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Once there was a King 30 December 2021: Swarnlekha tells everyone not to worry, Rana ji doesn’t like anything lacking in any preparations. Raaj mata tells Rana ji that she can give her life away but if he leaves nor this palace nor the state will be left and this she can’t bear. Rana ji takes the knife off her hand and says alright if this is what she wants. Gayatri was in the corridor.

Raaj Mata hides the knife, she tells Gayatri not to worry Rana ji was just concerned about the stage. Gayatri thinks she was getting worried all in vain, Rana ji was concerned for her.

Saroj finds the coconut with Laksh.
Rana ji comes to the hall, he says to Maa he left the stage for that he is sorry. He shouldn’t have done so. Kokilla thinks that her trick has gone invain, should they begin the rituals of wedding now?

Raaj Mata asks Kokilla that she wants to talk to her. In the room, Raaj Mata twists Kokilla’s arm, she says she wanted to remind her that a fox can never cut a lioness way. She placed the Raja ji’s older’s wedding stage at her own will. Kokilla says this is a false accusation. Raaj Mata holds the neck of Kokilla and says she knows all about the attempt of murders, the mixing of acid on turmeric and all the planning of today. She leaves Kokilla with a jerk. Bari Raani maa and Kunwar ji comes there. Bari Raani maa says she made up Rana ji to marry again, she knows all her plannings.

Raaj Mata says this isnt planning, its Raaj neeti. Bari Raani maa says she will tell Gayatri the truth that this wedding is a trade. Raaj Mata asks Bari Raani maa to go but count her steps before leaving, she will break all the secrets of Bari raani maa in front of everyone. Bari Raani maa is worried with this deterrence. Raaj Mata smiles that they all are the passengers of the same boat, they will all drown if the boat sinks and leaves the hall.

Saroj runs to Laksh and says the coconut had opened up, it took a lot of time to repair it. Laksh asks how they will exchange this coconut now. He takes the coconut and says there is a way.
Gayatri comes to stage to sit beside Rana ji.

Lakshi comes with the coconut to stage and points at Swarnlekha towards him. Laksh says to Swarnlekha that he wants to apologize from her, he know he didn’t give her any rights of wife but he wants a second chance. He heads to go, Swarnlekha asks where he is going? Laksh says he had dropped this coconut, now he wants to put it back because he has realized the worth of it and a good wedding now. Swarnlekha takes the coconut saying she will keep it there. She goes to replace the coconut. Sarog comes to Laksh and smiles at his trick.

At the wedding, Pandit asks bride and groom to stand up. Rana ji remembers Swarnlekha putting the vermala around his neck as Gayatri does so. He himself remembers his time, his hands shivering as he holds the vermala. He puts it finally around Gayatri’s neck. The Pandit asks to come for Gatt bandhan, Raaj mata performs the ritual. Rana ji shuts his eyes in pain. They are asked to stand for taking the circles. The Pandit announces they will now be tied to each other forever. Rana ji remembers holding Swarnlekha in arms during this last circle.

Pandit ji asks Gayatri to take from her mother in law what she is to throw in this fire. Raaj Mata comes to place things in Gayatri’s lap, the coconut fell and breaks open exposing the bomb. Someone exclaims about the bomb. Everyone is shocked.

Everyone is shocked to see the bomb. Rana ji picks the bomb up and heads out of the stage. Gayatri holds Rana ji’s hand, he asks to leave it but Gayatri says her life is bound to him, they will live or die together. Rana ji throws the bomb running outside, Gayatri and Rana ji hugs each othere when there is a blast. Everyone shouts Rana ji’s name, crying. Seth ji cries for her daughter, saying not luck but his acts have snatched her from him. Laksh smiled but his smile fades at once when Rana ji appears with Gayatri in his arms, unconcious.

Rana ji tells everyone that nothing to worry, she is just unconscious. He takes Gayatri inside, sits with her and sprinkles water on her face. Gayatri wakes up, everyone is relieved. Maa asks Gayatri if she is fine. Gayatri says she is. Seth ji thanks Rana ji, Rana ji says he had done the same if there was someone else. He says he knows that a life doesn’t go alone, it takes away someone’s happiness and smiles.

Seth ji says he has saved his daughter’s life and has bought Seth Govind priceless. Rana ji tells him that his cap has his respect, and nothing is precious than respect. Seth ji asks who even brought that coconut. Swarnlekha says she had brought it. Everyone turns to look at her quizzically. Swarnlekha says she had kept the coconut there, but for that Laksh had asked her to be done. Every eye now turns to Kunwar Lakshraj. Laksh says he had asked her to keep it only, he doesn’t know who brought it. Rana ji says whoever has done it, it will be the last of his life. He says he has started the game but it will be ended by Rana ji. He says he will uncover him in two hours, the wedding will take place after that. Raaj mata says Rana ji is right, sindoor’s ritual will not be done until the disobedient isnt caught. Rana ji asks Aurangzed to shut all the doors of the palace, no one must go out. Saroj leaves the hall, a guard catches him running in the corridor and stops him stammering. Laksh comes there and says he is his man and was looking for Laksh, the guard leaves obediently. Laksh takes Saroj.

Maa tells Gayatri not to worry, he will be caught. Bhabi says if Gayatri will leave an incomplete bride for a lifetime if the attacker isn’t caught. Gayatri says she is with Rana ji, and not the sindoor but Rana ji’s life is important.

Laksh takes Saroj to a side. Saroj apologizes him saying no one can even touch him when he is there and hugs him. Laksh hugs Saroj. Kunwar ji and Kokilla hears this. Laksh says to Saroj that when life is there no one can do anything, else he had tried his best that Rana ji and that girl are killed in bomb blast. The guard tells Rana ji that he has got all the doors closed. Rana ji asks him to let everyone from the palace stand in front of him, this is time for results.

Kunwar ji comes there, he keeps a hand on Laksh’s shoulder and says a duck’s child doesn’t has to be taught to swim. He boasts that his blood is running in Laksh’s body. Kokilla says he is right, Laksh also plans like him and all his plans fails like his father too. Kunwar ji mocks Kokilla as if all her plannings go perfect always. A guard comes to call them all down to Rana ji. Sarog is afraid.

Rana ji says this flame will decide who attacked him. He was attacked by bomb, there must be gun powder on his hand. Saroj is afraid and wonders why he didn’t cleared his hands, he won’t be safe now. One by one the servants come forward. Laksh thinks that Saroj will be caught, what if he takes his name. Saroj comes forward step by step, he is asked to keep hand on the flame. He forwards his hands, Laksh poses to go faint. Rana ji holds him at once and asks what happened. Saroj removes his hands at once and cleans them.

Kunwar ji and Rana ji gets involved with Kunwar. Kunwar wakes up and says he wasn’t feeling well. Kunwar appreciates him for being successful. Rana ji asks Saroj to forward his hand and keep them down, nothing is burnt. Saroj leaves. Raaj Mata says it seems that person isnt here, whoever he is is very cunning, there must be some clue. Laksh removes the gun powder bag as the guards looked around in palace.

The guard says only Kunwar ji’s room is left now to be found. Kunwar ji comes to his room, and removes all his collected jewellery and money from the safe. The guards had head towards Kunwar ji’s room. The guard said that he has to bring that killer to Rana ji in next two years. Kunwar ji is worried if Laksh hid that person well. Kokilla says she trusts Laksh. Laksh took the gun powder bag through the corridor. Kunwar ji and Kokilla leave the room, Laksh enters their room, opens the safe and places the gun powder bag inside the safe and leaves. The guard says no matter how cunning a criminal is, he leaves an identity for sure. The enter Kunwar ji’s room. The head guard notices the wall hanging in front of the safe a bit tilted, he goes to remove it.

Gayatri says Rana ji is trying a lot to find the attacker, and she is sitting idly here. She says to her friend that she also wants to do something. She takes her friend along.
The head guard watches the safe, then takes his men. Laksh was going through the corridor, Kunwar and Kokilla meets them and asks Laksh if he hid the proof well. He says yes and leaves. The guards come to Kunwar ji and says they have found a safe in his room, he must open it. Kunwar and Saroj behind were worried, Laksh gives Saroj the keys to safe and tells him to leave. Saroj says leaving here is different but he will fulfil his promise to Kunwar ji, he will take life of Rana ji.
Gayatri comes in the hall, she tells everyone to stop the search and stay where they are. She knows who the criminal is. Seth ji asks who he is. Gayatri says she will only tell Rana ji about it, whoever he is, is someone from family.

She heads for a room upstairs. Saroj comes behind Gayatri.
Gayatri comes through the corridor, thinking that for Rana ji she must do this. She looks behind thinking someone was there. Saroj stood there with a knife in hand, hidden behind the wall. She thinks if she screams, he will run again. She must let him come to her, so that she can see his face. She runs through the corridor, Saroj follows her.

Kunwar ji and Kokilla are shocked not to find the keys where they had kept. The guards say they have to break his safe. Gayatri enters a room, Saroj also comes into the room and locks the door.
The guard tells Rana ji that Kunwar ji’s safe is being broken. Rana ji says he already suspects Kunwar ji, he is coming.
Saroj calls that he knows she is there, and when she has known that he is the one who attacked Rana ji, he won’t let her leave this room. Gayatri was hidden behind the chair, as Saroj comes forward she covers his head with a quilt. Gayatri asks who he is. Saroj gets rid of him and Gaytari gets to the floor. Gayatri says so it was he who wanted to take Rana ji’s life. Saroj says he had never though she will do this to catch him. Rana ji was coming through the corridor. Saroj holds Gayatri’s neck on the floor, saying she won’t leave here.

He holds a knife on Gayatri When Rana ji comes and holds the knife. His blood pours down Gayatri’s head as Sindoor. Saroj runs away but Rana ji throws the knife at him that pierces his arm. Saroj runs away, Rana ji helps Gayatri sit up and asks if she is fine. Gayatri nods, then watches the injury in Rana ji’s hand, straightens his hand and ties a handkerchief on it. Rana ji keeps on looking at her. Both have an eye lock, then Rana ji steals his eyes. He finds keys besides Gayatri, takes them and leaves the room.
The security team was trying to break the lock of safe. Kunwar ji said they are truth loving people and don’t hide anything. Laksh also asked them to break it, Rana ji comes in with keys in his hands.

Rana ji asks Laksh if he needs them? Saroj had these keys with him. He says that same Saroj who tried to take his life, the same Saroj who is a special man of Laksh. He tells the guards not to let Saroj leave, and hands the keys to chief of security. Laksh leaves the room, and comes to a store. In the store, Saroj was crying with pain, he asks Laksh to save him else Rana ji won’t leave him. Laksh says he can’t see him in pain, he will end his pain.
Raaj Mata says to Kunwar that she has never thought he will be such a criminal. She asks what were his keys doing to Saroj.

Kokilla says this time he is really innocent. Kunwar ji says he has never done anything. Bari Raani maa asks Kunwar ji to speak the truth, she slaps him. She says if she makes him tell the truth, he will be really pained, so he must tell the truth by himself. Raaj Mata asks Kunwar ji to speak the truth. Kunwar ji thinks Lakshraj has got him caught and left. Kunwar ji was about to say the truth, when the lock of the safe breaks open. They all look towards it when they hear a scream. Everyone turns towards the voice, Kokilla asks what kind of voice it was. The guard also leaves. Kunwar ji stops Kokilla and asks to hide the gunpowder bag.

Saroj’s body lied dead in the hall. Rana ji nods at his guard to check on his pulse, he had been murdered. A letter lied with him, Raaj Mata asks the guard to read the letter. It said, I Saroj attempted to kill Rana ji, I stole the keys of Kunwar ji’s safe so that he can be accused. Now he is giving his life, because he can no longer take the burden of what he has done. Laksh remembers giving medicine to Saroj as pain killer. Saroj felt nauseatic, he gave on his life complaining that he had promised to save him. Laksh had said that he asked him to leave, else this had to happen. Kunwar ji says it is good he got his punishments. Raaj Mata asks the guard to take the body, and takes Rana ji for sindoor ritual. Gayatri thinks that ritual has been done already, she now prays that her Rana ji is saved like this always.

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