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Once there was a King 29 December 2021: Maa cries as the mehndi function of Gayatri goes on. Gayatri thinks that till yesterday there was only hopelessness in this palm, but today there is colours of henna.

At palace, Rana ji says that tomorrow a new girl will become a part of his life, but she will never be able to get him. He takes a knife and tears his chest writing S on it.
Gayatri thinks that she will never again think about her past, and will only concentrate on her future. Tears fill her eyes.

Kunwar Laksh was getting ready when his wife comes in and happily says that he looks really nice. She was about to put perfume on his collar, he holds her hand back and calls Saroj, a servant to put it on. Sarog leaves. The princess has tears in her eyes and asks why he disrespected her in front of a servant.

She asks why he married her. Laksh says he didn’t marry for love, but because he had to show off in the royal family. It was nothing more than a compromise, she can go now as he has said what he had to. The princess leaves crying, Laksh turns to say something else to her and is shocked to see Kunwar ji standing there. He calls Laksh into his room, there and then.

Seth ji distributes everyone’s duties for the wedding preparations when there is an announcement that Raaj Mata is arriving with Bari Rani maa and Kokilla. Seth ji is shocked to see Bari Rani Maa. The ladies of the house go to a side, while Gayatri is worried why Bari Raani Maa came here. Seth ji and the sons greet Bari raani maa. Seth Govind touches her feet and says she purified his house but she could have called him to palace.

Bari Raani maa says that only the younger ones are called and here everyone is equal. Bhabi’s murmur if Bari Rani Maa is respecting them or insulting them. Bari Raani Maa had brought gifts for them and says to Seth ji that she wants to talk to him about this proposal in loneliness. Raaj Mata thinks what Bari Raani Maa wants to say. Seth Govind is worried and welcomes her inside the room.

Kunwar ji hits Kunwar Laksh for being an insult to him. He says he married him to Swarnlekha only so that he could get him on track but all invain. Someone was there on the door. He says if he can’t love his wife, can’t he even show off his love to her. He spits on him and leaves the room. Laksh fellow Sarojhides away from Kunwar ji and hurries inside as soon as Kunwar leave. He tells Laksh not to worry, he will fight his war and will take Rana ji’s life to make him a prince.

Laksh tells Saroj to do something so that he doesn’t have to get beaten by Kunwar ji anymore. Saroj is determined that he can take a life for him. Seth ji brings Bari rani maa inside with Raaj Mata and Kokilla. Gayatri heard the conversation from upstairs. Bari rani maa gives Seth ji a bracelet and says this is their family bracelet, can he get a lost diamond replaced on it till evening. Seth ji says this one has really precious diamonds. Bari Rani maa asks to attach any diamond on it.

Seth ji asks how is this possible, a fake diamond will look like some glass piece into it. Bari Rani maa asks still he has agreed to marry his daughter to royal family? Bari rani maa clarifies she isnt calling his daughter as a piece of glass, but all diamonds aren’t even alike. This is a matter of sheer responsibility, princess’s are prepared for this responsibility since childhood still they don’t take it well. His daughter isnt ready for this responsibility.

Seth ji says they aren’t royal people, but their family isn’t less than royal family in educations and traditions. His daughter has been trained to take up the household, she will be able to take any responsibility. Daughters are like sugar, they get dissolved and spread their sweetness everywhere. Seth ji says there is something else about it as well, he and Raaj Mata… Raaj Mata points at Seth ji not to tell her about it. Raaj Mata tells Bari Raani maa there was a deal between her and Seth ji.

Gayatri was worried about what is happening inside, if Bhabi hadn’t interfere she could have heard what trade Bauji was talking about. Seth ji comes in, he says Bari Rani Maa came here to say that Rana ji’s wedding will no more come into this house. Everyone is shocked.

Bari Rani maa apologizes saying whatever had happened was against her will, so she now wants that this wedding doesn’t take place here but in the royal palace. Gayatri’s brothers cheer, Bhabis and Kokilla are irked. Bari Raani maa says that she wants to see her Rana ji marry in royal palace.

She invites everyone to the palace. Bhabi says it is great they will get to see royal palace once again. Bari Raani Maa says that when she will come, there royal palace will get to see traditional breeze again. She says to Gayatri that her father thinks her to be a sugar piece. Gayatri says that a daughter in law should be a salt in dish, that if absent steals the taste of dish, and can’t even be separated. Bari Raani maa gives a small box to Gayatri, shocking Raaj mata. She asks Gayatri to open it, Gayatri watches a nose ring in it. Bari Raani maa says this is their family tradition that a bride wears. Gayatri touches the feet of Bari raani maa. Bari Raani maa says that when the trade has been done, she also wants to hand their family gifts to Gayatri, takes a leave from family and leaves.

Seth ji asks Bari Rani maa that it is a request that this trade think remains to them only, no one in the house knows about it. Bari Rani maa leaves.

In the palace, Kunwar thinks about Laksh and the last even with him. Kokilla comes in and asks what he gained by beating the young Kunwar so much. Kunwar ji jerks Kokilla and says she has ruined her son, he is a shame to this wedding. Kunwar ji says Bari Raani maa has invited them to hold the wedding in the palace.

Kokilla says that this time they will attack from two sides, if the enemy is saved from one side he will have to get defeated from the other one. She heads to go somewhere and says she wants to take permission for her trick.

Seth ji says to Gayatri that there is no trade, Bari Raani maa was just talking in hints. Gaytri says he is lying, he and Bari Raani Maa were talking about some trade. She says this wedding isn’t taking place because of her love but because of some trade, if so she will just break the wedding. Seth ji tells her not to be insane, Rana ji loves her so much. Gayatri asks why he is crying. He says he will save some tears for her wedding as well. She asks if he is telling her the truth. Seth ji asks if he ever lied to her. Se denies and hugs Seth ji.
Raaj Mata comes to Bari raani maa who was lying on her resting chair. Bari Raani maa asks why is she stressing her tiny mind, she must speak what is in her mind. Raaj mata says that the nose ring was of Surakshna, if Rana ji sees the nose ring he might deny marrying. Bari Raani maa says she can at no cost break the rules of palace.

Kokilla comes to take permission from Raaj mata to help in preparations. Bari Rani maa mocks Raaj Mata that she has problem if someone do something in the wedding, and she has problem if someone doesn’t do something in the wedding. She permits Kokilla to decorate the stage. Raaj mata also leaves. Kokilla comes to the corridor and says now she will have fun, on stage will take place the real drama. She will win at any cost for sure. Gayatri was getting bridal makeover for wedding. There Rana ji was also getting ready. Laksh thinks about Kunwar’s warning to him.

Gayatri meets with his parents, Seth ji and Maa gives her some piece of advice. Maa hands her Seeta and tells her to follow her husband always.

Rana ji puts sindoor on Surakshna’s photo, saying it is his promise that no one can take her place. Gayatri comes to meet her brothers, hugs her maa and Bauji.
In the wedding hall, Kunwar appreciates Kokilla for planning such a trick. Kokilla says she has made a mandap that Rana ji won’t bear for one minute.

Saroj thinks about placing bomb in the coconut and walks with it, he thinks it is time to do what he has thought about Rana ji.Seth ji arrives with family to the palace.
Laksh and Saroj brings coconut. Bari Raani Maa comes there, Saroj almosts drops the coconut and saves it with much difficulty. Bari

Raani maa says it was just a coconut, why was he getting so worried about it. She sends him to call Kunwar and Kokilla. Laksh goes behind Bari Raani maa and takes the coconut saying he will help her. Bari Raani maa doesn’t leave the coconut, instead send him to help Rana ji get ready. Laksh leave, Bari Raani maa hands the coconut to another servant asking him to place it in the mandap.

Gayatri arrives with her family, Bari Raani maa welcomes them into the palace and their family. She says till Rana ji’s tillak, they must take new Princess Gayatri to another sitting. Kunwar says to Kokilla that Seth will have to leave without marrying his daughter.

Laksh tells Saroj that he tried his best to take the coconut but Bari Raani maa didn’t leave it. And it is not in her hand now. Saroj says we must replace that coconut with Rana ji’s shagun coconut. Laksh says he can’t leave the rituals, he must find out the coconut. Raaj mata brings Rana ji through the corridor, Bari Raani maa meets them on their way and asks if she performed the bad eye ritual or she has forgotten. Raaj mata replies that when things really get old they have to be discarded, but if she still wants to fulfil the ritual she may. Rana ji turns to look at the mandap and thinks if it’s the same one. Raaj Mata also looks towards it. Bari Raani maa completes the ritual, Rana ji bends to take her blessings and looks at the stage clearly. Bari Raani maa asks Rana ji to come to stage for tillak. Rana ji thinks if it is the same stage what he is thinking. He remembers Surakshna’s words that the stage is as she had wanted, she confessed her love to him then. Rana ji comes downstairs enraged, looks at the stage, remembering all about Surakshna and their wedding. Suraksh had said in the wedding what if she denies, what will Amrikot’s rana ji do. Rana ji took her in his arms and took the circles. Rana ji was enraged, Raaj mata keeps a hand on his shouder but he jerked her hand.

Maa holds tillak to place on Rana ji’s forehead but he moves on, thinking about his and Surakshna’s wedding. Kokilla smiles evily. Rana ji questions who did this? Everyone is shocked at his question. Rana ji looks at Raaj Mata and asks who did this. Gayatri who was in the room comes out to see this. Rana ji questions who did this vulgar joke, angrily. He leaves the hall, Raaj Mata follows him.

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