Once there was a king update Sunday 9 January 2022

Once there was a king 9 January 2022: Gayatri is worried in front of Swarna that Rana ji first gives her hope then breaks it. Swarna says that Rana ji has written for her, she must give a chance to her luck. She tells her to go.Gayatri comes out and gets into the cart. Kunwar ji watches her go out of palace and wonders where is Gayatri going this late. This means Mr. Wilkinson’s idea is working.

The cart man tells Gayatri that this is the place. Gayatri asks if this is the right place, she wonders if Rana ji is again joking with her. She watches a romantic set up nearby. She was going inside, Rana ji calls her from behind. She looks at him and wonders that he is smiling, he might have known that she has paid the fine. Now he must believe she wasn’t involved in the trade. Rana ji comes near to her, he says he had never seen her before, but people say right that she is beautiful. Gayatri says she doesn’t understand English. Rana ji says she didn’t learnt the English language, but everything else. He unwraps a dress and says tonight is special, he wants her to wear this. She asks if she should wear this? He says she can do so much for others, he is her own.

He tells her to get ready, he is waiting here for her. She goes inside.Gayatri comes out draped in a black saree with a pink rose in hand. Rana ji looks behind at her, smiles and turns around again. Gayatri comes to him. He plays music, comes near Gayatri who looks at him, then offers him the rose. He takes it, smells and kiss it, then touches it on Gayatri’s face down to her arm. He throws the flower away, asks for her hand which she keeps in his. They dance with each other. Gayatri enjoys as Rana ji gets intimate with her. He remembers Mr. Wilkinson’s words, swirls Gayatri while dancing as she enjoyed. He gets rough and vigorous, Gayatri is shocked. Rana ji remembers about the letter and the flower.

He throws Gayatri down on the floor. Rana ji gives her anklet. She asks where he got it. He says she left it where she had left other things of her. He tells her to get up and make him happy today. He plays the music and tells her to dance. She looks at him in shock. Rana ji pours himself a drink. She says that she is his wife, not a call girl. He says that she danced for Mr. Wilkinson’s, he had sent him the anklet. Rana ji says if this is what she loves to do, she must do it here as well. Or should he call Wilkinson’s here, only then will she dance. Gayatri slaps Rana ji. Rana ji asks how dare she held hand on him, he is Raja of Amirkot. Gayatri asks how dare he blamed her falsely, she is Rani of Amirkot. Rana ji says she is Rani, but she traded such low for being a Rani.

Had she seen his face before, she wouldn’t have love him. Rana ji says he doesn’t need the love of such a low character lady. Gayatri says he can believe his enemies but not his wife. Rana ji says she isnt his wife but Rani Gayatri Devi. He says if she has saved a little shame from Mr. Wilkinson’s she must never return to palace and show him her face, now she is no more needed here as well. Rana ji leaves. Gayatri fell on the floor.Rana ji comes to his room, Mr. Wilkinson’s words still echo in his ears. He watches a photo of him with Gayatri. He throws the photo frame on the floor.

The glass breaks, he takes the photo and tears it from the centre. He burns Gayatri’s photo and throws it on the ground.Gayatri lights a flame on a wood and goes through the forest she had been in. She heard wild animals roar and was frightened.In the palace, a maid comes to Raaj Mata to wake her up. She says that Gayatri’s father has come to palace and wants to meet her. She knocked Gayatri’s room for a long time but there was no answer. Raaj Mata gets worried, she tells the maid to take care of Seth ji. She will bring Gayatri down. The maid asks Seth ji if he would like something, but he says he only wants to meet Gayatri.

Raaj Mata knocks at Gayatri’s door, then pushes it. It gets open at once. She is worried not finding Gayatri inside.
In the forest, Gayatri watches a snake heading towards her. She shouts at it attacks her. The snake had bitten her. She keeps on calling for help.Seth ji awaited in the hall, Raaj Mata comes downstairs. The servants leave, Raaj Mata asks how he came here. Seth ji says he is sorry to worry them, he says that Gayatri’s mother had a nightmare and is worried if she is fine.

Raaj Mata says that dreams always break, but the walls of this palace have been here for two centuries. Seth ji says he just want to see the face of her daughter. Raaj Mata agrees and says he would be responsible for waking Rana ji and Gayatri. She tells the servants to take Seth ji to Rana ji’s room. Seth ji apologizes and says he will tell her mother that Gayatri is fine, it isnt needed. Raaj mata orders the servants to find Gayatri anywhere possible and bring her to Raaj mata. Gayatri wraps her injury with her saree, she still hears wild animals and thinks she will have to spend this night here. Her foot ached, and she faints.

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