Mismatched update Wednesday 8 December 2021

Mismatched 8 December 2021: The Episode starts with Shaurya saying you won’t get the TC. Shaan and Aastha come. Shaan asks why. Shaurya says you are saying this, you worked hard for her admission for this day that she leaves the college. Shaan says I m not expecting anything from her, its her decision. Kitty talks to the students about Anmol. They record a message for Anmol. Bebe says you remember how we made Anokhi fall down. Kitty says forget her, we will have a super cool party at night. Alok says one problem ends and the other one starts.

Devi asks what happened. Alok says Shaurya had gone to meet Anokhi and stop her, but she refused. Devi asks how dare she. Alok says she has much courage. Devi calls Anokhi and scolds her a lot.Aastha takes the call. She asks Devi to stop it, Anokhi isn’t staying alone in Shaan’s flat. I m staying along with her. Aastha says you would be making the theory about me as well, not every relation is made for greed. Devi asks did Shaan tell you that he is divorcing you. Aastha gets shocked. Devi asks are you there, so sorry to tell this to you, you know Shaan well, he can’t break anyone’s heart, why don’t you make this easy for you. Aastha ends the call. She goes to open the door. Shaan comes.

Aastha says you are divorcing me. Shaan says this relation isn’t alive. She says this relation will die now. Shaan says I couldn’t do this, I have tolerated a lot.Aastha says you were not convinced before, what happened now. Shaan says when Gayatri and Kanchan went to meet you at the hospital, Devi was throwing them out, I had to agree to Devi. Aastha says you should have told this to me before, I have a reason to divorce you now, if other relations get saved by breaking our relation, then its not a bad deal. She agrees for the divorce. They cry. Shaan comes home and talks to everyone. She says you all wanted me to get divorced. Devi acts good. Shaurya asks Shaan how is he feeling.

Shaan says I m feeling awesome. He goes. Devi, Tej and Alok have a talk. Devi says I can’t believe this, its good. Alok says I m very happy. Gayatri comes to Shaan and asks what happened. Shaan says this should have not happened. Tej says we have to take care of Shaan and Shaurya. Devi says everyone is doing their wishful. Shaan says that old chapter is shut, new chapter started, Aastha was there in life, she will always be there.Kitty and Bebo act to be sleeping. Gayatri checks them and leaves. Kitty and Bebo go to some party and meet Anmol.

They have a dance. Kitty says Anokhi has finally left, I was dying to meet you since then. Anmol romances her. Its morning, Aastha asks Anokhi to think again. Anokhi says decision is already taken. Shaurya comes to meet them. He sees them with Ahir. He says Ahir reached here as well. Ahir takes their bag. Ahir says thanks for becoming my company. Anokhi smiles. Shaurya says I have to head fast and stop Anokhi. He runs. The car leaves. Shaurya comes in front of the car. They get shocked.

Shaurya asking Anokhi where is she going. Anokhi says I already told you, did you come to get flat keys, tell me. Aastha thinks why did Shaurya come here. Anokhi says you won’t say bye or all the best to me, say what is it, Ahir has to drop us and come back to Chandigarh. Shaurya thinks she is again admiring Ahir. Anokhi says you can tell anything on phone call, we will go. Shaurya asks how can you go, I mean…. your case didn’t get solved, you can’t go. Ahir asks why, is there any clause, you are confused between victim and culprit. Shaurya says you are culprit in my sight. He says but paperwork. Ahir says I will manage it, you don’t worry, we will leave.

Shaurya asks how can they go with you. Ahir asks why.Shaurya says she is my student, she is my responsibility, I will drop them safely. He asks Anokhi to come with him. He says I can see you are a busy police officer. Ahir says yes, but I m not on duty today. Shaurya says enjoy your holiday. Ahir says I m doing the same. Shaurya asks him to go. Ahir says I m going there for my personal work, I will drop them. Anokhi says we don’t need your favor. Shaurya worries. Aastha asks him to take care. Shaurya gets sad. Ahir, Aastha and Anokhi have a talk on the way. Aastha asks why do you want to go to Kapurthala. Ahir says I have some personal work, I like Kapurthala a lot.

He asks Anokhi to say if she likes Chandigarh. Anokhi says I don’t know a lot. Ahir says my schedule is also same, I don’t get time to feel bored, we will play rapid fire game now. They play the game. He asks them about favorite person. Anokhi thinks of Shaurya. She says Babli. She thinks why did I think of Shaurya, why would I miss him. Shaurya follows them. He calls Anokhi. She disconnects.Ahir says it happens in films that we throw phone out of the car when someone troubles, but in real life, you can keep phone on silent.

Kanchan says I will call Shaurya and ask him the result. She calls Shaurya. He says hello Anokhi… Kanchan says its me, Kanchan, did you talk to Anokhi. He says no, I m trying. She says I will tell her that you want to say sorry. Shaurya says its fine, I m following her car. Kanchan asks how filmi, I didn’t understand if you are saying the true. He says don’t ask me why. She says don’t waste the chance this time, you have to say the three simple words to her. He says I m sorry. She says we will wait for next three words. He says bye.

Gayatri comes. Kanchan tells about Shaurya’s test. She thinks the game name is Shaurya aur Anokhi ki kahani. She smiles. Devi makes arrangements. Gayatri and Kanchan ask about the occasion. Devi says Aastha has left forever, we have to celebrate. She goes. Kanchan laughs. Shaan says I want pink flowers, add some red and white also.Ahir says this is my fav dhaba. Aastha says its Shaan and my fav dhaba. She thinks of her past. She asks Anokhi will she have kulfi. Anokhi says no, I m not hungry. Ahir jokes. They go to have kulfi at the dhaba.

Shaurya catches Anokhi and takes her to his car. She asks who is it. She sees him and says you…. stop the car. He says wait, stay here. He drives. They argue. She says I will jump down. He says stop, maybe I never meet you again, we will never come face to face, I just want one chance. Anokhi calls Aastha and tells about Shaurya. Ahir thinks why did Shaurya come so far. He worries. Aastha says Shaurya is a nice man, he will drop her, don’t worry. He thinks what will Shaurya talk. Shaurya stops the car. Anokhi goes away.She asks what is it that you couldn’t tell me. Shaurya says sorry. She says say again. He says I m really sorry Anokhi.

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