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I do 26 February 2022: Shirin rebukes badi bi as to how can she evn thinkn of going to nazma’s marriage after what happeneed to nikhat. Nazma is hurt. shirin refuses point blank Nikhat makes nazma wear the heirloom bangles, while she is overwhelmed, saying that she’s the rightful owner for this.

All others are surprised at this gesture. nazma thanks her saying that she didnt know whether she was right or wrong in coming here, but now she knows that she is right. She is about to leave, when she is shocked and the otghers too are surprised to see haseena standing, at the door, teasing that asad’s sister is here. nazma tels the reason for her visit. She says that due to her After she leavces, haseena pretends to be surprised that they would go.

Rashid asks if she wouldnt have invited them. She says thta she came here for the invitation and to make him see Farhan. all wait in anticipation, as farhan makes his entry. He comes and greets all.
as they sit alone, nikhat tries to say everything about her past, but farhan says that he already knows through imran and haseena. She asks if he’s still ready for marriage. he says that she should be answering this. after he’s gone, all ask how did she like him. ayan asks her to take more time, but she says that

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Imran comes back to asad’s house, placing a demand for bangles that haseena has sent him for. dilshad doesnt express her displeasure, and readily agrees to do so. imran leaves, after asad teases him to be patient, when he asks about nazma.

Outside, imran sees tanveer and is tensed. He takes her aside, and asks what is she doing heer. She says that she came heer to get the money. imran asks for some time. She says that he has until evening, to give it to her, or else…Imran is tensed.

while asad is very conscious with the preparations, dilshad says that everything would hapen alright, and that its in their destiny to have some happiness now, and they would get their due share. Asad looks on.

When nazma returns home, Asad reprimands nazma that she should have told asad before going. She says that he wouldnt have allowed her. he reminds her what has dilshad gone through for that man. She tells that dilshad misses him badly and hence she went threre, and tells the morning incident. asad is tensed. she says that if he still feels that she;’s made a mistake, then she would refuse her father, to come on her marriage. he says that she isnt wrong. he hugs her tightly, while dilshad is emotional seeing this from a distance.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Zoya receives rashid, who has come in the car, and apologises for calling him at such short notice. she tells him the reason, regarding asad’s wish. she is tensed to see him going away from her, tensed himself. He comes back with a boz, to reveal many gifts. She is surprised to see this, and asks how did he arrange all this so fast. rashid tells zoya that if a son was waiting for his father, on the borthday, then the father was also waiting to wish his son. zoya is tensed to hear this. He says that he couldnt get the courage to give it to asad. Zoya thanks him profusely for this, and tells that asad would be very happy. He too thanks her, saying that she cant be called as friend, but as BAHU now. She smiles at him.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
At the door, zoya is shcoked to see imran and tanveer together, behind the buishes, where he gives her some money, and she forcibly hugs him. Zoya, seeing this, disbalances from the scooty, and drops the gift box, given by rashid. When she gets back again, she doesnt see anyone there. she wonders if actually imran and tanveer were together.she looks at the box and finds that the gifts are broken and is distraught.

Zoya shows all the gifts to asad laid out in his room. Zoya apologises that she’s to be blamed for this, and barring one gift all others were broken. he looks at them tensedly. The screen freezes on zoya and humaira’s face, in halves, while both are sad at their efforts to please their would be husbands going to vain.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is tensed seeing rashid’s gifts. Zoya is tensed that she is so careless and is scared that he too would leave one day, due to her carelessness. Asad hugs her, while she profusely apologises. He says that some wishes arent meant to be fulfilled, and he doesnt regret this, but his biggest desire is her, and she would fulfill it by marrying him tomorrow.(MITWA MOMENT)

Meanwhile, ayan tries to compose humaira, saying that these moments are still salvageable, and that moment would be beautiful forever. humaira asks if he would never leave again, as the first time, he did so, she thought she had died, and she wont be able to bear that again. ayan hugs her and says that he would never leave her, and that this descision wont be changed ever, as they have met by fate only.

Nazma gazes at herself in the mirror, thinking about her dream coming true, by being a bride tomorrow. she thinks that zoya is right in saying that nothing can control heart and destiny. She is very happy that her love is finally in her destiny.

Nikhat thinks that tomorrow imran would marry her sister, and she had thought that she would be very tensed, and turbulent, but there’s nothing like that, and its because she has buried her pain, deep down inside. She clutches her photo with imran tightly. She thinks that maybe imran wasnt in her destiny.

Ayan says that love cant be understood overnight, but over a longer course of time, and maybe he too is in the learning phase of loving humaira, the girl who he never eyed that way, but today cant even imagine life without her. And maybe this is destiny. Ayan says that he never thought that destiny would play such a pivotal role in his love life.

Humaira too marvels at the games of destiny, saying that she isnt complaining, and whatever maybe in her destiny, she wont be bothered, as she would always have ayan by her side.

Zoya thinks that she never thought asad was in her destiny, and still beleives that she would wake up from this dream. she is superexcited at their marriage tomorrow. She thinks that when happiness comes after a long time, she is scared that something wrong might hapen. Zoya says that she’s scared that destiny might play a strange game in her life, tomorrow, just like it always does. She remembers and is tensed about peer Baba’s words.

Asad says that nothing can go wrong tomorrow, as he never thought that anyone can love someone so much, as much as he loves zoya. He only thought of love as a word earlier, and has now relaised its importance. He thinks that this might just be a dream that would be true tomorrow, and his and zoya’s destiny would be the same forever.(MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: In her bed
Tanveer is super happy at having received the money, and thinks that a person is always hopeful that tomorrow would bring a new hope for him, but who knows destiny might again play a crucial game.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
While both nazma and zoya are dressed as brides, dilshad compliments them profusely of their beauty. She says that this is her best day, but she didnt know that she would be happy and saddened at the same time, with zoya’s arrival and nazma’s departure. Nazma asks her not to cry and teases her that she would spoil her makeup. She says that if she cries now, she would tell imran that she would stay heer only. Zoya is tensed.

While msging with imran, nazma is gloating that imran has changed and is super excited with the marriage. She says that he hasnt forgotten her, and still loves her deeply. She thinks that she’s happy that she found her soulmate. Zoya remembers seeing imran with tanveer a couple of times. She saays that she wants to Zoya asks nazma if she thinks that imran might know tanveer. Nazma is tensed. She denies and asks why.

zoya tells what she saw. Nazma says that there’s no connection whatsoever. Zoya hopes so too. nazma asks her not to mention tanveer, today atleast. As nazma gets busy chatting, zoya is still tensed, and thinks that she would have to find out whats imran’s connection with tanveer.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While nuzrat is harassing shirin for her dress, shirin is lost in her thoughts. nikhat tells nuzrat where is it and she runs off. Nikhat is getting dressed herself, and is wearing bangles and remembers nazma’s intimacy with imran. Humaira comes in asking of the choice for earrings. Nikhat asks her to get ready soon. Humaiora too asks her to wear bangles soon. Nikhat says that she was just trying them on, but they dont suit. Ayan comes in and teases them for being so late, and asks them to take as much time as possible. Ayan and humaira engage in childish romance with eye talks. Shirin asks ayan whats the hurry, and they are just the guests. Ayan says that asad would need help, and he might come in handy. She resigns in to dress up.

nuzrat comes and says that he’s responsible for their delay, as he distracts them. Ayan asks about the gifts. Nikhat says that rashid would be late. ayan says that he would get the gifts then. humaira screams out no, as he wont know what a girl likes. Ayan says that his choice is better. humaira is frustrated that he isnt getting the hint that she wants to go with him. She says that she might go to help him select a gift, as she’s ready. Ayan gets the hint and hastily leaves with humaira. Shirin asks the girls when would they stop fighting. The girls say that they dont know the answer.

Scene 5:
Location: In the car
Ayan gets a gift for humaira. she is excited. ayan asks her to open it. She opens it to reveal a beautiful necklace, contaning both their pics in a heart shaped locket. She is surprised and asks when did he take it. ayan says that he took it when she was busy shopping. They drive off. While ayan and humaira engage in romantic chatter, with both confessing their love to each other. Ayan says that the best part is that he’s in love with a girl, who’s also his best friend.

They decide to talk about their relation, after the function today. just then, ayan is distracted as he sees a car following them. He gets tensed, and when humaira asks what happened, he expresses his doubt about the car thats following. Humaira dismisses his doubts. ayan says that this car was following them since their leaving from home. It is revealed that the fake vikram is following them in the car. The screen freezes on his evil face.

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