Mismatched update Sunday 9 January 2022

Mismatched 9 January 2022: The Episode starts with Ahir asking Babli to forgive Anokhi, love happens unplanned, we should help them and fight later. Shaurya says I can do up and down every day, home isn’t far. Aastha asks him to come home and take some rest. He asks will you be okay with this, if I don’t go and stay here then. She says you don’t need to ask. He says on one condition. She asks what. He asks does Nani make my favorite besan ka halwa even now. She asks do you remember. He says I never forgot. She says dad says that she makes the best halwa.

He says I can’t believe it, I didn’t had halwa made by you. She says give me some time. He says take your time, I will wait outside.Babli asks Anokhi not to cry. Anokhi says my dreams can depend because of this marriage. Ahir asks how can this happen. Anokhi says its SIAC rule that there can’t be any relation between a teacher and a student, they will take action against us. Babli asks her to call Shaurya. Anokhi tries and says its off. Anokhi says I will go to hostel and talk to him. She hugs Babli. Ahir says don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Devi asks everyone to just see the pics. Kitty and Bebo says this news is trending now. Devi worries. Shagun thinks she is going right. Tej says Anokhi can never become my bahu. Shagun smiles. Tej says this is my last decision, I don’t accept that marriage. Alok says there is a rule in the college prospectus, we can take action against Anokhi. Shaan says we shall wait and talk to Shaurya and Anokhi. Alok says we aren’t related to Anokhi, what will we talk to her. Tej says we don’t need to ask Shaurya also. Shaan calls Shaurya. He says its not reachable. Devi smiles. Anokhi says I need to talk something really imp.

Shaurya asks Aastha to sit, this is enough. She says I don’t know what you like and dislike. He says I can eat all this, I pack things I dislike in a tiffin. She laughs. He likes the idli. He says I didn’t eat such nice idli in my life, did you make this. She smiles happily. She says sorry. He asks for what. She says I m a mum and doesn’t know anything about you. She clarifies and says I didn’t leave you, you were snatched from me, I thought you will live better there. He asks what are you saying. She says I didn’t realize that all the relations can’t equal to a mum’s relation, I should have got you with me, you were away from me, I used to see you happy from far and stayed happy, you think I never looked back, its not the truth, I always stayed around. She asks him to wait, she wants to show him something.

Anokhi sees Shaurya and her poster memes. She gets shocked and tears the poster. Aastha gets Shaurya’s childhood memories. He remembers. He asks how do you have this. She says I had clicked this by my camera, but from far. He says it means you had come in the annual function. She says yes, in every annual function, every sports day, every birthday, I was a part of it, I was away from your sight, but close to your heart. He cries.He hugs her. Maai ….plays… He says I couldn’t understand you and stayed angry, I was wrong, I m so sorry Maa.

She wipes his tears and calls him Laddoo. He says no one called me Laddoo after you left. They hug happily. Anokhi gets the rustication letter. She says no, I won’t let this happen, I want my studies, my career and love, no one can snatch anything from me. Anokhi coming to meet Tej and Alok. She asks the reason for the rustication. Alok insults her. She says I didn’t do any such shameful thing, what’s the reason. Tej asks Alok to tell her. Alok shows the SIAC rule book. She says I know it. Tej says you didn’t follow it. She says I didn’t break it, Shaurya and I got married, its a big responsibility. Alok says marriage isn’t allowed.

She asks why, is there any Miss India competition, college should have nothing to do with it, I had represented SIAC in the seminar and won a trophy, Shaurya supported me, you should have no problem, I can’t help it, we can talk about this.Tej shouts enough now. She says its enough now, I m seeing it since the start, you all find some reasons to throw me out, I have always proved myself right, I won’t clarify now. Alok says you broke the rules. She asks does education ministry know your college is following old rules, I m a student here, I don’t think anyone else has more rights on a college, I will fight for my right.

Tej asks how did she get such courage. Alok says she is jumping because of Shaurya’s name. She says no, I m telling what I can do alone. She tears the papers and goes.Alok says we have to think of something. Tej says before Shaurya comes back. Shaurya asks Aastha to come with him to home, dad will be happy to see her. She says Shaan and I got divorced. Shaurya says its my house also, come, don’t think much. She says thanks for the concern, I got my son, that’s enough, think how will you take Anokhi there. He says I will take her, after all we got married.

Babli gets scared to step out of the house. Ahir says I will post a constable here. Babli says I m worried for Anokhi also. The lady throws Anokhi’s stuff and asks her to vacate the room. She goes. Reema says call Shaurya. Anokhi says truth doesn’t need support. Aastha asks what. Shaurya says yes, we got married. Aastha says you did wrong. He says I know it happened the wrong way, but the intention wasn’t wrong. She says look Shaurya, you can’t change it, but you could have stopped the wrong, don’t do what Shaan and I did, you learn to fight for her if you love her, I know she is brave and sensible, but two people have to fight together, I will talk to her and explain her, don’t leave her alone.

He says I will never leave her alone, I will wait for your coming next time. He takes her blessings and goes. Anokhi comes to Ahir’s house. Ahir says its wrong. Anokhi says I didn’t tell Shaurya. Babli asks why, he is the reason for this. Shaurya is on the way. He gets the memes. Reema sends the audio message. She tells everything. She asks him to do something. Tej says Anokhi threatened us, she can do anything, we should create a big problem for her. Shaurya comes home.

He says you all did good to make Anokhi out of the hostel, else she would have not come to stay with us, I can bring her home with all the rights, by marrying her. Tej scolds him. Shaurya says you asked me to go, I left, I had told you one thing, don’t do anything wrong, you didn’t keep my word, its my responsibility that my wife gets accepted in the family. Tej says don’t dare to get that girl here, this can’t happen. Shaurya says then I can’t live in this house. He argues with Devi. He says I will not step back, you can ask the staff to throw my bags out. Devi asks what are you saying.

He goes to his room. He calls Aastha. She smiles and answers. He says you know what happened today, what Tej did with Anokhi, he has expelled Anokhi from the college and hostel. She asks what, I can understand this. He says no one supported me, not even dad and Devi, I can’t take this anymore, I m leaving this house and going to Anokhi, am I doing right. Aastha says yes, you are doing right, no one can understand it, its no use to stay where you find no affection. Shaurya says my family isn’t ready to understand my feelings. She says its nothing new. He says new thing is, I m not dad, dad didn’t take a stand for his love, but I will take it. She smiles.

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