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Once there was a king 25 February 2022: Gayatri comes in her original avatar.Laksh tells Kokilla about a palace in the forest. Kokilla slaps him, she says she is dying to get him to throne and he wants to leave. He says she never wants him to be a prince, she wants to rule by herself. He no more wants such a throne. Kokilla says it is better for him to stay here, he must forget about the palace in forest and prepare for getting on the throne.

Gayatri puts on her jewelry, sindoor in front of mirror. Rana ji was asleep, Gayatri smiles in front of the mirror. Rana ji shuts his ears due to the music being played, Gayatri walks towards his room. Laksh was coming upstairs from behind. Gayatri comes to sit beside Rana ji, he wakes up at once and sits up. Gayatri keeps his hand on her face. He looks at her, she says I love you, I didn’t betray you. He recalls her shooting at him and clutches her neck in rage. She calls him, he holds her on a wall. Gayatri suffocates and cries. Laksh comes in the room and was shocked watching Gayatri there. He heads to leave, a vase fell off.

Gayatri vanishes as soon as Rana ji leaves her neck. Everyone comes there, Rana ji insists that he saw Gayatri here. Bari Rani Maa tells him to get peaceful, there is no one here. Rana ji insists that his hands were on Gayatri’s neck, he was about to kill her when… he points at Laksh and asks if he also saw Gayatri. Laksh didn’t answer. Bari Rani Maa says to Laksh that he is stupid but not deaf, he must reply. Kunwar ji says there is no credibility of Laksh saying anything. Laksh says no one was here, Rana ji is having an illusion. Rajeshwari says Rana ji must have a nightmare, Gayatri gave her life in front of her eyes by jumping down the cliff.

Rana ji says he touched her, he was about to kill her. He insists that Gayatri is here. Gayatri gets down the bed, Rana ji shouts that Gayatri was and is here. Rajeshwari looks around. Laksh was disturbed.
Gayatri runs out in the corridor, someone comes in front of her asking where she is going. It was Laksh. He says Pranam to Gayatri and welcomes her to palace. He says he can welcome her alone, or in front of the royals. It is her decision. She was worried and joins her hands, getting down on her feet. She requests him not to tell anyone. Laksh laughs. Gayatri thinks if she will lose, she will lose with dignity. She tells Laksh to tell everyone that Rani Gayatri is back, Rana ji will throw her out of the palace or kill her again.

How it will benefit him, he will always be a puppet in the hands of her father. Soon, when Swarna will give birth to the child of Lakhan, his father will keep on respecting him. She can help him if he keeps her secret, he must wisely decide. She hurries toward her room.Bari Rani Maa massages the head of Rana ji asking him to be peaceful. Rana ji asks how he can be peaceful when he is calling her a liar. He can never forget Gayatri, a man can never forget the face he hates. Gayatri was here, he was about to punish her but she was saved. He says she is in the same palace. He goes calling the soldiers.

Bari Rani Maa was worried, she thinks Gayatri can’t come back and what such happened that this stone can’t even control Rana ji.Rana ji looks around the palace himself. His soldiers run around, Lakhan was worried if Gayatri’s secret is disclosed she will be in trouble. Laksh comes to Kunwar ji saying he has something important to tell him. Laksh insults him that he knows about Laksh’s truth, his son only needs money. Gayatri was changing, Lakhan guards the room. Rana ji comes there. Gayatri comes changing the clothes, she wears her jewelry. Lakhan tells Rana ji he has checked inside, and takes Rana ji to the other side. Gayatri was putting on her makeup, a box fell on the floor.

Rana ji turns around, stares at Lakhan and goes to check in. He comes in the room, Savitri turns behind shocked. He asks if she saw some lady in the palace. Savitri asks which woman is there in the palace? Rana ji asks his betrayer wife, Gayatri. Savitri says she heard Gayatri is dead. Rana ji says she is alive, he is happy she is alive so that he can kill her himself. He leaves. Savitri was worried what if Laksh tells Rana ji about something.
Kunwar ji asks Rajeshwari how Rana ji saw Gayatri. Laksh was about to tell him, Kunwar ji insults him about interfering.

Laksh goes out curtly. Bari Rani Maa comes there. Kunwar ji and Rajeshwari laugh that what will happen to Rana ji when he will go completely mad. Bari Rani Maa says that this is the first time Rana ji didn’t come to her control. Kunwar ji says this means Rana ji is going totally crazy. Rajeshwari says this is possible that if today Gayatri’s thoughts have arrived, tomorrow his memory comes back. Bari Rani Maa says only a doctor can tell this.
Lakhan says to Gayatri that Laksh if a low charactered man, why would he help them. Gayatri says she had no choice, if she had fallen weak the game would have ended there and then.

Lakhan says still Laksh is not trustable. Gayatri says that she is worried about Rana ji right now.The doctor tells Rana ji to take rest for a few days, to avoid state affairs for a few days and eat well. Rajeshwari goes to drop her, she asks doctor if this is possible that Rana ji’s memory never return.Lakhan watches Laksh takes Savitri aside. Laksh says he wants to talk to her. Lakhan comes there, Laksh says alone. Savitri nods at him, she asks Laksh if he didn’t tell her reality to anyone. Or anyone didn’t listen to him. Laksh says she is staying her as sister of Lakhan.

Savitri says Lakhan doesn’t know about her reality, Laksh will become a way for her to stay inside. Laksh is happy that only he knows about it, he says then Gayatri must keep Lakhan away from Swarna as she is his wife and only he has a right over her body and soul. Gayatri says then he must also do something for her. Laksh accepts the deal.Gayatri thinks she never wanted to hurt Rana ji. Rana ji comes from behind and what? Savitri says at once that when she said she didn’t watch Gayatri, it wasn’t so that people don’t call him insane but because she actually didn’t see Gayatri.

She asks Rana ji if this palace is his. Then why everyone around has a hold on the decisions of palace. She says if there was his mother…. Rana ji gets angry and tells her to go. Gayatri thinks that before disclosing she must bring everyone’s reality to the front.Lakhan complains to Gayatri how she can promise Laksh he will stay away from Swarna. She knows the best interest of Swarna and her happiness as well but they have come here with a different goal. Lakhan says sorry he got emotional and forgot about it.

Gayatri says they need to bring Rana ji’s memory about cliff event back, but for that she needs Raaj Mata’s help. Lakhan asks if she trusts Laksh. Gayatri says not at all; it will be their biggest mistake.Laksh comes drunk into Swarna’s bed. She wakes up at once, he had tied her hands. She cried. Laksh says he knows what he has to do to Lakhan. Swarna says he won’t do anything to Lakhan, Laksh tells him to be happy about her husband being around. He puts in the drink bottle in her mouth.Lakhan makes way for Gayatri to meet Raaj Mata.

Lakhan comes from behind, Laksh was drunk. Lakhan beats him down on neck, and unties the ropes of Swarna’s hands. He leaves silently but Swarna hugs him from behind. Lakhan removes her hands, turns to her. She was crying and hugs him.
In the jail, Savitri combs Raaj Mata’s hair. She tells Raaj Mata not to lose her hopes, her son will come to her one day. Raaj Mata says the hate was filled for Gayatri, when she tried to tell him the truth Rajeshwari proved her wrong and took a son from the mother. Gayatri thinks that she was right, Rajeshwari made Rana ji believe that Raaj Mata is his enemy. She will now teach Rajeshwari good lesson.
Savitri serves the food to Rana ji, Kunwar ji and everyone.

Rana ji was thinking about Gayatri. Lakhan throws an arrow towards Rajeshwari. Savitri nods at him then saves Rajeshwari. Rana ji asks who dared threw an arrow at his Rani in the palace. There was a tag on the arrow that betrayer! If the death gets him, he will also not be saved. Rana ji wonders why such a message for Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari wipes her sweat. Savitri asks Rana ji why someone would call his wife as betrayer. Savitri says she feels that both Rana ji and his wife’s life is in danger. Bari Rani maa says whatever Rana ji saw was an illusion, what happened right now was a joke; she will handle it all.

Kunwar ji says they will disclose anything wrong if it is going on in the palace. Savitri prays for the protection of Rana ji and Rajeshwari and goes to get some more food. Rajeshwari sat worried.
Laksh gets Savitri on the corridor. Laksh says to Gayatri that she didn’t do anything to keep Lakhan away from Swarna. Gayatri says she promised him not to let Lakhan come as close to Swarna as only a husband is rightful of. Laksh says he will tell everyone that she has shot the arrow at Rajeshwari. Gayatri says go and tell them, they will also ask him why he kept a secret for so long. Rana ji comes from behind and asks Laksh what he is doing? Laksh gets away from Gayatri. Savitri tells Rana ji that he astray his path, she has shown it to him.

She tells Laksh to go towards his room now. Rana ji asks if she is fine. Savitri boasts she has made a lot of people insane. Savitri says she is worried about Rana ji, had she been in his place she would have inquired about the matter. Hadn’t she pushed his wife, it would have got to her forehead. Only a betrayer can do this. Rana ji says in this palace was only one betrayer, Raaj mata and she is in basement jail. Savitri asks if there was one betrayer, who threw the arrow then. She tells Rana ji that Raaj mata is his mother, she shed her blood for him; she is the one he has put iron bangles on. Rana ji clutches her and tells her not to talk about Raaj Mata again.

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