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Perfect husband 8 December 2021: Inspector says right now we don’t know if the dead body we found was of Vidhi or not or if this girl that was found in coffin in Delhi is Vidhi or not but this case has increased our hopes of finding Vidhi. Please inform everyone. Pushkar falters in his step.Vidhi says I don’t know how everyone will react after knowing my truth. There will be so many questions. I might answer them but no one will understand.

Pushkar deduces that Vidhi is alive.Rajshri and Vidhi return with the Akhand Jyoti. They quietly walk till Vidhi’s photo. Pushkar also comes downstairs. Vidhi is about to trip / fall. Pushkar rushes towards her but Kabeer holds her first. Rajshri sends them to the guestroom. Bela’s mother points out that the puja is still incomplete. It will be inauspicious. Rajshri reasons that no puja is greater than anyone’s life. Bela will take care of Akhand Jyoti. While walking past the photo, Vidhi touches the garland on her photo by mistake. It breaks and falls over the Akhand Jyoti. The garland burns.

Everyone looks at it in shock. Pushkar tries to douse it but in vain. Pundit ji calls it a sign that Vidhi’s soul is still roaming around. She isn’t yet free. Pushkar thinks I feel like kill him right away. How can your soul be here when you are still alive Vidhi? I have to leave this fake puja and go to Delhi to find the truth. He begins to go when his mother asks him where he is off to.In the guestroom, Kabeer scolds Vidhi for not paying heed to his words. Are you some Rajput who cannot break your swear? He jumps in shock as she boos him.

He makes her pull his ears to make sure she is fine. Flashback shows Rajshri suggesting Vidhi to act downstairs to save herself from the Dharamsankat. She says I feel so relieved. It is as if some burden has been taken off my heart. Kabeer thanks God too. We don’t have to act in front of Aunty ji atleast. He offers her water but she refuses. He holds out a glass for her.Rajshri asks Pushkar how this puja will be completed without him. He cooks up an emotional excuse and his mother allows him to leave. Rajshri asks Bela to complete the puja.

Kabeer asks Vidhi why she isn’t opening her fast. You aren’t compelled anymore. Have some water or you will fall ill. She reasons that God is watching everything. I don’t wish to be a culprit / sinner in his eyes. He calls her a kid for being stubborn. Now I will also act like one. They chase each other around the room. He ends up feeding her water forcibly. I told you not to bet with me ever! She scolds him for taking everything as a joke. You are a fool. You shouldn’t have done this! I was fasting for you only. He is surprised. She says do I have a habit of roaming around hungry otherwise.

You have risked your life every time to save mine. I can do this much for you but you just don’t understand. He is touched. No one has kept a fast for me till date and has not even thought of this for me. I made you a friend and you chose to remain hungry, thirsty for me. How can a friend do this for a friend? I don’t know what to say. She replies that he wont understand. He says God will understand if the intention is true. Now that your fast is broken, let me feed you something. Romantic song plays in the background as they feed each other biscuits.

Pushkar has packed his bag. Payal and Kabeer came here and went to coffin shop. Simultaneously, Inspector calls to inform about a girl that has been found in Delhi whose details match with Vidhi. Payal and Kabeer are also from Delhi. So many coincidences cannot happen at once. I have to go to Delhi. He asks his agent to book his flight to Delhi asap.Bela’s mother pulls Rangeela in the kitchen and talks about the recent incidents. We were responsible for Vidhi’s death too. He says I wont be in trouble as your daughter fasts with a pure heart for me. I will manage the accountant.

She asks about herself but he isn’t interested. She shares that she has been seeing dreams where they both are behind the bars. He calls it her illusion. Our hero Pushkar will not let anything happen to us to save himself. Vidhi is no more. Stop seeing bad dreams and don’t trouble me. He excuses himself.Vidhi says my past is so far from me now as even the coffin shop has burnt down. I don’t know what to do. He says it is my duty to take you closer to your past.

She says it might take too much time. Don’t you have any magic wand? He says I don’t have one but till when we will stay here. Rajshri tells them to stay for as long as they want to. It is your own house. She smiles at them. I have made Payal my daughter so this is her own house. Kabeer tells her to think 10 times before sharing her property. Payal is free. She stays wherever she finds love. She is a big trouble. You offered her lift and she got goons. Vidhi threatens to tell him once they are back in Delhi. Vidhi asks Rajshri what she will do here.

Rajshri suggests her to teach the kids. Vidhi is hesitant. Rajshri leaves the decision on her and goes.Pushkar comes to hospital in a disguise of an old man and meets the doctor who had operated upon Vidhi. She does not share any details and walks away after telling him to seek police’s help. She clicks his photo from far. Pushkar thinks to go back to his old style to find out the truth.Vidhi paces while Kabeer is busy eating. She throws the food packet away. I am so dead thinking while you don’t care about anything.


He asks her if he should dance or do something else. Kids are like Gods. You just ran away! She shares that she went in front of the kids and got afraid wondering what if they hate or mock me. I ran away. He assures her that no one can hate her. They share an eye lock. He adds that the guy who will hate her must have run from Agra mental asylum. You look average but you have a heart of gold. She continues looking at him.

Pushkar meets a ward boy and requests him to share details of the girl who was found in coffin. I have been looking for my daughter since last 2.5 months. Ward boy tells him that it is notes that matter and not tears. Pushkar holds out a bundle of notes but does not give him. I should also know what you know about the girl. What all do you know about her? Ward boy says the girl was breathing her last. She coincidentally met a decent guy who got her treated here. Pushkar asks him if the guy came here alone. Ward boy denies. His 2 friends and fiancé used to come here to meet him often. That guy dint move from here for 2 months straight!

Pushkar gives him money and thinks that the guy must be Kabeer and Payal must be that fiancé the ward boy is referring to. His friends must also be from Delhi if Kabeer is from Delhi. They have saved Vidhi together.Kabeer receives a text from Dr. Bose along with Pushkar’s photo. She has written that an old man came to hospital to look for Vidhi. Kabeer and Vidhi look at the text and photo in confusion.Vidhi keeps looking at the photo intrigued. Kabeer tells her it is just a photo and not some Taj Mahal which she has been staring at since 2 hours.

Did it ring some bell? She replies that she isn’t feeling either good or bad after seeing the photo. I cannot figure out if he is my dear one or some stranger. He turns the phone upside down to give her a new angle to think upon. She asks him to advise her. What if this guy also turns out to be like Nitin Rana? Kabeer suggests 2 options. One, the old man who is calling himself your father. He holds her hand indicating the second option. They share another eye lock. She says it means you aren’t mad. He explains that he dint even bathe for many days in one go when she was in hospital.

I dint even move from there for 2 months. She agrees to pay off his debts once she finds a job. She begins to go when her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. They look at each other.Pushkar is thinking about what the ward boy had told him. Vidhi was helped by a guy and his fiancé. Kabeer and Payal are also from Delhi. The couple is now married. It is no coincidence that they are here in Jodhpur. He notices Kabeer and Vidhi staring in each other’s eyes silently. They are plotting against me in my house! I am so disturbed because of them but they are romancing here! They aren’t aware what they have gotten themselves into.

Kabeer asks Vidhi why she is staring at him as if she will eat him. She tells him not to joke. Help me. He says I don’t know what God wants me to do. I want to get rid of you whereas you are after my life! She walks away upset. He apologizes to her saying he was joking but she closes the door on his face. They bicker cutely. He receives a call from Pari and panics. He disconnects her call and decides to handle her over chat.Rangeela asks Bela to ask her mother to seek monetary help from Pushkar. I need some money.

Bela says Ma tried many times but Pushkar is very busy. Rangeela requests her to give him some money from her piggy bank. I need 10 lacs. She asks him what he wants it for. He does not tell any details so she refuses to give him any money.Pushkar caresses Vidhi’s portrait. You are alive! You are still breathing! Are you laughing on me? I will be afraid till the time you are alive!Rangeela picks a phone. It is my way to get rich! I have learnt so much by spending time with Pushkar. I now know when to attack my prey. This time I will extract a huge amount from him!

Pushkar says I have understood one thing. Payal and Kabeer are on your side but what do they want? He hits the portrait demanding to know the answer when his phone beeps with a text. It is the blackmailer (Rangeela) again. He demands for money or suggests jail as an option. Pushkar calls back on the number. Rangeela looks at the phone as it vibrates. He disconnects the call and locks the phone again in a box. He hides it in his cupboard. Pushkar is in the corridor. He notices Kabeer texting and misunderstands that it is him. He is blackmailing me in my own house! I have to find out if it is just them or Vidhi who is involved in his plan. I will find out if Vidhi is with you or not and where is she hiding.

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