Illusion update Tuesday 28 December 2021

illusion 28 December 2021: PK’s driver Manohar reaches Kavya’s Gwalior college. PK informs Kabir that he and Kavya have to attend a press conference around 12 noon and they have to say that someone sent morphed video and no widow pooja happened. Kabir gets adamant that he will not lie. PK shouts to just follow his orders and walks away. Dhruv convinces Kabir to lie for his sake. Kabir agrees. Driver informs PK that Kavya studied in Gwalior college and was a brilliant student, she married an army officer. PK shouts he gave money to find out Kavya’s total details and not to praise her. Driver sees Jahnvi’s pic on topper’s list as Pooja Agarwal and thinks Pooja knew Mittal family from a long time and reminisces PK taking Pooja’s job interview. He asks peon details about Pooja.

who says he is new and does not know anything, so he can check with records department. Manohar thinks if he informs PK about Jahnvi, he will get some praise and a few bucks, but he can milk out huge money from Jahnvi and become Manohar sait from Manohar driver.Kabeer walks to his room and informs Kavya what PK told and says Dad deserves punishment for his sins and is a liar, Kavya should not attend press conference. Kavya says she will attend press conference as it is a question of papa’s reputation. Kabir fumes that she is becoming like Jahnvi.Jahnvi gets out of house. PK reminds her about press conference at 12 noon. She says she remembers and has made all arrangements, gets into car and leaves. She reaches Amma’s house who serves her halwa and says kheer is on the way. Jahnvi enjoys halwa. Amma asks why don’t she eat Mittal’s family’s feast. Jahnvi says she remembers the day when papa passed away and she and Ishani were homeless and had to struggle even for a single meal, god sent amma as an angel in their lives who saved them. Amma asks how did she find time to come here. She says she gave her responsibility to someone else. Ishani gives Suman’s medicine to Kavya and informs next dose is at 12 noon. Once Kavya leaves, she smirks saying drama will start at 12 nooon.

Dhruv calls her and asks where is she, it is already 11:45 a.m. She rings bell and says she came to temple to pray for press conference’s success and will return home soon. She drives car. Manohar calls her and asks if she is Pooja Agarwal. She gets nervous. He says he by mistake called Pooja Agarwal instead of Jahnvi Mittal. Jahnvi panics and loses control of her car and is about to ram it to a speeding truck.Jahnvi panics when she gets a call asking if she is Pooja Sharma. She loses control of her car and escapes accident steeply. She calls back number and asks where is this number from. Man says PCO. Kavya takes medicines for Suman. Suman gets panic attack and says she does not need medicine and to call Jahnvi. Kavya says Jahnvi has gone out and she asked her to give medicine. Suman agrees. Kavya takes out 2 tablets. Suman shouts why 2 medicines. Kavya says it is necessary and makes her take them. Ishani smirks watching this standing near door. Jahnvi returns home shocked remembering the recent incident. Ishani informs that Kavya fed medicines to Suman.

Press conference starts. Jahnvi addresses reporters that papa is innocent and is being framed. Reporter says she speaks so well, why don’t she herself stand for mayor election. Jahnvi looks at PK and says she has not thought about it. Suman gets a schizophrenic attack after consuming psychotic medicines and wrecks havoc breaking things around and hitting people. Kabir and Dhruv try to calm her down. Jahnvi reminisces young Suman yelling at kid Jahnvi that her father is mad and should be thrown in mental hospital as he is harmful for everyone. Jahnvi walks to Suman and calms her down. PK hugs Suman and says his wife is mentally unstable and he is worried for her. Commissioner addresses reporters that PK is a family man and cares for his family a lot. Ishani tells Jahnvi that PK is using situation in his favor. Jahnvi addresses reporters that papa/PK has 200 acres land outside Indore and has decided to build orphanage for widows and orphan women. PK tries to stop her. She says let her describe his kind act, even after his king nature if reporters think PK is wrong, she cannot help them.After press conference, PK scolds Jahnvi that he wanted to build hi-tech hospital on that land, she ruined his plan. Commissioner says Jahnvi did to rebuild his image for mayor elections. PK laughs that he is right, he can use this orphanage as his election manifesto.

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