These Streets update Wednesday 29 December 2021

These streets 29 December 2021: Shaan tells Asmita that her ego must be coming in between them to thank him. Asmita thanks him. He says I didn’t know that you will become such a good mother.

You have proved it, amazing. You gave good values to Krishi and did her good upbringing. Asmita says your tongue is bitter and asks him to keep his bitterness to him only. She slips and is about to fall, when he holds her. Tera yaar hun main plays……….Shekhawat looks on painful and says I came here as you said that you came for Krishi here. He says I will stop before letting this fire increase, if Nirvaan sees this then? He thinks he can’t let Asmita move on with Shaan. He thinks I will do something in this Durga Pooja.

Nivedita prays to God and says they want Krishi to end Nandini. She comes to Nandini and tells the shlok. She says Kans has sent someone to kill Krishna. Kans asks what nonsense? Nivedita warns her and asks her not to do this again. She says your relatives can’t die and asks if Krishi told you what to do during aarti time. Nandini gets upset. During the puja, Shaan asks Pandit ji to do the aarti.

Asmita comes there wearing saree. Shaan looks at her. Krishi says mamma…you are looking beautiful. Shaan and Asmita look at each other. Krishi asks Nandini if she knows what to do. Nandini says I won’t do what you asked me to do. She asks her to go and stand with the guests, and looks at first aarti from there. She asks Pandit ji to start the aarti. Pandit ji gives aarti plates to Shaan. Nandini holds it. Krish prays to God and says Kans aunty can’t do aarti with Papa. She asks Goddess to do something. Asmita comes and stands near.

Shaan and Nandini begin the aarti, but Nandini leaves the aarti plate. It was about to fall, but Asmita holds it and looks at Shaan. Krishi smiles. They continue to look at each other. The ladies make the sound. Devimaa’s dupatta flies and falls on Asmita and Shaan’s heads covering them. Asmita takes it off. Pandit ji asks them to continue to do aarti as Devima showed her faced. They do the aarti together. Mr. Shekhawat comes there.

Shaan and Asmita take out the durga maa’s chunari off their heads. Pandit ji asks them to do aarti. They start doing the aarti together. Jai mata di plays….Nandini gets upset. Krishi thanks Devimaa and says nobody can separate my mummy and Papa for seven births. They have done the first aarti together and asks Pandit ji if she is saying right. Pandit ji says yes. Krishi thanks the God. All the ladies make the sound. Mr. Shekhawat comes there and the Servant brings cake.

He calls Asmita and says today is the double happiness, today is the durga puja and your birthday also. Krishi wishes her happy birthday. Mr. Shekhawat asks her to cut the cake. Mr. Shekhawat’s son also asks her to cut the cake. Asmita blows on the candle and cuts the cake. She finds the ring boxin it. Mr. Shekhawat asks her to open it. Asmita opens it and finds ring in it. Mr. Shekhawat sits down on his knees and says I love you so much and wants to marry you. Nandini smiles. Shaan is shocked. Mr. Shekhawat says he wants to give father’s name to Krishi and asks will you marry me? His son asks Asmita to say yes. He says I know this is shocking for you, but you know that I have respect and love for you in my heart.

He asks her to say something and asks do you still have place for this man who has given you pain all your life. He asks her to tell if she has love for Shaan still. Asmita tells that she has no love for anyone and tells that love happens only once. Mr. Shekhawat says you have to forget and move on. He says you couldn’t move on as Shaan is in your heart still. Asmita says Shaan is not in my heart anymore and says she has left those lanes and is here because of Krishi. Mr. Shekhawat tells that he trust her and wants to give her all the happiness of life. He says I will take care of you and will wait for you all life. I will never betray you, I always cherish and value you, I love you.

He says I love you a lot. Shaan goes from there upset. Nandini smiles. Asmita also goes from there. Krishi prays to Devimaa and says mamma and Papa shall stay with each other for seven births. She says don’t make Shekhawat uncle marry my mamma and says my real Papa is Shaan Papa. Nandini comes to Krishi and says you are praying that Shekhawat don’t marry Asmita. She asks her to accept him silently, says Durga maa wants to save you from me and asks her to go.

Krishi says this will never happen, says mamma and Papa fight as they love each other. She says my mamma will never agree to marry Shekhawat. Nandini says she will agree for you. Shaan sits in his room and drinks. He thinks of Shekhawat proposal to Asmita. Bekaari mein bhi plays….He thinks of their moments and breaks the glass bottle. He continues drinking and again breaks the bottle.

He thinks what is happening with me, thinks Asmita snatched my baby just to save herself. She just loves herself and I hate her. He walks on the glass pieces and gets his feet injured. He throws the bottle again and thinks why I am feeling pain. Asmita sees him shouting and comes there. She sees the floor with blood feet prints. He goes to the bathroom. Asmita comes there and sees him fallen in the bathrub with his face upside down. She asks him to get up. He opens his eyes and looks at her.

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