Perfect husband update Wednesday 17 November 2021


Perfect husband 17 November 2021: Rajshri scold Vidhi. She praises Pushpar. Nivedita and Maasa tell Vidhi about bela. Rajshri asks Vidhi to understand Pushkar. She gives her time. She asks Maasa to trust Pushkar, he will get Bela. Pushkar gets Bela home. Maasa gets glad. Pushkar says Bela is my responsible now, Bela will stay here now, like Ashwin fulfilled responsibility of Vidhi. Ashwin says no, you are really good, it doesn’t mean we put all duties on you.

Maasa praises Pushkar. He says Bela has called me for help, as she trusts me. Vidhi agrees. Pushkar asks Bela to come and see guest room. He says I have to talk about something, marriage isn’t a game, its a pure bond, you can’t end this, marriage means dedication, if you choose a life partner, you accept all good things and bad things. Rajshri smiles. She asks Vidhi to manage her marriage relation well. She goes. Maasa enjoys the luxuries of Pushkar’s house. Bela gets Rangeela’s call. He says I lost my phone and till I reached there, I got to know everything. She tells what happened at the hotel. Rajshri and Charu treat Maasa and Nivedita well. Charu tells Nivedita about Vidhi. She says things are going out of hands, so its imp to say.

Nivedita asks what did Vidhi do, tell me. Charu says Vidhi is doing lots of mistakes, its the limit, I m feeling shame to say, she got drunk when she went for dinner with Pushkar, she danced in front of everyone. Nivedita asks did Vidhi get drunk. Charu asks am I lying. Maasa asks why did you break this vase, it would be costly. Vidhi comes and sees this. She asks Bela not to stay here, it would be better for them. Rajshri complains about Vidhi. She says Vidhi is making fun of Pushkar. Charu says they have no relation about husband and wife. Maasa starts scolding Vidhi. She says you want Bela to leave, now even I will stay here, do whatever you want.

Pushkar acts good. Nivedita and Ashwin thank him and praise him. Pushkar says I m trying to keep my wedding vows with Vidhi, her problems are mine. He asks them to stay back. Maasa agrees. Pushkar gives their responsibility to Vidhi. Vidhi looks on. They go. Vidhi gets thinking of Pushkar. Nivedita asks her what are you doing here. Vidhi says nothing.

Nivedita asks her the matter. Vidhi gets silent. Nivedita asks why did you come from Mumbai suddenly, is this true, tell me, you know Pushkar is keeping relations with us too. Vidhi says you don’t know anything. Nivedita asks what did he do, that you see fault in him. Vidhi says you have no idea about him. Nivedita says wives have talent to rectify the wrong, you should have tolerance. Vidhi apologizes to her.

Bela enjoys the food. Ashwin asks Vidhi to have food. Vidhi says I m done. Ashwin pulls her cheeks and asks her to give good news soon. Pushkar stares at them and hits on the table. Everyone looks at him. Rajshri asks what happened. Pushkar says nothing, mosquito.

Its night, Pushkar sees Vidhi worried. He asks why do you look worried, your family is here, you should be happy. She asks why did you ask Bela to stay here. She gets away from him. He says everyone is thanking me for taking Bela’s responsibility, why aren’t you happy. She says self esteem matters, I don’t think its right if she stays here. He asks why, you stayed with Nivedita, you run to Ashwin when you are in trouble, Bela called me for help and I got her home, I went there without telling you, as I m fed up answering you, I want to sleep in peace, good night. She goes out. She sees temple and goes to pray. Ashwin comes. He talks of her childhood. He reminds his promise that when she grows up, she will recite some story to him, when he doesn’t get sleep. She cries. She asks why are you crying, would you hide things from me, tell me.

Vidhi cries and hugs him. Pushkar looks on. Ashwin says I got you married, but I didn’t make you an outsider, don’t hide any matter, tell me what is it, don’t lie. He asks her not to cry. Pushkar says so this goes on at night, not a surprise, this had to happen. Ashwin jokes to make Vidhi smile. He says Rajshri loves you a lot, did Charu say anything. They laugh. Vidhi thanks Ashwin for pacifying and encouraging her. He asks her to go and sleep. She goes. Pushkar misunderstands them. He angrily pushes down the cupboard on Ashwin. He quickly hides. Vidhi shouts. Ashwin turns and gets shocked. He gets under the cupboard.



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