Our perfect place update Saturday 9 May 2020

Our perfect place 9 May 2020: Sameer and Uday laugh when Gayatri says that with botox Rita will look young. They take her to Rita’s room and say Gayatri has a solid solution to make her look young. Gayatri says bhooton wala injection which Bollywood stars use to look young. Rita also laughs along them.

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Uday says meri maa it is Botox. Rita says thank you, but she does not need any injection. Sam says he has fixed her appointment with his beautician friend and she has appointment tomorrow morning. Uday says they will see ultramodern chachi tomorrow.

Next morning, Gayatri serves breakfast to family. Parimal asks where did maa go in the morning. Gayatri says she has gone out with Rita and will be back soon. Rahul comes speaking to investor for café. Parimal says he can take loan from bank. Rahul says cafeteria papers are not that strong, so he spoke to a private investor and everything is set. Sam gets happy and murmurs Hates will be very happy hearing this. Rahul stops him and says he is so eager to make Hates happy. Uday smirks. Parimal scolds him to finish food and then study. Bejal says she studied well and recites ABCD. Parimial smiles.

Ila returns with Rita after Rita’s make over. Gayatri opens door and is surprised to see Rita’s new look. She and Ila hide Rita behind them and then present her in front of family. Rahul, Sam, and Uday praise Rita’s new look. Parimal gets angry and leaves. Family showers praises. Falak and Bejal ask who is this aunty. They says she is their mamma. Praises continue.

Gayatri notices Parimal angry and walks behind her. Parimal fumes that maa is doing wrong. Gayatri says what is wrong if maa is helping Rita fulfill her dream of becoming actress. Parimal angrily goes to Ila and says she is doing really wrong by ingoring her own son Niranjan and helping her bahu in all her wrong ways, what will happen if bapuji comes back from ashram.

Parimal confronts Ila for taking Rita’s side in all her wrong decisions and asks if she is not afraid of Bapuji’s anger. Ila says she is afraid of his anger, but she is ready to bear it to fulfill Rita’s dream of becoming an actress.

At cafeteria, after morning briefing, Rahul gives cafeteria articles to his staff and asks to read them. He sees Sam and Hetal looking at each other and taunts them. They both take each other’s side. Rahul taunts them and asks Sam to go to his studio and takes him near door. Sam says he will forget that he is his brother. Rahul pampers him and sends out. He then tells staff that he is going on a meeting and will convey a good news in the evening. Once the leaves, Prachi says Hetal that she is eager to know what is surprise. Hetal says even she wants to know, even other colleagues say same. Prachi says Sam must be knowing.

Gayatri tells Ila that Rita has changed completely after makeover. Ila says yess. Gayatri says she is happy now a days. Ila says when she went to school, even everyone there were surprised seeing her new look and took her autograph. Rita comes and says she is going for a photo shoot. Ila gives best wishes. Gayatri also says all the best. Rita gets angry. Gayatri gets sad. Rita then smiles and hugs her.

Sam goes to Tanu and inform her about his and Hetal’s situation. She says she does not know why Hetal is delaying even after 6 years. Sam says after knowing Hetal’s mind, he can wait for her whole life and don’t want to suffocate her. Tanu says she is worried as a sister, but is happy that Sam loves Hetal so much. Sam promises that he will keep Hetal happy whole life.

Hetal and Prachi discuss what must be Rahul’s surprise. Prachi asks Hetal to call her boyfriend Sam and ask. Hetal says he is not her boyfriend, just best friend. Prachi taunts and pulls her legs. Sam comes. Hetal asks Prachi to go out and check other colleagues. Prachi taunts she needs privacy and reminds about Rahul’s surprise. Sam says it is a superb idea. Prachi and Hetal look at him and he realizes they don’t know anything about it.

Hetal and Prachi insist Sam to tell what is Rahul’s surprise. He says no, they should ask Rahul itself when he comes. They both get disappointed. Sam then goes to his studio and looks at model’s pics. Hetal enters and he does not notice her. She gets jealous seeing him looking at model’s pics and shouts all men are same. He says he is looking at international photographer’s work and has to submit his work at international photography competition. She says she did not know it and congratulates him. She then takes his pendrive and runs. He stops her.

Their romantic nok jhok starts. She puts pendrive under her dress and challenges him to take it out. He challenges he will get it out. He looks into her eyes and wiggles his fingers on his neck. She gets mesmerized. He lifts and reverses her. Pen drive falls down and he picks it. He says she cannot win over him.

At home, Ila and Gayatri help Bejal and Falak do their homework. Bejal recites ABCD. Falak reads her book and stops at word Beautiful. She asks Gayatri how to pronounce it. Ila says how she pronounced is right. Gayatri says she knows this word, there is a song with his word in Uday’s mobile, Ladkhi bootiphool. Falak says she knows this song and gets Uday’s mobile and plays Ladki Beautiful kargayi chul…song…Falak and Bejal dance on the song and drag Ila and Gayatri. They all dance. Rita joins them and dances. They all laugh together next.

Hetal says Sam since he won, he can order whatever he wants. He says he forgave her, but needs one thing. She says she trusts him a lot now. He asks her to patch up with her sister Tanu. Hetal’s expression changes.

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