The Cost Of Love Update Friday 5 March 2021

The Cost Of Love 5 March 2021: starts with JD reminding Pankti the day when she was sold to him, when she became a thing from a human, she is just a puppet monkey, this is just temporary stamp, if she forgets what he said, he will make it permanent. He says you know I m your owner, I have bought you for my entertainment. She cries. He says this is your identity and fate. She looks at herself. He says my hands got dirty while making you ready. He cleans his hand. Her phone rings. Ahaan calls her. JD goes to see. He then sees his phone ringing, which Anita brings.

He answers a call from jeweler. He hears Sheetal on call and gets worried. He asks are you at my house. Sheetal asks jeweler to sit. Anita asks JD is everything fine. He says its because of you both, if anything happens, you all will be on road. He goes. Purva comes to Pankti and sees her.
Anita says Pankti is sold, why this drama. Purva says enough, how can you say this, she is your daughter, not anything. Anita says I can say this, as humans have a heart, emotions and a stomach to fill too. Ahaan sends a voice message to Pankti. Anita asks Purva to recall what happened with them on road. Purva says person sees the world as his thinking, world is not so bad, you are bad, you couldn’t do anything in life, you have killed us. Anita slaps her.
Anita says I have raised you, you are my asset, I can spend you the way I like. She gets the voicemail on Pankti’s phone. She says I will scold this Ahaan, he will never see Pankti. Purva asks her not to say anything. She calls Ahaan. Ahaan answers call. Anita scolds him. She says don’t call Pankti again, Pankti is sold, your Bade Papa bought her.

Ahaan says I can’t hear anything, come near window. Anita ends call. She says he is attracted to your innocence, on knowing Anita, he won’t let your shadow fall on him. She goes. Ahaan calls again. Pankti answers. He asks what did you say, I didn’t hear anything. She asks Purva to leave her alone.Jeweler lies to Sheetal. She asks why are you lying. Anita said her fan gifted her the necklace, tell me address of that designer. JD comes and tells address. He covers up and asks jeweler to make a great necklace for her. She jokes about Anita. They laugh. Ahaan gets restless to talk to Pankti once. He messages her. Pankti sits crying thinking of JD’s words. She reads Ahaan’s messages. Pal dol pal….plays….

She thinks of Ahaan. Purva comes. Pankti praises Ahaan. She says he is mad and should get someone mad who loves him a lot. Purva says you also love him right. Pankti says Ahaan promised me, but I want to keep that promise, will you help me. Purva says yes. Pankti calls Ahaan. He asks how are you, I was calling you. She asks him can he meet in a hour. He says yes. She ends call. He tells Aparna that Pankti called, I will get answer of my question, it will be yes, I love you too, shall I wear red, the color of love. She says yes. He gets Pankti’s dupatta and smiles.

Sheetal says jeweler was lying, did jeweler copy all designers for Anita. JD asks her to stop it now. Sheetal asks Ahaan where is he going. JD says he looks like me. Aparna says bless him, he is going to get answer of I love you. Sheetal says we will prepare for party, who can refuse to such a cute boy. Jd says it means girl is special, who made our angry young man a love boy, what’s her name.

Jd asking name. Ahaan says I will directly make her meet you when she says yes. JD wishes him all the best. Ahaan is at the event. The lady asks them not to bid for the instrument which is already sold. Ahaan senses and says Pankti. He turns and sees her in bridal wear. He recalls their moments. He asks her to keep his heart. She asks do you know why I came here. He says I have hope, you say what I want to hear. She asks shall we buy a gift for you. She shows him a musical instrument. The lady says sorry, its sold. She shows other instruments, which are also sold. He asks what does she want to say. She takes him out. She asks him can he buy anything that’s sold. He says no, it has someone else’s right and its not right.

He says its enough you came to me, its fine
if you couldn’t gift me anything. She asks how can I be your gift. He says I was saying about exhibition. She says you said if anything is sold, its of the person who bought it. He asks what are you saying. She says I m sold and shows the stamp on hand. He gets shocked. She says sold things don’t have right to love. Pankti tells Ahaan that she is sold, and just her owner has right on her. Ahaan gets shocked. She says I m his mistress, leave all hopes, don’t see any dreams, don’t write any lines for me, as someone else has written sold on me, someone has bid for me, you don’t love me. He asks what nonsense, did your mum put this, I will remove this. She says no, my owner has written this. He says enough, I m getting hurt, why are you saying this. He smiles and says you have a dark sense of humor. She says its truth, its not any joke.

He asks but how, how can anyone be your owner, you are a human, you are not a thing. She says I became a thing when I was auctioned, when I was sold. She recalls JD’s words. She says I m from a different world, I m not like you. He says I don’t know anything, I just know you are my love. She says no, I can’t become anyone’s love, I m someone’s mistress.She cries.

He says don’t repeat this word, it looks so bad to hear. She says even I m bad, I m bought by money, forget me Ahaan. He gets shocked. He stops her. He says don’t talk like black and white film heroine, why this drama to reject me, say straight. She says this is truth of my life. He asks if everything was normal, would you reject me. She says yes, I would have rejected you, you are immature, you don’t take anything seriously, writing songs, love, this doesn’t fulfill life’s needs, I like to have a good lifestyle, look at me, see this dress and jewelry, its all costly, how will you get this for me. He says no, you are doing drama.

She says nothing can happen of us, you don’t know when I m saying truth. He says I promise to believe you, just answer me, are you happy with this arrangement. She recalls JD’s tortures. She says I get everything before saying. He asks and love? She says love is not needed where there is money, money makes heart happy. She turns away and cries. She asks him not to feel bad of her words, he is a nice guy, if he works hard, he can get successful, his parents will be glad, find someone innocent like him, who doesn’t value money, he will be happy with such a girl, but they can’t be happy together. She leaves. Ahaan cries. She cries too.

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