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Once there was a king 26 February 2022: Rajeshwari hears Savitri talking to Rana ji about Raaj mata. He clutches her and tells her not to speak again about Raaj Mata. Savitri says he listens to others not his heart. Rajeshwari hurries inside. Gayatri thinks may be she was going to her companion, she must follow her. Savitri asks Rana ji is ever he felt that his mother was disloyal? He must learn to foresee what is not visible.Rajeshwari comes to the room to Bari Rani Maa.

Bari Rani Maa complains to Bari Rani Maa that she attempted on her to die, she wants to remove her from between them. As Rana ji is getting mad, they feel her to be burden. They allowed Lakhan to the palace to get and heir.There, Rana ji says it hurts a lot. He used to call his mother when he was really hurt, and his mother sided that Gayatri. Savitri tells him that when all the ways have blurred, one must listen to one’s heart. He has a heart too, if there was a stone there wouldn’t be any pain. She hurries to look for Rajeshwari meeting her companion.Bari Rani Maa accuses Rajeshwari for the arrow incident, Rajeshwari wants him to pity her.

Rajeshwari clarifies that she only wants an heir that she could still not get. Bari Rani Maa asks Rajeshwari if she thinks Rana ji is so easy, she couldn’t control him with the black stone. Rajeshwari says she will now get as close to Rana ji that she will see to it. Gayatri watches Rajeshwari going out of the room, she thinks that this means Rajeshwari’s companion is still in the room. She goes inside, Bari Rani Maa sat behind the chair as her dress got stuck in a nail in it. Gayatri comes out.Rana ji wonders how can someone throw an arrow in his room and then vanish. He calls the guards of the palace.

Laksh drags Gayatri, he tells her all about what Lakhan did. Laksh says he will also not keep her secret. He says he wants her promise, and if she isn’t fulfilling he breaks his promise as well. Gayatri stops him and says she accepts his will, Lakhan will stay away from Swarna. Laksh nods.
Lakhan asks Gayatri how she can expect him to stay away, if she knows what Lakshraj had done with Swarna last night. Gayatri says if Rana ji knows about her before time, they will lose him forever. She says that she almost reached Rajeshwari’s companion. She tells Lakhan that they made Rajeshwari frightened but she isn’t as afraid as to go to her companion at once. They must make her more frightened.

Rana ji wonders if this is possible that his family is hiding something from him, he thinks about Bari Rani Maa and Kunwar ji’s words. Bari Rani Maa comes to him and asks why he is so worried. Rana ji asks if he thinks he has pet snakes in the palace, if someone is betraying him. He says he thinks he is mistaken keeping Raaj Mata in the jail. Bari Rani Maa says royal culprits must be punished, his other family is there. Today’s incidence was some guard’s act. Rana ji says he was thinking… Bari Rani Maa tells her not to think about anything as she is there to think for him.
Rajeshwari was in the bath, she hears footsteps and watches a man’s shadow running outside the glass wall.

There is a writing with red script on the glass wall, she screams for the servants and fell down. There is blood on her hand. a masked man comes and shuts her mouth, he struggled to scream and was able to save herself. She throws the vase on the head of the masked man. Rana ji who was in the corridor runs towards Rajeshwari’s voice. The masked man tries to escape but Rana ji gets him in the corridor asking if he attacked his wife. The man is able to dodge Rana ji. Savitri comes behind and thinks if Lakhan gets caught they will be thrown out today. Rana ji followed Lakhan. The guards also ran behind him.

Savitri holds the masked man’s collar and asks where he was running away. She asks him to push her when Rana ji comes down. He does that, Gayatri fells on Rana ji and Laksan runs inside. Gayatri and rana ji share an eye-lock. Rajeshwari watches this from upstairs as she comes down in towel. Rana ji stands up, Rajeshwari hugs him and says people hide from enemies in their home and when enemies are at home where a woman must go. Rajeshwari says she doesn’t know who her enemy is, but only he can save her. She asks him permission to stay in his room. Rana ji allows her to sleep in his room, he takes her to the room. Gayatri was worried her plan went wrong today.

Rajeshwari comes to Rana ji, she says she felt really nice today how he ran after that man. She knows he cares a lot for her, she massages his shoulders and says she can also do anything for him.
Gayatri was worried that Rajeshwari has come closer to Rana ji. Lakhan asks what if Rajeshwari comes close to Rana ji. Gayatri says water can’t be burnt, her love can’t lose. Lakhan says water can be dried, no feelings are eternal in the world. Gayatri says she trusts her love alot. Those who are made for each other, love each other; they never lose.Lakhan asks Gayatri what is their plan now. Gayatri says they have broken the trust between Rajeshwari and her companion, now they will do something wrong for sure.

He must keep an eye on Rajeshwari and she will try to win the trust of Rana ji. She has to compel him find the answers to the questions that she had put in Rana ji’s mind.Rajehwari tries to get close to Rana ji, he takes his pillow and heads to leave. Rajeshwari says she is his wife, they weren’t this away from each other before. He says he can never come close to Rajeshwari, he thinks they were never close to each other. He leaves the room.Bari Rani maa feeds Kunwar ji sweet made of soil, she says he must be used to it. She says Rajeshwari has got this attack on herself, she has reached his room now and if she gets an heir Rana ji will have the legal heir for throne of Amirkot.

Kunwar ji says Rajeshwari can’t betray them. Bari rani maa says she is her cat, she will tie the knot in her neck. She says until this is named after her, they must bear it. She tells Kunwar ji to make sure he gets an heir from Lakhan and Swarna. Kunwar ji leaves. Bari Rani maa says she has to think about what she needs to do with Rajeshwari.Rajeshwari gets up at night, she confirms that Rana ji is asleep, then drapes in a shawl and leaves the room. Behlul Singh meets Rajeshwari, she says she is endangered in the palace. He has to follow Bari Rani maa like a shadow and must keep an eye on the trio.

Lakhan says no to Kunwar ji for tonight. Lakhan says tomorrow’s day is good for her. Upstairs, Gayatri says she will keep Lakhan away from Swarna but he must take the people in palace away from here, she wants some private time with Rana ji. She says to Laksh that for this, she will pay him heavily, when he will return Lakhan won’t be here. Lakhan comes to stand with her and complains her about it. She leaves silently.On the breakfast table, Laksh calls their names. He says he wants to tell them all that he has made a trust for the education of poor orphans of Amirkot, he wants them all to come with him for its inauguration.

Rana ji says they will all come. Laksh says Rana ji is unwell, if he goes out this way the people will come to know their Raja is weak. Rajeshwari says she will also go with them, but Bari Rani maa says if not Raja then Rani must go.
Savitri meets Laksh and Swarna, Swarna had been finding someone. Laksh asks who she is looking for. She says no one. She goes out. Gayatri joins hands to Laksh, he leaves. Gayatri thinks she is now alone in the palace, how she can get close to him.Lakhan was packing, thinking about Swarna. She comes to Lakhan and asks what he is doing. Lakhan says she promised Laksh, they must fulfil it. He requests Gayatri to take care of Swarna in his absence.

Gayatri says if he has gone crazy, if she said he won’t be here this doesn’t mean he must leave, he must just keep himself hidden from Laksh. Lakhan cheers at once, Gayatri says if he wants here she could not reach this place. Lakhan can stay here and take care of Swarna. Lakhan asks her not to worry, just do what she came here for and remind Rana ji about his past.
Rana ji was in his room, Gayatri was cleaning his study. She takes the locket with a lock and thinks about the day Rana ji had given it to her. She drops it, and brings to Rana ji that she found a lock. He says he doesn’t remember it, she must keep it back. She says it is so tiny and is made up of gold. She says it must have a key as well. She says it can’t be of any door, but a locket of someone’s neck.

Rana ji touches the chain in his neck with the chain. Rana ji takes the chain from his neck off, Gayatri offers to take it off but he stares at her then helps himself. He tries to unlock the lock with the key, inside the lock were photos of him and Gayatri. Savitri cheers that it opened up, she says this is his first wife’s photo. They both appear to be happy, she hasn’t seen him this happy for the last many days she is in the palace. If she was as bad as he says, why is he so happy with her. Rana ji tells her to do her work. She says if her questions pierce him as needles she won’t. She watches Rana ji thoughtful and says this is just beginning. She will keep on reminding him about all this until these questions stop hurting.
In the temple, Savitri opens the window and watches the candle flame going out because of wind.

She thinks about her promises to Rajeshwari, she had succeeded in lighting two flames. Rana ji watched the flames going out and shouts at her to close the windows. He saves the flame. Savitri asks this means all stories are fake then, she says servants spoke in the palace that his first wife burnt them. These flames are the identity of Gayatri’s love and they are not let to go out for a minute. She says he claims to hate Gayatri, but his actions are just about love. Rana ji leaves the room, and at the door turns to see the candles.

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