaan. Aparna asks what did he do. Manav says he insulted our family once again, he was singing at an indecent bar. Aparna sees JD and says you don’t tell me what decent people do, why did Ahaan sing there, what’s the need. Manav says he wants to insult us, that’s his need. Vikram asks where is he right now. JD gets a call from Adarsh. Adarsh says congrats, Ahaan is arrested, he can’t earn money, he will be in lockup for 10 days. JD smiles. He turns to everyone and says police arrested Ahaan. They get shocked.

Aparna believes Ahaan. She asks Manav to say anything, but she won’t let Ahaan stay in lockup, she will go and free him. JD says you are bahu of this house. Aparna says Ahaan is son of this house. Manav asks her to understand. Vikram says calm down, I will get him freed. Ahaan gives away his belongings. He keeps the cash in pocket. Inspector asks him to keep cash. Ahaan asks why, its not stolen money. Inspector says keep the cash here. Ahaan says no, leave this. Inspector falls on the table by Ahaan’s jerk. Inspector puts him in lockup. JD asks Vikram did he free Ahaan, they are waiting. Vikram is in a club. He asks JD to tell them, the wait will get long. He says I m having drinks to forget the sorrow of my brother going to jail. JD ends call and tells everyone that Vikram is trying to free Ahaan, but commissioner said he can’t get bail soon. Sheetal asks him to do something. She asks Aparna not to take tension. Aparna taunts JD and says Ahaan’s helper will reach him soon. Ahaan recalls JD’s words. He says I m so sorry Pankti

Pankti coming to the police station. She asks inspector to free Ahaan, he doesn’t get angry without a reason, he is a big singer. She shows his concert video. He says he has come here before. She gives money and her jewelry for bail. Ahaan looks on. Inspector sees her and says you stopped your tears, but he cried out, if he does anything again. She says I will get him by holding his ears. She asks Ahaan to say he won’t do such thing again. Ahaan nods. She requests inspector. Inspector leaves Ahaan.JD asks what, Ahaan got bail, who got this done. Aparna gets glad and asks why are you surprised, you were also trying to free him. JD says yes, I was thinking why did this get delayed. He tells something to Manav.

Ahaan asks Pankti to listen, Uday told her everything right. He thanks her. She gets angry and asks him should she see his injured state. She does aid to his wounds. Pal do pal ….plays…. He smiles seeing her. He says I feel this punishment is my reward. He asks her not to demoralize him. He says I will meet you after arranging money, you can leave now. He leaves. She cries. She leaves in the taxi. Uday says you love her a lot right. They leave for home. Monty calls Purva. He jokes. She says sorry, I was tensed. He says I had upset you before, sorry, I decided to mix strong friendship with business. She says it means you will help Ahaan, thanks. He says it would be good if you offer coffee with thanks. She says I don’t like coffee. He gives her many options. She smiles.
Ahaan comes home. Aparna worries seeing him hurt and hugs. She takes him for aid. Manav asks Ahaan why did he sing at such cheap bar. Ahaan says I have to pay someone’s loans. Manav asks who is that man, tell me, I will clear your loan. JD says his age is such, youngsters do such mistakes. He asks Ahaan to think for his family. Sheetal says I will pay the loan Ahaan, we have much money, you shouldn’t be worried.

Ahaan says I don’t want to involve anyone in my fight. Manav scolds Ahaan. JD says I have always supported Manav, but today I m telling you you should support Manav. Ahaan asks how much low will you fall, you couldn’t trap me, so you want to trap me by using Manav. Vikram scolds him for insulting JD. Ahaan says I can’t tell today, but one day I will surely say, what I want to give and whom. He asks Sheetal not to take stress. He apologizes.
Manav asks Aparna what happened to Ahaan, what’s this blame. Aparna says you are suppressed by JD’s favors, Ahaan has our values, he can’t be wrong. He says you are suppressed by Ahaan’s love. She says I want to know why he performed at the cheap club. He says he is mad, simple. Aparna goes to Ahaan and asks him what is he hiding. He says nothing. She asks why did he perform at the cheap club. She asks him to swear on her. He says how shall I tell you, I signed a deal with JD. He tells everything. She gets shocked.

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