Once there was a king update Wednesday 6 April 2022

Once there was a king 6 April 2022: Kaal tells Raja that it’s not a bad thing to be bad but to be bad-named is bad. He won’t get an election ticket. Raja won’t get what he wants, if he doesn’t get what he desires for. If he can’t handle that girl, he will give this project to Jeewan.

Jeewan comes clapping, its lunch time and she must come downstairs now. Rani says she isn’t hungry. Jeewan warns to eat all the lunch her Dadu prepared, if she doesn’t want so she must come down now. Rani steps down, Jeewan sends her to wash her hand while he serves for him. She smiles watching Jeewan prepare for them both. They share the food, Jeewan asks what’s on her face. Rani says she is allergic, Jeewan offers to ask Ram Singh to do the rest. Rani was determined to complete it. Jeewan calls her courageous, he must have broken by now. Rani narrates her Dadu that troubles turn a man stronger, Jeewan says he must be the strongest by now as Raja has always teased him since childhood.

Raja watches them together. Rani insists he wasn’t any less in childhood, Jeewan smiles that by time his mischiefs lessened.
At night, Bindu hears Jeewan reading a few verses and laughing hysterically. She comes to him wondering if he has gone mad fearing himself. Jeewan walks to her as she gets afraid to, and shows her a book about Bhramrakshas. Bindu doesn’t believe in any, Jeewan hushes her up. He gives her the book, and shouts at her to take it. Bindu shuts her ears, Jeewan mocks her by laughing. He tells her to read the book, if she doesn’t feel any fear he will do whatever she asks for. She takes his hand and makes a deal with her. Jeewan calls her from behind that only fears her.

Raja sat up on the ladder with Rani helping her with paint. He called Raja a fool to have not valued her love. Raja hears Rani say she didn’t love Raja, it was a mistake that she will never repeat. He thinks about his father’s warning. Jeewan throws some paint over Rani, both tease and fight each other.Amrita asks if Raja needs her help. Raja says he heard people become whom they love, but he turned to be whom he hates. What Rani did today made him realize Amrita was right, he wants to apologize but wonders how. He asks for a second chance from his mother, getting into her feet. Amrita says the one who committed mistake was Kaal’s son, but the one who is apologizing is her son; she will definitely get him a second chance. Raja smiles evily.

At night, Amrita insists on Rani to stay in the palace today, she needs to take rest. She will sent someone to inform Raaj Mata. She takes Rani inside, and gives her medicines to get well. Late at night, Raja enters Rani’s room through the window while she was asleep. A glass broke as he jumped down, but Rani was fast asleep. He plays with her hair, touching her face. She moves a bit. Raja wonders why she won’t be beautiful, nothing is beautiful in the world than a betrayal. He takes his shirt off and bend over Rani taking some shots with her.

The next morning, Rani wakes up to get shocked as Raja lay besides her, shirtless. Raja compliments her eyes to look innocent but cunning, he holds Rani close to him wondering why is she shy; nothing is veiled between them after what happened last night. Rani gets away demanding what he is doing in her room. Raja makes up that she pleaded him to stay last night. Rani says she can even not think about it in dreams as well, but nothing he does will work in front of her now.Jeewan watch Raja leaving Rani’s room, Rani fell on the floor crying. Jeewan sat in his room upset, as he thought about Raja and Rani.

He cries if she knew it was a mistake, why she repeated that mistake. He breaks a nearby glass in rage, and hurts himself with it. He calls himself to be a part of Raja Rani drama, if Rani is in pain why he feels it. Why he feels truth is something else, and his Rani can’t do any such thing.
At home, Raaj Mata gives medicine to Rani that at least her fever is gone. She was worried about her health, but was sure Raja will take care of her well. There is a knock at the door, Raaj Mata receives a parcel. Raaj Mata reads the name Premvadha Singh, it was a book Sapno ki Dunya but there was no name of the sender. Raaj Mata thinks it’s her son and daughter in law’s favorite books. An envelope drops the book, Rani was shocked to see her and Raja’s photos inside.

Raaj Mata turns to ask Rani what happened, she goes to freshen up.
In the palace, Rani comes to Raja and throw the photos over his face. She calls Raja a fallen enemy. She never thought he will try to hurt Dadu, who only loved him since childhood. Raja smiles that in childhood her Dadu loved him, and in young age Rani did. Rani shouts that it is all a lie. Raja reminds Rani this is the way he shouted in childhood, then he had no proof and today she has none. He has a lot of other photos, this time she will be turned into a play when the whole world would see them, people would spit at her character. If she wants him not to take any such step, she must do what he wants her to.

Rani was about to slap him, he holds her arm and twists her around wondering if she think he has fallen down. He can do anything to make her lose, he won’t hold himself even if he has to ruin her reputation all across Amirkot. Rani says she isn’t of anything, until she and Durga Maa is aware she is innocent, she doesn’t care. She came to inform her that from today her fight is over with him, its against her pride to fight with someone like him. She doesn’t want to hold enemity with him as well, she is going away from him. Raja reminds her of his contract, she replies to hell with the contract, she is ending this fight may he do anything, call police or anything.

Raja holds her arm tight. She steps up his foot, and leaves asking him to consider this bruise as her resignation. Raja smiles that this is just a beginning.

Amrita offers Rani with Prasad that she denies, Amrita comes to Raja and watch the torn photos on the floor. Raja regret, Amrita cries over her use by her son.
Raja laughed with Raaj Mata whereas a police inspector was also there. Rani comes out and was shocked to see them. Raaj Mata informs Rani that Raja came to meet her with his friend. Raja appreciates Raaj Mata’s made samosa and chutni. Raaj Mata goes to get some more, the inspector leaves Rani alone with Raja. Rani tells him to get up. Raja calls her as a renter whose rent he pays. He asks Rani why she didn’t tell her Dadu she left the job; he assures to take care of her after Rani has gone to jail. Raaj Mata comes to make Rani sit, he wonders till when she will have this food in fate.

He explains to Raaj Mata that girls have to be married, he wish Rani will soon go to a place where all the doors are guarded. He asks Rani to tell Raaj Mata why the inspector came here. Raja explains to Raaj Mata that he brought the inspector for their security. Raja sends Raaj Mata for ginger tea, Rani asks Raja what he wants from her Dadu. Raja comes closer to her clutching her face. He says when Dadu will be hurt, Rani will feel the pain. If she wants to save her Dadu she must return to job in next 12 hours, and fell on floor to apologize him. Only then he won’t let anything happen to her Dadu, otherwise he wonders if her Dadu will be able to bear this catastrophe. She might save either herself or her Dadu.

At night, Rani sat on the window upset. Raaj Mata comes to her, she inquires about Rani’s sadness. She offers Rani to put in some oil in her hair, Rani was irritated. Raaj Mata understands it was Raja’s anger that she poured over her. She suggests Rani to apologize Raja, what happened between them. Rani denies anything. Raaj Mata asks if she loves Raja, Rani thinks about her reply to Jeewan. Raaj Mata asks Rani to tell her truly, Rani cries saying a lot. Raaj Mata was happy, while Rani cries hugging Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata suggests her to make him up, one must not be angry with lover for long and goes to get something to eat. Rani thinks that she loves Raja, but he hates her. Her mind tells her to hate him after what he did but she can’t help her heart. She think about Raja and opens her diary. Inside, she finds the dried rose Raja gifted her. Her vision goes to the watch that Raja had tied on her wrist.

She daydreams about Raja coming to wave her from window, she takes the dress Raja gifted her from the cupboard and cry hugging it. Raja’s curt words echo in her mind, Raja calling it all a betrayal.
In the room, Kaal holds Amrita’s hand with a knife in her hand. He wonders if she has gone mad. Amrita says she had a single reason to live till today, but he has died today. It’s useless for her to live anymore. She assures Kaal his Rajveer is alive, but her Raja died. She never thought Raja will use her, and then to defame Rani he got fake photos with Rani. Jeewan heard this from outside, and was relieved that his Rani isn’t wrong. Kaal warns Amrita to come between his dreams that Raja is fulfilling.

Raaj Mata comes to Rani that someone came to meet her. Rani cheers up, but was shocked to see Jeewan. Jeewan judge if Rani was waiting for someone else. Raaj Mata goes to get tea for Jeewan. Jeewan says if he asks Rani how she is, she will say she is fine so he comes direct to point. He hands Rani an envelope with the negatives of her photos with Raja. Tears fell off Rani’s eyes. Jeewan says that now Raja can’t do any harm to Rani. He is his brother, but now he has broken his step relation with him as well. Rani takes a seat upset, saying she can’t trust any guy after what Raja has done to her. Jeewan says this is the problem with girls, if one betrays they consider everyone to be the same.

Jeewan says that Raja hasn’t won yet; her happiness and success is her victory and it would be Raja’s defeat. He hands Rani another envelope, it’s her freedom token. He says he know she can only get free from Raja’s hatred if she moves away from him. This envelope contains three tickets for Bombay, he, Rani and Dadu can begin a new life in Bombay. He kneels down in front of her and proposes Rani for marriage.

Dhaani was confused. Jeewan wants to be her companion, he has always be a stranger in the palace. He wants to be with her now, and begin a new life with her. He is asking her for a chance to keep her happy always, love can betray but friendship never does.

Raaj Mata comes there announcing tea is ready. Jeewan asks Rani to think for once before replying, he thought a lot of times before putting this question. Raaj Mata brings the tea, but Jeewan takes a leave from her.

At night, Raja clutches Jeewan’s collar asking where the photos and their negatives are. Jeewan says if he doesn’t take care of his things, they will get lost. Raja asks again, Jeewan tells him they are where they should be, Rani has them.

Jeewan says he never thought Raja would be so cheap, whoever he is but he never put any girls’s life and respect at stake nor he ever will. Raja wrestles with him, when Amrita comes to tell Raja she gave Jeewan those photos. She wanted to save her son from committing the sin. Raja says he only knows Rani is his. Jeewan replies time will tell, he must not forget Rani. Raja says Rani is his craze.

Rani was confused among Raja’s warning and Jeewan’s demand. She watches the envelope with tickets, then the watch tied in her arm and lay down.

Next morning, Raaj Mata comes to notice if Rani didn’t sleep all night. Rani wakes up to tell Raaj Mata pack her bags, and keep all important stuff with her. Raaj Mata asks where they are going, Rani replies they are going on a little vacation. In the palace, Raja waits for Rani who must have arrived by now. Rani comes to palace, pass from behind Raja to Jeewan. In the room, Jeewan was happy and tells Rani they will leave today. Rani tells Jeewan that only she and her Dadu will leave.

Raja comes to Raaj Mata who was packing. He asks if she is going somewhere. Raaj Mata inquires if Rani didn’t share with him she is taking her for a vacation. Raja curtly says Rani didn’t even tell him, and thought he won’t come to know. Raaj Mata stares at him, he makes up that Rani must have forgotten he is Raaj Mata’s friend too.

Rani tells Jeewan she has no words to thank him, he remained her friend when she needed a friend the most. But she can’t marry him, because she doesn’t love him and never will be able to. Jeewan cries, Rani hands the ticket to Jeewan saying he will always remain the most important friend for her. Tears fell off Jeewan’s face.
Rani comes home calling Raaj Mata, Raja stands behind her. She panics, clutch his collar asking where her Dadu is.

Raja throws her towards a wall and pins her there, as Rani seems to be so afraid and helpless. She shouldn’t have committed such a mistake of running away from here. He clutch her face tight, he is really angry at her. She coughs badly as he loosen his grip and ask about her Dadu. Raja says she is responsible for the vacation he will now take her.

At night, Raja takes Rani to a straw hut and locks her inside. She steps back as he heads towards her. Raja tells her to run away as she is fond of running away from him. He clutch her face again, she pushes him behind and tries to find some place inside. Raja follows her there.

Raja comes outside Rani’s house, preparing his speech. He makes up that he thought about dropping her and Raaj Mata to station, then thinks if they can look for another way. Raaj Mata opens the door then, she informs Jeewan Rani has something important and went to city. Jeewan asks with whom Rani went. Raaj Mata goes inside, remembering her food is on the stove. Jeewan wonders where Rani has gone, if Raaj is behind this.

Rani was hiding behind a pile of straws, Raja calls her to come out. He comes behind and clutches her hair tight. He says when game is extended for longer he gets irritated. Until she agrees to become his slave, she will have to stay here. Rani confronts him saying no matter what he does, he can never beat her. She push Raja away, and herself fell on the floor after hitting her head over a rod. Raja straightens her, removing her hair strands. He touches over her injury, she moves in ache.

Raja was drinking when Rani wakes up. He wish her morning. He touch his face saying he wasn’t aware she is a wild cat and loves wild cats. Rani wonders why he has brought her here. Raja keeps the bottle aside, saying his heart wants a lot. He doesn’t understand what to listen to and what not. He clutch her arm tight, remembering her betrayal that she did by faking her friendship. Rani denies betraying him. Raja laughs she had friendship on her face, and money in heart. Rani argues she was just a child then. Raja says he will punish her for childhood mistake in youth.

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