Eternal Love Update Friday 5 March 2021

Eternal Love 5 March 2021: starts with Nishi saying I will become the executor once you die. She pushes Naren down. Rohit and Sonakshi get shocked seeing Naren injured. Some time back, Sonakshi calls Suman to talk. Suman doesn’t listen and ends the call. Sonakshi says I will go and meet Suman. She hears Akash shouting. She stops. Akash says Naren can’t give away everything to compensate for his mistake, I will get rights for everyone, we will talk, else file a case for the property. Deepa asks him to calm down. Sonakshi worries. Rohit gets the pendrive from the photographer. He plays it and sees his wedding video.

Sonakshi comes. He says I can’t talk personal things now, I have meetings. She says fine, I will wait outside. He gets busy. She waits. Rohan packs his bags. Tanya comes and taunts him. She says I m still your legally wedded wife and I have many rights, you want divorce, fine, I will give you divorce, you have to plead for money, you will be charged for adultery, I have proof, mom and entire family will support me, I will see how you pay the alimony I claim. Suman says Rohan won’t come. Pari says I know Rohan will come, he loves me. Rohan gets her call and disconnects.

Suman says Sippys’ sons have ruined lives of both my daughters. Sonakshi comes to Rohit and says I have taken an appointment to talk to you, listen to me, Naren is giving property to Veena and Pooja, its wrong. He asks really, he is paying for his mistake. Sonakshi says money can’t compensate for love, he can repent just by love. Rohit says he would have not done this if he loved Veena, I agree with his decision, you don’t get into this. She says its my family also, family will break if this happens, we have to stop it. He says you should have thought of this when you told Suman about Naren, I don’t care what you expect, go now and tell everything to Suman. O re piya….plays… She leaves. She cries. He stays upset.
At home, Sonakshi says I know Papa, you are trying to find best solution, its wrong, you decided to give property to Pooja and mumma, the relations will get worse. Naren asks do you care for Rohit’s share.

Sonakshi says no, I didn’t think of it, you know that big decisions can’t be taken emotionally, think again, I m sorry. She goes. Nishi looks on and says why is this woman concerned for the family. A lady complains to Rohit about the nurse. He recalls the lady. He says you came to my house, right. The lady says no, I m an actress, my son is ill. He asks how did you come there. The lady says Sonakshi asked us to do this drama, we got paid for it. He gets shocked. He asks nurse to send doctor to the lady’s home. He says Sonakshi has gone mad, what does she think. Nishi comes to Naren’s room and says I hate you, how did you think you will give property to Veena and Pooja, nothing for me. Rohit asks where were you. Sonakshi says Sukhmani. He says lie again, I was with Sukhmani. She says Naren. He asks why. Naren says I will make a fresh will, you also think like Sonakshi, I will give equal share to everyone. Nishi says this can’t happen, its all mine, I have handled your sin for 22 years. He shouts Nishi. She says I made a big investment by accepting Pooja, I knew I will get the entire property, so I married that foolish YK, knowing he will stay here as Ghar Jamai, he will never take me away from my house and property. He shouts. Rohit asks why did you talk to Naren, why do you plan the drama of NGO ladies. Sonakshi says I did this for a reason, I wanted to prove that mum and dad’s divorce isn’t right, Veena supported Naren, you have seen it. He says since you came in this house, there is a drama, you lied to me, I did mistake to do this marriage. Naren says I didn’t imagine this, I know your truth now, I will call Rohit and warn him, I will tell your truth.

Nishi takes his phone and says dad made you executor of this property, you are forgetting that I will have right on this property after you die, you want to say sorry to Veena and Pooja, then die, they will forgive me. He asks what. Nishi says I will become the executor after you die, your time is up. She pushes him down the balcony. Naren screams. Rohit and Sonakshi rush to see. They get shocked seeing Naren fallen on the floor, bleeding. Nishi goes to her room. She says I hate him, he wanted to give equal share to everyone. She calms down. She says none will know that this is my real avatar, I have to do something that Rohit kicks out Sonakshi from home, I will do something that Sonakshi’s name gets removed from the family.Veena slapping Sonakshi. Rohit gets shocked. Some time back, Rohit, Yash and everyone get shocked seeing Naren fallen unconscious and bleeding. Rohit shouts akmbulance. They take Naren to the hospital. Rohit treats Naren. He comes out. Sukhmani asks how is Naren. Rohit says he isn’t fine, he is critical, he has multiple fractures, there is brain injury, we are trying. Veena says Naren has to live, he can’t die, he can’t leave me like this, I have to forgive him, he has to apologize, I can’t forgive him. Rohit asks her to calm down.

She says he can’t leave me, you have to save him. She cries. Rohit hugs her. He recalls Sonakshi’s words.Dimpy says senior surgeon has come, we are making Naren ready for the surgery. Pari calls Rohan. He disconnects. She gets angry. Suman says go and sleep, don’t have hope from him. Pari calls on landline. Vimmi says there is no one at home. Pari asks how did Naren fallen from the seventh floor. Suman gets shocked. Nishi cries and asks how is Naren. Yash says he is fighting for his life. Nishi says thank God, he is alive. Suman and Pari come. Tanya shouts on Pari. She asks Pari to get out. Sonakshi asks Pari to leave. Pari says I won’t leave. Rohit says Sona is right, go from here Pari, this is a hospital, there won’t be any drama, my family is facing many problems, Suman can stay. Suman asks Pari to go. Pari goes. Rohit says Dr. Agarwal wants to talk to us. Dr. Agarwal says spinal cord is crushed, there are six clots in the brain, Naren is critical, I think you have informed the police. Nishi asks why.

Dr. Agarwal says police will find out if it was an accident, or suicide, or did anyone attempt to murder him by pushing him down. Rohit says my team has informed the police, they would be coming. Nishi sees Sonakshi. She says how didn’t I think of it, this investigation is necessary, Naren can’t fall from the balcony, it wasn’t any accident, everyone loves Naren, who can think of killing him, it means he committed suicide, I can understand, Veena was in stress, but I also didn’t think, his life’s big secret came out and his reputation got ruined, I have seen his face, he was so humiliation when the Mahila mandal people came, so he called mumma, he wanted to make a will since he wanted to commit suicide, we should have shown him pity, I wish I met him, he would have spoken to someone before falling.Sonakshi says there was nothing such, I went to meet Naren, he was much normal.

Nishi asks what, did you meet him, what did he say. Sonakshi says actually, I went to tell him that he should change his decision about the property, I wanted to tell him that his decision was wrong. Nishi asks why, he was so stressed, you went to talk about property, he was feeling. She asks Veena did she hear it, Naren hates Sonakshi and even then Sonakshi went to talk. Rohit says calm down, dad was fine, I know this. Sonakshi says yes, he was fine. Nishi says I m sure you told something to hurt him, maybe he tried to commit suicide because of you.

Rohit says I don’t think so, this can’t be a big reason that Naren commits suicide. Veena asks Rohit how can you be so sure, how do you know about their talk. Sonakshi says please, trust me, Naren spoke to me well.Veena asks what was the need to talk to him about property. Sonakshi says I thought of family and asked Naren to reconsider his decision, else family will break, I had heard Akash and Deepa talking, they were much upset with Naren’s decision. Deepa asks what are you saying, we didn’t say anything.

Sonakshi says Akash said Naren’s decision is wrong. Akash says Naren is my brother, our relations are strong, we don’t interfere in each other’s decision. Sonakshi says Akash said he will drag Naren to court, I m not lying. Nishi says how can we believe you, Naren hates you, he can’t talk to you calmly, Akash and Deepa are denying this, maybe you went for Rohit’s share, you should have spoken to us. Sonakshi says I didn’t think of Rohit, its wrong. Veena slaps Sonakshi. She scolds her. Nishi smiles and asks Veena to calm down. Tulsi says police has come. Veena asks inspector to ask Sonakshi, Naren is in this condition because of her. Nishi stops Ajit. Rohan says let police do the work. Inspector asks are you filing official complaint against Sonakshi. Rohit says my mom is in stress, Sonakshi can’t do this. Veena says Sonakshi was the last person who met Naren, why did he take this step. Inspector says we have to take Sonakshi for questioning. Suman says you can’t take her. Sonakshi says I will come with you.Rohit says you aren’t a reason for dad’s state, I trust you, you won’t go alone, I will come along. They leave. Veena looks on and faints. Rohit and Sonakshi stop seeing this. Rohit holds Sonakshi’s hand and rushes to Veena.



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