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Once there was a King 7 April 2022: Rani comes home calling Raaj Mata, Raja stands behind her. She panics, clutch his collar asking where her Dadu is.Raja throws her towards a wall and pins her there, as Rani seems to be so afraid and helpless. She shouldn’t have committed such a mistake of running away from here. He clutch her face tight, he is really angry at her. She coughs badly as he loosen his grip and ask about her Dadu. Raja says she is responsible for the vacation he will now take her.

At night, Raja takes Rani to a straw hut and locks her inside. She steps back as he heads towards her. Raja tells her to run away as she is fond of running away from him. He clutch her face again, she pushes him behind and tries to find some place inside. Raja follows her there.

Raja comes outside Rani’s house, preparing his speech. He makes up that he thought about dropping her and Raaj Mata to station, then thinks if they can look for another way. Raaj Mata opens the door then, she informs Jeewan Rani has something important and went to city. Jeewan asks with whom Rani went. Raaj Mata goes inside, remembering her food is on the stove. Jeewan wonders where Rani has gone, if Raaj is behind this.

Rani was hiding behind a pile of straws, Raja calls her to come out. He comes behind and clutches her hair tight. He says when game is extended for longer he gets irritated. Until she agrees to become his slave, she will have to stay here. Rani confronts him saying no matter what he does, he can never beat her. She push Raja away, and herself fell on the floor after hitting her head over a rod. Raja straightens her, removing her hair strands. He touches over her injury, she moves in ache.

Raja was drinking when Rani wakes up. He wish her morning. He touch his face saying he wasn’t aware she is a wild cat and loves wild cats. Rani wonders why he has brought her here. Raja keeps the bottle aside, saying his heart wants a lot. He doesn’t understand what to listen to and what not. He clutch her arm tight, remembering her betrayal that she did by faking her friendship. Rani denies betraying him. Raja laughs she had friendship on her face, and money in heart. Rani argues she was just a child then. Raja says he will punish her for childhood mistake in youth.

Raja asks if she is playing the same game with Jeewan as she played with him, anyone is betrayed when betrayal is so beautiful. He says when he saw her in the bridal attire that day, he had forgotten his enmity and betrayal that day. He thought for a moment that she truly loves him.

Tears fell of Rani’s eyes, Raja reminds her of the moments they were together. He cups her face, assuring he will never forget that moment and feel. He lay her on the straw bed and gets closer to her, Rani finds a wooden log nearby and hit Raja on the head. He slips halfway, Rani turns to him concerned and helps him up. She was worried as Raja was hurt in the chest. He holds her hand, saying if she has given the bruise she will treat it as well.

Rani looks around, weeping she unbutton his shirt and pull the glass of broken lantern off Raja’s chest. She bandage his injury, Raja murmurs he will never let her go away from him. He turns on side, her hand was stuck under him.

In the palace, Amrita asks Juman about Raja, Juman says Raja has gone out for something important. Jeewan hears this and was worried why Raja and Rani are away together.

The next morning, Rani wakes up while her hand was still stuck underneath Raja. Jeewan comes to Raaj Mata asking about Rani, he was worried. Raaj Mata assures Jeewan that Rani has gone with Raja. Raja calls Rani’s name, she wish him good morning from behind, and stood with an herbal ointment on a leaf. She asks him to sit down, she must put the medicine on the injury given by her.

Raja’s bruise ache badly, as she touch it. He stares at her as she put the ointment over his face, and holds her hand bad. He asks why she didn’t run when she could. Rani turns around saying she was left in the middle of forest, Raja says they both know she could have run. Rani replies she will leave but after winning this game, she promise to leave from the front of his eyes.

Raja holds her hair from behind, he demands Rani why she saved her own enemy. He insists she loves him really and leave her hair with a jerk, saying he got his answers. He thought he was tying her, but she has been tied herself. She has chained herself, she won’t get freedom from him. She turns to leave while he clutch her arm again. He demands her to say for once she doesn’t love him. Rani shouts that she doesn’t love him.

Raja asks if she is lying to him, or herself; then she must look into his eyes and say she doesn’t feel they are made for each other. Rani looks into his eyes, saying she doesn’t feel so. He clutch her face, and demands to say when he walks away she doesn’t turn to look at him. Raja demands, his absence troubles her more than his presence does. She denies.

He touch her shoulder asking to say she doesn’t feel when he touch her. Rani insists no girl can love him, he is not a human but an animal. It was her mistake, she must have left him injured. Raja wonders why she didn’t leave then, he forbids her stare at her as he was betrayed by her looks once, will never get again. He leaves her shut inside.

Jeewan was in Raja’s room when he arrives from behind. Jeewan asks about Rani, then watches his chest tied, the nail bruises on his face. He demands where Rani is, and warns to destroy Raja’s life if Rani is hurt. Raja asks what he has to do with Rani, Rani is nothing to him. Jeewan reminds Raja that Rani doesn’t even belong to Raja, not a friend, not a slave or a property.

She is nothing to him, he must tell him where she is. Raja agrees to tell him, but asks him to get whisky for him first. If not in 5 seconds, Jeewan will never know about Rani. Jeewan turns to leave. Jeewan brings him whisky, Raja thinks about Rani’s appreciation of Jeewan. He throw the remaining whisky over Jeewan’s face, reminding Rani’s puppet Kaali Prasad. Rani has grown up, but her puppets haven’t stopped wandering behind him. Rani never cares for Jeewan. Jeewan clutches his fist and requests Raaj to please tell him about Rani’s whereabouts. Raja says the day he will understand Rani’s character, he will realize that no girl ever loves. They only betray.

Rani cries alone, worried for Raaj Mata. Raja walks inside. Rani finds a broken bottle and hides behind the straw wall. Raja looks for her. She attacks on him with the bottle, but he turns to hold her from falling down. Jeewan’s words hurt him, and he drops her on the floor. He twists her arm, while she cries and pleads him to go as her Dadu needs her.

She cries in pain, Raja says he is also in pain thinking about Jeewan’s words. Rani says she never betrayed him, neither in childhood not now, he might ask Jeewan about it. Raja was angry at listening Jeewan, he asks Rani if she thinks she is made for him. She was silent. He touch her shoulder and asks if he ever touched her, she jerks him away. He bends to kiss her, asking if Jeewan ever touched her this way.

Rani holds her hand to hit him by bottle while Raja kiss her, she lowers the bottle and ultimately drops it down. Raja push her away from him on floor, and cleans his mouth. Rani asks why is he doing this, Raja says he wanted to see how she feels. Has she got into Jeewan’s heart, or is just till lips. Rani beats him saying there is nothing between her and Jeewan, but she would repeat Jeewan is not even closer to him, Jeewan never touched her anywhere because he respects her. Raja can’t respect anyone, because he can’t even respect his mother.

Raja considers Rani responsible for all this, she ran away from her agreement; he will never let her leave this place, if she doesn’t leave her stubbornness. He asks her promise that she will follow his instructions for next three years. He wants Rani to stay away from Jeewan and not even look at him. Rani asks what if she looks towards him. He was speechless, she turns around.

He holds her shirt that was torn from behind, he apologizes but Rani comes to beat him with her punches asking if she brought her for this. Raja insists he would have done it long time before then, he isn’t an animal. Rani cries. Raja unbuttons his shirt and covers Rani with it. She was left looking at him. Raja leaves, while Rani was left crying. She was determined not to bend no matter what he does. She won’t accept any of his condition. Raja pours his frustration over a straw wall in another room, recalling his childhood. Both cry back to back with the same wall.

Rani fell on the floor, Raja hears the sound and comes looking for her, and he was worried as she doesn’t wake up. He feels her fever and calls her name. He holds her up to take her to hospital and notices the tire of his jeep was punctured. He wonders how he should take Rani to doctor now. Rani murmurs her Dadu’s name unconsciously. Raja stares at her and calls her to stop her drama and open her eyes. He holds her back inside, lights a fire for her, cover her with a cloth noticing their childhood pendant in her neck still there. He rubs her hands and feet, and put cold strips over her forehead. He notices his name tattooed over her arm, he was about to kiss it when Rani again murmurs Dadu. He leaves her side and instead sit beside the fire.

Bindu was reading the horror book, she notices the lights around go on and off. Two girls walk from behind, she drops the book at once afraid, and tells them about Bhramrakshas, she never believed them earlier but now she believes they really exist. Her friend asks her to give her the book when finished.

Raja was with his jeep when there is a knock at the door. He happily goes inside thinking Rani is conscious, cross the nails thinking he did it to prevent wild animals from the place, now these are worrying him. He comes inside and calls Rani around, suddenly he steps up a net and was entrapped in it by Rani. He demands Rani to free him. Rani says she is going to her Dadu, he may stop her if he can.

Raja thinks about the nails in the path concerned, he calls her to stop as the way is dangerous. Rani walks outside. Raja picks up a glass piece and cuts the rope with it. His own hand is cut instead, but one by one he is able to cut the rope with his bleeding hand. Rani was about to step up the nail when Raja holds her back, asking her to look before taking a step further.

He explains these were to prevent wild animals from coming in and to save her. Rani complains if he cared for her, he wouldn’t have entrapped her; the wildest animal stands in front of her. Raja drags her back inside, throwing her over the floor and leaves her to rot here.

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